Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 560

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After assigning the two low-priority new arrivals to the resident doctor on shift duty, Ling Ran immediately went back to the operating theater and started preparing for the surgery.

The doctor from the General Surgery Department who came for consultation had also washed his hands to help.

The Emergency Department in Yun Hua Hospital was never once not domineering. Surgeries like splenectomy had always been done in the operating theater of the Emergency Department. On the other hand, it was also because of the high number of surgeries in the General Surgery Department that they could not even finish the elective surgeries. Therefore, they did not even try to lay specific claims upon surgeries like splenectomy.

Nowadays, the General Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital received patients according to their medical insurance. For patients who did not have any major illness, a city medical insurance would not guarantee them the attention of the consulting doctor.

This did not really benefit young doctors.

This was especially so for the young doctors who worked in the General Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital. If they wanted to explore splenectomy, they still needed to run toward the Emergency Department.

"He reported a loss of 34 ounces of blood upon admittance. Right now, his blood pressure is 90, and heart rate is 110" When the anesthetist saw that the resident doctor from the General Surgery Department, he did not even blink. He only summarized the report verbally.

"His spleen and liver are injured. I reckon that his blood loss will be more severe when we perform the laparotomy." Ling Ran still behaved confidently.

Now, his experience when it came to dealing with the abdominal cavity had taken leaps and bounds. Along with the Master Level Physical Examination Skill that he just only obtained, Ling Ran's judgment had to be almost 100% accurate when he faced emergency patients.

After all, he mainly dealt with trauma now. If the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen were in good condition, then they would be in good condition. If they were injured, they would be in a bad condition

"He should have ruptured the left lobe of his liver." Before Ling Ran opened the abdominal cavity, he was already able to tell which place had been ruptured, and the young doctor from the General Surgery Department gave him a pointed stare.

The anesthetist glanced at the young doctor in contempt, and thought inwardly, 'Aren't you making a big fuss out of nothing? Your skills are lacking'

The young nurse from the Emergency Department sneered at the anesthetist and thought secretly, 'What's the point of regarding a resident doctor in contempt?'

"Scalpel." Ling Ran did not request for a pen. He directly cut open the wound.

"Hemostatic forceps."



Once Ling Ran started the surgery, he would turn extremely focused.

He liked this kind of feeling. He did not need to worry if there was anyone looking at him, trying to find topics to talk to him, suddenly bumping into him, or falling down in front of him.

Ling Ran liked focusing on his own work.

"His blood pressure can't get too low. It'll only lead to troublesome bleeding after the surgery."

"Pay attention when you lift the spleen, don't injure the cauda pancreas."

When Ling Ran performed the surgery, he also needed to give reminders to his assistant and anesthetist. This was how emergency treatment during night shifts were like. The resident doctor sent over by the General Surgery Department was a junior, and the anesthetist sent over by the Department of Anesthesiology was also a junior. They did not have enough experience, so they could easily overlook the details.

If Ling Ran were a general chief surgeon, he would probably be tense at this time. He would also depend on his experience to be able to give reminders. If his previous assistant injured the patient's cauda pancreas in a previous surgery, he would need to remind the assistant of that fact during the next surgery. If such a case was unprecedented, perhaps this surgery would serve as his experience for his next surgery.

For Ling Ran, he had mastered far too many roles. He had not just mastered the details on the chief surgeon's part, but also the assistant's parts.Therefore, he could tell whether the movement was wrong based on whether the assistant's action adhered to standards, and he could immediately react to the situation.

The difference in the performance of an assistant when they actually had someone guiding them was astounding.

Ling Ran made a few offhand remarks, and the resident doctor from the General Surgery Department immediately knew that this was going to be a smooth surgery. When he handled things, he was less worried. He could not help but say politely, "Doctor Ling, you're really experienced in splenectomy. It's a little like the demonstration surgery I observed in the People's Liberation Army General Hospital."

Buttering-up others was a skill required for all surgeons. The junior resident doctor was still not quite good at this, which was why there were some flaws in his technique when he tried to butter up to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran only hummed in reply. It was as if he did not seem to hear what the resident doctor just said.

He was aware of his standing and the level of his skills. He did not need a young resident doctor to tell him about it.

In fact, his Master Level Total Splenectomy was among the top in the country. His rank in that field would be slightly lower than his rank for his Master Level Hepatectomy skill. Afterall, splenectomy had a lower learning requirement, so more doctors were capable of this.

However, even if his rank was lower, he was still ranked 138th in the whole country. The demonstration performed by the General Surgery Department from the People's Liberation Army General Hospital might not have even reached that level.

"The spleen is almost done. Now, we'll get ready for hepatectomy" Ling Ran was very fast. In a short while, he had removed the patient's spleen.

Unlike those scheduled surgeries that required lots of preparation, if emergency surgeries were completed quickly, they could increase the fault-tolerance rate within the surgery.

The faster the surgery, the lesser the blood loss. If the time given to emergency physicians to think was longer, the survival rate of the patient would definitely be higher.

Within two to three minutes, Ling Ran had exposed the liver.

At that moment, Zuo Cidian also came over, washed his hands, put on gloves, and came in to help.

Hepatectomy was a standard major surgery. It was never possible to have too many assistants in it.

The resident doctor from the General Surgery Department had never performed hepatectomy before. Of course, he would just become the second assistant instead of first assistant, or even a statue in charge of aspiration while he gazed upon Ling Ran and Zuo Cidian's operation.

Zuo Cidian helped Ling Ran pass the thread and needles. He felt energetic when he sensed the gaze of the junior resident doctor.

"Zuo Cidian, finish this part." Ling Ran was too familiar with hepatectomy. He completed the main part in no more than ten minutes.

Although Zuo Cidian's skill was very weak, he had no problems in finishing off the surgery.

"The one from the General Surgery Department, follow me to the operating theater next door." The resident doctor from the General Surgery Department immediately followed after he was called.

"There is another splenectomy, right?" The resident doctor was excited and started to talk incoherently, "I won't touch the cauda pancreas this time round."

"Did you touch the cauda pancreas just now?"

The resident doctor was terrified. "No No I didn't touch it at all"

"It's fine if you touched it gently."

"Oh, then I touched it gently just now"

"Be careful not to touch it next time." Ling Ran turned and glanced at the resident doctor.

The resident doctor swallowed his saliva and felt that his heart skipping a beat. "Yes I won't do it anymore. I'll be extra careful next time."

"This patient has splenic rupture and testicular rupture. The spleen will need to be removed entirely to prevent excessive blood loss. For the testicles, we'll see whether we can save one for him."

The resident doctor kept nodding.

As they spoke, they rushed into the operating theater.

Zheng Pei was so busy that his body was stained with blood.

"The blood loss has almost reached 1500 cc." Zheng Pei was in a mess. He had been a resident doctor for four years, and he could work independently. But this year, he was not quite confident in handling patients with splenic ruptures such as this.

Ling Ran stepped forward without saying a word. He looked on for a few seconds before he put his hands into the patient's abdominal cavity and pinched the splenic pedicle before he said, "Open the stomach wider."

"You still need it to be wider?" Zheng Pei felt hesitant.

"We can't think about prognosis right now." Ling Ran looked at the patient's lower body and said, "We have to hurry. I'm sure that the patient will have no qualms about us taking the most efficient route in saving one of his testicles."

"Huh... will we be able to save it?" The surgical nurse today was Su Mengxue. She looked over curiously.

"Depends on his luck." As Ling Ran spoke, he started to handle the spleen.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains"

Ling Ran's phone rang.

"Help me to pick up my phone."

It was only natural that Ling Ran could not touch his phone. Su Mengxue was so happy that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She quickly went and looked for the phone from Ling Ran's pocket before she put the phone near to Ling Ran's ears.


"Okay. Just take him. Don't have to ask for other people, I will do it," Ling Ran said while nodding to Su Mengxue to show her that she could hang up the call.

Ling Ran continued to look down and perform the surgery.

Once the splenectomy was completed, Ling Ran raised his head to look at the resident doctor from the General Surgery Department and Zheng Pei. He said, "There is another accident, three people. Two are seriously wounded, while another has light injuries. They will reach in a few minutes."

"We don't... have to call for other doctors?" Zheng Pei was not confident about it.

Ling Ran nodded, "This surgery will be finished in a few more minutes. It all depends on the condition of the patient's testicle. If we can save one, then we will stabilize the emergency patients' condition first"

As Ling Ran spoke, he let Zheng Pei wrap things up for the spleen. Then, he took a look at the patient's testicles.

After a few seconds, Ling Ran made his judgment. "They can't be saved anymore. Remove them all."