Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 562

563 Take Away

The doctors at Ling Ran's treatment group started to work at three in the morning.

Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center gradually stirred to life.

A courier walked into Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center and went to the reception desk before he asked, "Did you order some fried liver, bittern flapjack, and a roasted donkey?"

"Doctor Ling Ran ordered them, you can just put them inside." A nurse at the reception desk pointed to the inside while she was still busy making records.

The courier nodded and rubbed his sleepy eyes. He then walked toward the direction where the nurse pointed him off.

As the courier passed by the room labeled as 'treatment room', he heard someone say "intestines".

He took a turn as he thought with his sleepy three-in-the-morning brain.

"Which one of you ordered intestines?" the courier said as he drew a curtain.

There was a man, who lay on the bed, and also Yu Yuan, who stood by the bed. They looked at the courier.

The courier was stunned as his gaze was fixed at the patient's butt, as well as the intestine between the doctor's gloves.

"What the heck you" The courier shrieked.

The man who lay on the bed pursed his mouth. "You're making a big fuss out of nothing."

Yu Yuan sanitized his intestines and stuffed them back as she said, "You can go home and rest. Make an appointment with the Colorectal Department or General Surgery Department as soon as possible."

"Understood. Can't you just transfer me directly to the Colorectal Department?"

"Then you have to wait until the morning working hours. I'll get someone from the General Surgery Department to give you a consultation." Yu Yuan would not call up someone so early in the morning for this kind of non-emergencies.

The man who lay on the bed snorted a couple of times, "I went to them before, but all they wanted to do was to operate on me."

Yu Yuan hummed in acknowledgment. She did not say anything else.

Many diseases did not have perfect solutions. Doctors could only weigh the treatment methods by their pros and cons.

The courier listened to their conversation and took a couple of steps back. He wanted to gulp, but he could not.

"Are you here to see a doctor, or?" Yu Yuan took off her gloves and turned to the side to ask the courier.

"I I am here for delivery"

"Bittern flapjack and fried liver?" Yu Yuan's eyes shone.

"Yes" the courier subconsciously looked at his delivery and said, "Doctor Ling Ran ordered them"

"You can put them down, then. I will take them." Yu Yuan smiled broadly.

She had just started working, but she had not eaten her breakfast yet. Her stomach was rumbling.

The courier stared at Yu Yuan's smile. When he thought of bittern flapjack and fried livers' ingredients, he became nervous. 'There is a girl whose height doesn't even reach my chest at three o'clock in the morning, and she's in an emergency room of a big hospital. She just meddled with another person's intestines, and now, she's smiling at the intestines in my hands. What kind of place is this? This seems like a scene from a horror movie.'

"Don't don't..." The courier stuttered but could not scream when he saw Yu Yuan walk closer. He could not help but take two steps back.

"Pass me the rice." Yu Yuan stretched out her hand.

"Oh oh." The courier quickly put down the food and ran out as he stumbled along the way. He thought to himself, 'I will never make deliveries in the morning again.'

Yu Yuan happily carried the lunchboxes into the waiting room inside the Emergency Department. She arranged the lunchboxes as she called out for the others to come. After a while, the doctors in Ling Ran's treatment group, as well as the doctors on duty, gathered together.

"This is bittern flapjack and fried liver. This is gnocchi soup, roasted donkey, as well as mutton soup and noodles" Yu Yuan pointed for those who just came in. She took a portion of bittern flapjack and held it in her hand. She picked a piece of the small intestines, took a closer look, and then put it into her mouth. She chewed on it as she said, "I have just encountered a patient whose intestines have fallen out of his an*s"

"You stuffed it back?" Lu Wenbin held the mutton soup and started slurping.

"I have to stuff it back. We don't have a Colorectal Department in our hospital. It doesn't seem to be caused by an ordinary hemorrhoid"

The people who were present became interested in what she said.

"If it were not caused by constipation and hemorrhoids, there's an eight or nine out of ten chances that it's caused by something that they did to themselves."

"The people nowadays really know how to have fun in bed."

"A male or a female?"

Yu Yuan said, "A male. From his appearance, he looked pretty young."

Several nurses looked at each other and smiled before they looked up again. They saw Ling Ran coming over, and their smiles faded. They pretended not to care about what was just said.

"Oh, the take-away is here." Ling Ran patted his stomach. He was also hungry.

"Doctor Ling, here's your bittern flapjack and fried liver." Su Mengxue stood up the fastest as she helped Ling Ran open his lunchbox. She then put a pair of beautiful wooden chopsticks and spoons next to it, and she whispered, "These are new chopsticks and a new spoon, they have never been used."

"Oh Thank you. I'll wash them and pass them back to you after I'm done using them." Ling Ran was experienced in this, which was why he did not say that he brought his own chopsticks.

Su Mengxue then happily sat back in her seat.

Lu Wenbin looked at Su Mengxue's broad smile, and he could only think that she looked like a blooming lily. She was very white and beautiful

"Young Su, I have a set of roasted donkey left. Do you want to have it?" Lu Wenbin deliberately stood next to Su Mengxue.

"No!" Su Mengxue rejected without hesitation and moved a few steps away to stand among the group of young nurses.

Lu Wenbin, who still came to work at three o'clock in the morning, was full of enthusiasm even though he was half-awake, and he was used to rejection. He sat down silently and took a bite of his roasted donkey.

The few tired doctors on duty stared at the doctors in Ling Ran's treatment group, and they felt relaxed

Zheng Pei intentionally sat next to Lu Wenbin and patted him on his shoulder. He smiled and said, "I didn't realize it before, but now I do. I feel that your group is like the reinforcements of the Emergency Department. Hey, if you guys were to come a few hours earlier, I wouldn't even have needed to be on shift. We can just send you the patients at night."

Lu Wenbin glanced at Zheng Pei and said, "Stop dreaming. If patients with general illnesses came, they will still be sent to you. We only listen to Doctor Ling's orders."

Zheng Pei moved his thick eyebrows and smiled. "Don't be that way. If you help out, you can take it as practice."

Lu Wenbin revealed a smile as if he had sold countless of pig trotters, "How about I help you out and you help me out?"

Zheng Pei thought for a moment and shook his head decisively. "Forget it. Working in your group will tire me to death."

"Hey, you bastard. Doctor Ling gave you food and drinks, but in the end, you don't want to help out? Who do you think you are, a giant panda?"

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't say it so loudly." Zheng Pei looked up awkwardly to see everyone staring at him.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains"

Just as this moment, Ling Ran's phone rang.

"It may be an emergency." Zheng Pei quickly put his things down and ran out.

When he got outside, there was indeed an ambulance on the road.

He did not have to wait long before he saw another two ambulances charging forward.

At this time, the doctors who were inside hurried up to finish up their food and ran out.

"Where is the rupture?"

"How much blood did they lose?"

"Is it bad?"

Zheng Pei sighed in resignation. "I haven't got to ask as well. The ambulances just arrived."

"I am going to open up the prize now!" Lu Wenbin took the lead and went forward.