Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 565

566 Surgical Demonstration

"Doctor Ling, we are about to organize the Asia-Pacific Region's Study of Hepatology Congress and would like to know if you could do us the honor to join us and perform a surgical demonstration." Gao Meng took the opportunity of the afternoon break to approach Ling Ran and invited him in a respectful tone. 

When a person did something, he should do it with 90% sincerity for work's sake, and the other 10% was just for show. 

Gao Meng knew intellectuals' bad habits. Hence, even if it was just drinking, he had to be respectful of them. He was afraid that people would be unhappy, and the two crates of good wine he brought will go to waste. 

He had to be even more respectful for today's invitation.

Organizing the Asia-Pacific Region's Study of Hepatology Congress was not only troublesome but also expensive. If it were not because of Hospital Director Zhou domineering show of him being truly capable of not buying any more medicine from them, Gao Meng and his company would be willing to postpone it for a few months. 

After all, perhaps it might get canceled if it was delayed repeatedly. Even if it was not canceled, they had a few months to serve as a buffer, and they might be able to buy a more appropriate location from other companies or independent organizations in related meetings. 

Unfortunately, there was no medical company that could take up the loss of having a hospital not buy any medicine from them for a few months. Even if that hospital just stopped buying a certain type of medicine, it was already something that would cause them a great loss. 

Since things cannot be delayed any further, then it had to be quickly done, and it had to be done perfectly. 

The invitation card that Gao Meng handed out was very beautiful. It came with a red background and golden printed letters. The message inside was even written with Qigong's style in calligraphy. 

When Ling Ran opened the invitation card and read it once seriously, he asked, "Why do you want me to perform a surgical demonstration?"

"Well, it's because… your success in Hepatobiliary Surgery has garnered much attention…" Gao Meng was stunned by the question, so he could only avoid the details and gave a general answer.

Ling Ran only responded with a short 'ok' and asked, "It's the Asia-Pacific Region Study of Hepatology Congress. The requirements and regulations would be really high, and they think I am qualified to perform a surgical demonstration? Who was the one who suggested it?"

Ling Ran was already not a young junior doctor who just entered the hospital. The mastery in his skills also allowed him to further understand the level of the skills of surgeons who stood at the center of attention in the world of medicine. 

His master level hepatectomy may be so strong in Yun Hua Hospital that it was a taboo, but in terms of the global scale, the people who surpassed his hepatectomy skills were in the double digits. 

When he thought about how these people do not have a system to help them, he knew that they were very terrifying in terms of their experiences, wisdom, and other aspects when it came to hepatectomy. 

The meeting would encompass the Asia-Pacific region. Capable people whose hepatectomy skills would reach or even surpass Master Level could easily appear, and the value in them promoting the congress would most probably be even stronger.

Although Ling Ran did not know how many people would be attending the congress, when it came to medical field related meetings, attributes such as reputation should slightly overshadow a surgeon's skills. The doctors inside the operating theater would undoubtedly compete with their skills. Regardless of their identity, position and wealth, the patients themselves would always want the best doctor to operate on them, but in a meeting, everyone would not insist on this. 

Ling Ran knew how good his skills were, but the world outside may not have the same knowledge. 

He did not want to blindly accept Gao Meng's solicitous hospitality.

Ling Ran had his way of dealing with them with gifts and solicitous hospitality. 

Gao Meng helplessly looked at Ling Ran, and he was forced to explain things in a clearer manner. "The requirements to perform a surgical demonstration is indeed very high, but our company is the one who decides on who gets to perform the surgery, and we think that handing it to you is a wise decision… Department Director Huo also thinks the same."

"Was it arranged by Department Director Huo?" Ling Ran would rather not play talk around the bush with him. 

Gao Meng chuckled awkwardly. 

He originally wanted to hit two birds with one stone: to fulfill Huo Congjun's request and also score some points with Ling Ran...

Gao Meng started to work his brain, which was not under the influence of alcohol for the day, and said, "Department Director Huo suggested it. Our company's colleagues also think that you, Doctor Ling, are the right candidate."

As Gao Meng spoke, he raised his hands, laughed, and said, "I have always been Ling Ran's fan group in the company."

It was only then that Ling Ran nodded and said, "Thank you very much. Then, I will accept it."

"You don't have to thank me." Gao Meng laughed out loud. 

"If there was a Ling Ran fan group, then is there an anti-Ling Ran group?" Ling Ran suddenly asked. 

Gao Meng was instantly baffled. 'Ling Ran's actions are even harder to predict than fake wine… If I can't handle fake wine, I could pretend that I'm about to throw up and excuse myself…'

"Doctor Ling, the patient that was said to have hepatolithiasis in the morning has arrived." Lu Wenbin gently knocked on the door and dispersed the cold air in the room. 

Gao Meng immediately stood up straight and said, "Doctor Ling, I shall not continue bothering you anymore...:"

A surgical demonstration was not a small matter. Although he still had more work to be done, now, he need not find Ling Ran to talk about it. 

Ling Ran nodded and asked Lu Wenbin, "Is the patient the one who was introduced by Department Director Guo?"

"Yes, he's a cadre of the city, age forty-seven, has cirrhosis as well..." In a soft voice, Lu Wenbin described the patient's medical record, which he had just obtained. This was a resident doctor's most basic work. The department director of surgery departments or the leader of a treatment group would not read the medical records line by line. 

"It's not too big a problem. If the patient is willing, we can do an MRI scan. When I return, we can do a B-scan and provide liver protection treatment…" Ling Ran only arranged the examination but did not specifically provide the drug prescription for liver protection. Like most surgeons, these parts were handed over to the resident doctors, and the latter would usually just follow the guidelines to do their work. 

If they did not know how, they would refer to the books, and this was the daily life of a resident doctor. The quality of their research was also a little higher than doing a Baidu search.

Gao Meng initially wanted to leave, but when he heard that Ling Ran was about to operate on a cadre of the city government, he could not help but stop. He also did not dare to stay for a long time. After he listened to a little bit of the content, he slowly moved away. 

After stepping out of the door, Gao Meng first made a phone call back to the company. He casually made up a few lies and went to the wards in the Emergency Medical Center. 

Patients with status had greater rights when it came to making decisions compared to ordinary patients, and their choices had more representative value.

Although Gao Meng was in a hurry to fulfill Huo Congjun's requests, he did not have a perceptual understanding of Ling Ran's ability. He only knew that there were many people who praised him. Gao Meng wanted to take the opportunity to take a look.

When he arrived at the ward of the Emergency Medical Center, Gao Meng greeted all the men and women who wore white coats as if he was familiar with them. He then asked about the room and quickly walked toward it. 

With the increasing number of hepatectomies Ling Ran performed, the Emergency Medical Center had also made several critical care wards to accommodate patients before and after hepatectomy. When the surgery was completed, the patients would still need to be admitted to the ICU. However, when the patient came out from the ICU and went into the general ward, they would still need some special treatment.

This was also one of the programs to reduce dissatisfaction from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Of course, the Emergency Medical Center will then have an increase in workload. As for whether the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery will reduce their workload, on the one hand, Huo Congjun did not care too much. On the other hand, Ling Ran had been doing hepatectomies day and night, and it had long since surpassed the capacity of what the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery could handle. 

Han Zhuo, who was specifically mentioned by Lu Wenbin, was a patient introduced to Ling Ran by someone else. 

He originally wanted to be admitted to the provincial hospital and even considered going to Beijing or Shanghai for surgery, but after making a few calls, he decided to look for Ling Ran.

A man away from his native place was worthless, especially Han Zhuo, who had been a civil servant for a long time. In fact, when he could receive the same level of surgery in Yun Hua City, he did not want to go to Beijing and Shanghai to be a normal patient.

When he considered the fact that Elder Mei had already looked for Ling Ran to do a surgery, Han Zhuo, who believed in power, still trusted Ling Ran quite a lot. 

Even if he was young and looked so handsome…

Han Zhuo was lying on a hospital bed, and there were always old colleagues, old subordinates, and old acquaintances who came to visit him. If it were not because of the waves of discomfort in his body, he actually felt that hospital life was quite good.

Gao Meng watched the crowds coming in like an endless stream, and his mind was calm.

He did not understand medicine, much less surgeries. However, what he feared most was that Ling Ran's surgical demonstration would end up wrong. Now, when he saw how the old executive Han Zhuo appeared to be at ease, he cannot help but relaxed as well.

At this time, a man who looked like an executive entered the room and shook hands with Han Zhuo before he said, "Old Han, why didn't you ask an expert from Beijing to come over to perform the surgery? Yours is a major operation."

"You mean to request a freelance surgeon from Beijing?" Han Zhuo had learned about it. He turned his head around and said with a wan smile, "I also asked someone to make a few calls. When he heard that I was in Yun Hua, he immediately dodged the request."

"Are they discriminating against Yun Hua City?"

"Even when I asked, I didn't get a clear answer. Who knows what's going on?" Han Zhuo shook his head.

The two people who were talking were just only casually chatting. Gao Meng however immediately took it to heart. He could not help but pull out his phone and quietly sent a message.