Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 566

567 Announcemen

"Hello, director. May I come in?"

"What's the matter?"

"Director, this is my business card. I am Young Wang, an academic representative of Fuan Pharmaceutical. I am now responsible for the drug promotion of Yun Hua Hospital."

"What medicine do you have?"

"Thank you, director, for your concern. I mainly promote the company's hormonal drugs. Take a look, this is the related drugs…"

Gao Meng went to the office area of the Department of Urology and wanted to find Guo Liqing, the associate chief physician. Then, he heard the words "hormone" from the director's office behind him. 

He was now sensitive to hormones.

The Associate Hospital Director Zhou stopping the purchasing of drugs from their pharmaceutical company could spread throughout the industry in minutes. Although this was the Department of Urology and the pharmaceutical sales representative was obviously new in the field, Gao Meng had to be wary when he found out that the newcomer wanted to sell the hormone to the Director of the Urology Department of Urology.

"Director, if our medicine can obtain a certain amount of investments after entering the hospital, do you think it can be used…?"

"We'll see."

"Thank you for your guidance. I'm preparing to apply for some resources. I'll ask you more questions then…"

Gao Meng craned his neck to listen to the conversation inside, and he could not help but pout his lips. 'Nowadays, new medical representatives were full of polite words and make huge demands. Were they really not afraid that the department directors won't be numb to your words?'

"Which unit do you work for?" Someone suddenly spoke behind him, and Gao Meng almost jumped in fright. 

"Department Director Guo! Department Director Guo! It's me, Gao Meng, the one who had a drink together with you last time?" Gao Meng quickly held on to Guo Liqing's back. 

Compared to the authority of a department director, an assistant lecture was much easier to converse with. 

Of course, he was just speaking in relative terms. 

Guo Liqing looked at Gao Meng as if he was a circumcised skin and asked, "Why are you lurking around like a thief?"

"No, I wouldn't dare to." Gao Meng quickly chuckled a couple of times and said, "I came to ask about Mister Han, the patient with hepatolithiasis, to whom you introduced to Doctor Ling."

"What's wrong?" This was a private matter, which was why Guo Liqing did not yell.

Gao Meng thought for a while before he said, "Our company is going to engage in the Asia-Pacific Region's Study of Hepatology Congress. The patient you introduced is quite suitable for demonstration surgery. I'd like to ask what you think about this?"

How did he know whether it was appropriate or not? But it was common in a hospital to have two departments communicate with each other through pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Guo Liqing did not think much about it. He also ignored the part where Gao Meng eavesdropped on the matter as he thought carefully before he asked, "Did Doctor Ling send you?"

"You know how Doctor Ling is. He hasn't made a decision yet. We'd like to make an internal understanding first to avoid conflict on our side when he makes his decision. It's easy to screw up in such matters." Gao Meng has worked for years. He could lie as smoothly as how water flowed through a large pipe. The way he talked could not be compared with that newbie in the director's office, who spoke as if he was drops of rain from the sky. 

Guo Liqing could not help but sink into deep thought. After a while, he said, "I can't come to a decision for this. If you're willing to wait, I will discuss it with the patient and make a decision."

"And one more question, what's your relationship with the patient?"

"We're ex-classmates," Guo Liqing said.

"Ooh…" Gao Meng nodded quickly and said, "I heard that this classmate of yours originally wanted to find an expert in Beijing. Was it unsuccessful?"

"He's foolish. He wanted to find Beijing experts for hepatectomy," Guo Liqing laughed. For Yun Hua Hospital's doctors, it was a very conflicting matter for doctors from Beijing and Shanghai to come over to be freelance surgeons.

On the one hand, as the best hospital in the area, they did not have any hospitals that were better than they were. The doctors were very confident. When they usually drank a gallon of wine, they would not regard anyone as important, and they would act as if they were more important than everyone else like they were kings. 

However, whenever doctors in Beijing came over to give consultation or be freelance surgeons, the regal temperament of Yun Hua Hospital's doctors would be harmed, and they would like they had been attacked by palace guards.

An associate chief physician like Guo Liqing could be said to have climbed to the high point of the technical system. But if he truly compared himself to doctors from Beijing, he did not have the courage to say that the circumcisions he performed were better than those performed by doctors in Beijing.

In the Department of Urology, when it came to the most important organ—kidney—Guo Liqing and the others were not quite confident in operating on them. 

Forget about comparing anything else, they already had an immeasurably vast difference in skill compared to the doctors in Beijing when it came to the most important kidney transplant, and they could not just compare with the doctors in Beijing in terms of circumcisions, right?

It was Ling Ran's hepatectomy that saved the stubborn freelance surgeons from Beijing and made Yun Hua Hospital's doctors be very willing to talk about it.

Gao Meng looked at Guo Liqing's face and knew that he missed something. He smiled and said, "I've drunk too much recently. Does Yun Hua City's hepatectomy have some kind of story with the experts in Beijing?"

Guo Liqing revealed an unfathomable smile. "You drink every day, but never treated me even once? Pharmaceutical Representative Gao Meng, how should I comment on your actions?"

"I'll personally invite you to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant tonight," Gao Meng gave some insincere remarks, but his presence while he said those words was very sufficient, it made him sound convincing. 

Guo Liqing hummed and revealed a smile before he told the story of the day.


It was night. 

Guo Liqing finished the work in his department. He estimated that it was almost time for the actor from Han Zhuo's to leave work. If he visited the wards right now, he could mention to him about Ling Ran's desire to perform a surgical demonstration.

This was a matter that placed his life at risk. Han Zhuo could not help but think, "So, is Doctor Ling's skill really that good?"

"Of course," Guo Liqing told the same story he told Gao Meng to Han Zhuo again. He then raised his hand, "Let's not talk about anything else. If you're able to find a doctor who can perform hepatectomy better than Ling Ran in Yun Hua, I will do one hundred cases of circumcisions."

Han Zhuo gave his ex-classmate a strange look. He wanted to laugh, but he did not, and he wanted to say something, but he did not as well. 

Misses Han, who was accompanying him, was a bit curious, "Isn't that the Department of Urology's job?"

"I am an assistant lecturer," Guo Liqing said proudly, "What I'm doing currently is about the same level as doing amputations."

"Okay, I'll participate in the demonstration surgery," Han Zhuo interrupted Guo Liqing's words. If he listened to him anymore, he was about to be scared out of his wits. 

Guo Liqing stopped with his long speech, which he had prepared, and frowned. "Have you thought about it carefully? If you participate in the surgery demonstration, the doctor will be nervous. Their performance might not be as good as usual, especially young doctors like Ling Ran. It might not…"

"But that means he will be more cautious, right?" Han Zhuo asked.

Guo Liqing said, "Of course. But as far as I know, Ling Ran's character…"

"No matter how cautious he is, he would not be as cautious as he is during the surgery demonstration. I'd rather he be nervous." Han Zhuo felt that he had thought it over clearly. He said in a very logical fashion, "When we studied, didn't we always perform better during major exams? We also solved problems that we usually can't solve, right? It's like… ah yes, don't the athletes only perform outstandingly when they have to compete in major competitions?"

Guo Liqing felt that it was not right, but he could not refute Han Zhuo's words. He could only say, "Have you thought this through…?"

"I am already done thinking about it," Han Zhuo said solemnly, "As long as he follows the rules, I will not lose anything."

He might not get the best results, but it would not be the worst result as well. 

Guo Liqing looked at his ex-classmate and could not help but praise him, "You're taking your role as a civil servant seriously, you're now a civil servant to the core."

Han Zhuo was happy because he was praised. "Of course. Now that I'm living with my wife, I have to write my reports in advance."