Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 567

568 Ordered Chaos

The weather in Yun Hua City at the end of the month was slightly warmer.

In front of the main gate of Yun Hua Hospital was a red banner with the words [Passionately Celebrating the Smooth Launch of the Region of Asia Pacific Hepatobiliary Research Conference], and it made the patients and their family members who passed by it to feel annoyed when they saw it.

At the same time, Hilton Hotel, which was not too far away, had the same slogan displayed on its electronic screen.

In the hotel, promotional posters and brochures were distributed everywhere. Banners and colored flags danced in the air, while devil's ivy and spider plants decorated the conference hall. The red plants were dazzling whereas the green plants were tender and beautiful.

Gao Meng put on a formal black suit, and his face was so pale he looked like he was drunk and had vomited the previous night. But in actuality, he had not drunk anything for the past few days. He moved around the hall and welcomed anyone he could.

"This is ordered chaos" Old Tang was Gao Meng's partner. He was older than Gao Meng, but his emotions were not as stable as Gao Meng's.

Gao Meng gazed unhappily at Old Tang and said, "Don't bring out the words you use when you play with stocks over here, including words about technical adjustments. Every time you blabber about this, do those bosses listen to you?"

"Why not? The largest amount of money I've had in my stock account was two million, and it could serve as a downpayment for a big house in Yun Hua."

Gao Meng did not want to argue with him about this. He sighed and said, "Go to the back and watch the people we outsourced. Have them adjust the sound and projectors well. As long as there is no problem with this, the number of water bottles on the seats will be nothing."

"Okay, I'll go and take a look." Old Tang also did not want to stay in the hall. It was very crowded and chaotic. The doctors also behaved very arrogantly toward the pharmaceutical sales representatives. He did not feel this when he was young, but when he was at his age, he was slightly dissatisfied by this.

That was the disadvantage of bending backward to serve others in order to earn money. The older they became, the more difficult it was to serve others. Old Tang was also not envious of the people who had to stand up straight to make money, but he admired people who could earn money while sleeping.

Lying down was so comfortable. All they needed to do was spread their legs, and if those legs were fair and straight, the doctors would probably act obsequiously as well.

While Old Tang thought about that, he saw Zuo Cidian from the Emergency Department walk toward him. Zuo Cidian had become slightly plumper after staying in Yun Hua for some time. There also seemed to be fewer wrinkles on him, but they were deeper. It was impossible for anyone to spread their legs for him if they had to stare at his face.

"I'm going now." Old Tang shook his head vigorously and quickly left as if he was selling off his stock during the stock market collapsed.

"Doctor Zuo, you're here." Gao Meng moved forward and greeted him before he asked, "Is Doctor Ling ready?"

"He's at the operating theater now. After you confirm the time, they will begin administering anesthesia at the operating theater." Zuo Cidian reminded him and said, "Time must be calculated properly. Once the anesthesia is administered, Doctor Ling will not wait for all of you."

"I understand." Gao Meng did not know Ling Ran's character well. But, he had seen many doctors who only cared about themselves, and they would not risk being criticized for their moral values because of a demonstration surgery.

A demonstration surgery was a medical performance and also a personal performance.

The main reason to organize a demonstration surgery must be for a medical performance, but the reason behind why it could even be carried out in the first place was because of a doctor's desire to show off.

In this era, there were more and more medical specialists who became famous because of medical performances, but there were also a lot of doctors who received criticism because of their bad performance.

The operating theater was actually a place that strictly followed standards. Most things like putting on scrubs and disinfection had models to be followed and rules to be obeyed.

With the limitations placed on them by these rules, completing a standard surgery using standard procedures was the standard manifestation of a surgery demonstration.

For Ling Ran, this was the environment he was used to the most.

Ling Ran washed his hands slowly, while in his mind, he recalled the surgery process silently.

Every surgical skill had its own benchmark. Doctors who had performed tens to hundreds of cases would not have the problem of not remembering a surgical method, but they were very particular about the patient on the day and how they could make modifications to the surgical method.

On one hand, before opening up the abdominal cavity and even before the incision, the doctors would not be able to see the lesion. The outcomes that appear due to inflammation and lesions were very difficult to predict, and this required the doctors to be equipped with the capability of acting according to the circumstances.

On the other hand, the various medical imaging examinations in modern medicine were able to provide sufficient messages, and it only depended on the surgeons on whether they could completely understand and read the messages in them.

It was always easier said than done. When it was surgery time, it was extremely difficult for the surgeons to perform the steps in the surgery, much less perform the surgery perfectly.

In fact, if a surgeon did not have a good teacher, it might take a few years to decades for the surgeon to learn it on his or her own.

One of the simplest tasks in surgery was finding the position of the appendix. If there was no step-by-step guidance from senior doctors, it would not be easy to find the position accurately.

Similarly, while performing hepatolithiasis, the bile duct would not always be in the specific position shown in textbooks.

These experience-based operations required the surgeons to learn them and also required the surgeons to prepare for the surgery beforehand.

The rumored operation of closing the abdominal cavity right after performing a laparotomy could be explained as the surgeon taking responsibility for the patient due to some changes in the patient's condition, but it could also be interpreted as poor preparation on the surgeon's side.

Ling Ran now performed preoperative consultations for normal surgeries, and it was even more so for the demonstration surgery today. for visiting.

As if he was going to attend a big examination in school, Ling Ran started his revision one week in advance and started to speculate the questions three days before the exam.

It could not allow him to obtain the accurate information like how was the condition of the patient's liver, how was the inflammation, and how great was its tolerance, but to Ling Ran, the challenges that occurred within standards just made him feel more motivated.

"Doctor Ling, you can put on the ear mic now." The circulating nurse today was Su Mengxue. When she received the news, she immediately came and informed Ling Ran.

Ling Ran nodded and washed his hands. Then he took a dried cloth from the steaming machine to dry his hands before he went to the operating theater.

Zhang Anmin was the first assistant today. He immediately reminded Ling Ran. "The camera is connected."

There were two methods to observe a surgery demonstration. One of it was building demonstrations rooms in the operating theater, just like the one in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, which allowed the doctors to observe the surgery live.

However, the most common method was having the surgery separated from the observers. Some surgeries would even be deliberately delayed for a few seconds so that when there were major mistakes, the surgeons would have time to mend their mistakes.

Naturally, the most important fact was that livestreams could accommodate a lot of viewers.Movies or television shows preferred filming the first method, and it was most probably there were very few actors who could serve as observers.

Yun Hua Hospital did not have any built-in demonstration rooms in the operating theater, and even their devices for livestreaming were not completed.

However, Huo Congjun had decided to buy the entire set of equipment this time, and it was considered as a subsidy for the company that supplied them with the equipment.

"I'll help you put on the ear mic." Su Mengxue stood on tiptoes and moved closer to Ling Ran. She smelled him gently before she put the ear mic to Ling Ran's head.

"Okay," Ling Ran answered before he asked the anesthetistSu Jiafufor today, "Can we start now?"

Su Jiafu was so nervous that he could not speak. He quickly gave him an "okay" gesture.

For Su Jiafu, who was still a resident doctor, a surgery demonstration like this was also like a major test for him.

Ling Ran looked at the display screen and lowered his head to look at the patient before he said, "Start the surgery. Hepatectomy for the hepatolithiasis"

He only said this line because he used the scalpel to open the abdomen along the drawn line.

The high-resolution camera recorded the footage and live-streamed it to the hotel in a stable manner.

Within the meeting room in the Hilton Hotel were doctors who sat scattered all around the place. At the same time they chatted happily, they also watched the display screen.

For the audience, this demonstration surgery was not that important, especially doctors from other provinces. They even crossed one leg over a knee while they chatted, just like how they did for the other four, five or even eight medical conferences they had attended this year.

Meanwhile, the doctors from the province were slightly more serious.

In the past half a year, the number of freelance hepatectomies carried out by Ling Ran alone reached the hundreds, and most of the people on the spot had witnessed those on their own. Some had even participated in it. Therefore, as long as they were not eccentric people, they would not be as casual as those doctors from the other provinces.

"Harder. His liver is slightly bigger." Ling Ran's voice was heard after a while, and he instantly attracted everyone's attention.

"The liver is exposed?"

"That's quite fast."

"The young doctors nowadays watch too many dramas. All they think about when performing surgeries is speed. What's the use of being fast?"

Since they were watching through a screen, the doctors in the meeting room gave their comments wilfully.

Yu Yuan, who stayed to help in the meeting room, felt like standing up and arguing, but she was held back by Zuo Cidian.

"Doctor Ling's operation is more useful in showing his skills than you speaking for him." Zuo Cidian pointed at the screen and said to Yu Yuan, "Feel at ease and watch."