Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 568

569 Live Broadcas

The waiters moved about the meeting room. They sent drinks, mineral water, and some wine. 

On both ends of the long table were some spider plants and some devil's ivy.

Some surgeons were discussing about mistresses, some talked about cheating on their mistresses with yet another mistress, and some talked about failure in matchmaking sessions. Everyone had their own topics. They sat in a relaxed fashion as if they were watching a drama series while they watched the live surgery broadcast on the screen. 

For doctors, surgery demonstrations were indeed too common. 

In this era, when an amazing doctor did a surgical demonstration, it would just be like the pioneers of internet corporates. If their fund-raising for certain projects proved to be successful, they will first eagerly want to organize a conference. Them, they will dress up in T-shirts or plaid shirts to go up the stage to ramble about. 

Some doctors who were free were willing to look at surgery demonstrations, but they would just only look. 

Many people did not really pay attention to the current era's live surgery broadcasts.

However, it was the doctor who performed the surgery who attracted some doctors' attention. 

"If I were that handsome, I would have resigned and become a pharmaceutical sales representative. In one year, I'll have a large flat, in two years, I'll have a huge villa, and in three years, I'll open a private hospital." The person who spoke pointed at the doctor's introduction next to the screen. That was Ling Ran's portrait. The standard of the photo was just average, but he still looked incredibly handsome. 

The doctor who was sitting next to him laughed and said, "You already have a huge villa, why do you need to open a private hospital?"

"A private hospital is comfortable. I can do whatever surgery I want to. I can use whatever medicine I want to. Right, did your hospital recently change the surgery fees?"

"A 10% increase. It's not much."

"It's not much… if you operate on one liver, you could earn 200 to 300 RMB a day. If you perform one hepatectomy a day… hey, the hepatic portal vein is separated." The doctor who was speaking suddenly sat up straight.

"This is crazy. Why is he performing the surgery so fast?" It was normal for surgeons to frown upon each other. They could also casually criticize other doctors. 

The doctors who were beside them did not make any noise but just stared at the screen with frowns. 

"You find it interesting to watch now? I guess handsome guys can also perform surgeries, huh?"

"The hepatic blood flow is blocked."


"I heard that Ling Ran, this Doctor Ling, seems to have performed freelance surgeries as well, and he performed a surgery on Elder Mei…" The doctor used a regular tone to speak, and he instantly attracted the attention of a few people around him. 

"Are you sure? Is it true? Which Elder Mei?"

"Last time, I just listened with a pinch of salt, but when I look at this surgery demonstration, I think it's true."

All the doctors looked at the screen. They could not help but begin to start focusing their attention on the movements of the silver instruments in the bloody red area. 

A surgery demonstration may sometimes become a surgery to show off a doctor's skills. 

This was especially so when the demonstration was done in front of unfamiliar doctors. It will be the moment where the surgeon could suppress others through their skills. 

High-end doctors and low-end doctors had a huge gap between each other. 

Most of the time, low-end surgeons would stay within their circle and pretend that they were only less experienced than their seniors. They were like average sophomores in Class Six of a No. 48 middle school. When they were doing the National College Entrance Examination's past year papers, they would feel like they were just two hundred marks fewer than the Number One Scholar [1].

It was only when they accidentally looked at the Olympic Mathematics paper that they would slightly understand where their levels were. 

And at today's meeting in the Hilton Hotel, the doctors who could not perform hepatectomy, could hardly perform hepatectomy, and could perform hepatectomy well all looked at the screen. They also had some understanding of their own level. 

The surgery progressed as it usually did. 

Ling Ran was well-prepared beforehand. He was also familiar with the surgery. It can be said that the surgery progress would not be delayed unless a surgeon's most hated massive bleeding episode happened. 

Very soon, Ling Ran had finished preoperative preparations for hepatectomy surgery and lifted the liver without any hesitation. 

Zuo Cidian who was sitting among them in the meeting room could not help but look away from the screen to watch the people.

At this moment, a venue that could only accommodate around three hundred people had been almost completely filled. Furthermore, everyone stopped chatting, like they were watching a climax during a movie, and their gazes were fixed on the screen. 

Zuo Cidian looked at them and silently waited. 

After a while, a group of people suddenly yelled, "Ah…"




Zuo Cidian turned his head slightly to the side, and just as he expected, he saw Ling Ran lift the patient's liver. Then, he used his hands and the hilt of the scalpel to open it. 

Many doctors knew how to use bare hands to open the liver, but the visual effects will show the surgeon's skills. 

However, not many could carry out this move effectively and skillfully. 

"This patient has cirrhosis." A doctor at the scene suddenly mentioned, and he caused a group of people to search for information. 

Zuo Cidian chuckled lightly to himself before he said casually to the doctor in front of him, "The worst case Doctor Ling had operated on before had a liver as fragile as a walnut cake."

"Are you from Yun Hua Hospital?" the doctor who came forward looked at Zuo Cidian's white robe and suddenly showed interest. 

Zuo Cidian smiled and nodded. "I am from Doctor Ling's treatment group. I am here today at your service."

"Oooh… come, come, come sit here with us." The attitudes of the doctors by the side who previously noticed Zuo Cidian changed their attitude, and they were suddenly very welcoming. 

Zuo Cidian acted as if he did not notice the change of their attitude as he happily strode forward and started to introduce to them Ling Ran's hepatectomy and his latest hepatectomy results. 

In this kind of occasion, Zuo Cidian naturally would not talk about freelance surgeries and would only talk about surgeries done in Yun Hua Hospital. Even so, when he talked about Ling's Ran surgery frequency, and especially the prognosis of his surgeries, it garnered everyone's cries of surprise.

Gao Meng wandered about the meeting hall. 

He looked at the change of attitude of the doctors—from indifference to a gradual seriousness and attentiveness—and he felt excited within. 

No one would like their hard work and effort to go unnoticed.

Even if this congress was not what he wanted, but since the congress was being held, he would still hope to get some results out of it. 

"This is all for today." Ling Ran said this sentence on the live streaming screen before he switched off the video camera.

There was a considerably positive but not so warm round of applause in the meeting room.

Gao Meng quickly held the microphone and said to the crowd, "Doctor Ling will come around in a while. If anyone has any questions, you may ask him later."

"Only one surgery?" Someone who was sitting at the front asked loudly. 

Gao Meng was stunned for a while. He then said quickly, "The next surgical demonstration will be at two o'clock in the afternoon. It will be performed by Department Director He Hongyi of the Western Provincial Hospital."

"What about the activities in between?"

"There are other activities arranged in between… hmm, if everyone is interested in Doctor Ling's surgery, you may ask Doctor Ling your questions in a short while. We have prepared a small meeting room which is meant for an exchange of information…"

"We still need to change to another meeting room? Can't we use this one?" The doctor who was sitting in the front row spoke loudly in dissatisfaction. The people at the back also agreed with him. 

Gao Meng just laughed foolishly. "It's because we're worried that the space will be too big, and you'll feel that there's a distance between you and Doctor Ling…" 

"How many people can a small meeting room accommodate? You can just ask how many people are willing to stay." The doctors in the front stood up and asked, "Anyone who wants to go to the small meeting room, raise your hands."

Naturally, only a few people raised their hands. 

Gao Meng smiled wanly. The doctors' stubbornness always created countless troubles, and all of them came from nowhere. 

But he could only swallow his aggrievance. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, this was what he had to do.