Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 569

570 Bully

"Doctor Ling, I can see that you're using ASA physical status classification and CPET test before the surgery."

"You even sent the patient for a Doppler ultrasonography, CT scan, and MRI scan beforehand. Doctor Ling, you really play it safe when it comes to preoperative examination."

"You control perioperative bleeding well."

"How do you plan to carry out the patient's post-surgical care in the early stages?"

The tables and chairs in the conference room had been rearranged with Ling Ran sitting at the frontmost to show that everyone in the room had an equal status when it came to the discussion.

Most of the doctors who came from outside the province had taken up the front seats. They were scrambling for the microphone to ask Ling Ran questions.

Hepatectomy was something many doctors spent all their lives perfecting.

Unlike Ling Ran, a young and handsome doctor who was backed up by a system, the making of a renowned doctor usually involved a good education background and a good teacher. They would then rise from being resident doctors to attending physicians before becoming an associate professor. From the time they were senior attending physicians up until the time they were associate professors, they would strive to perform as many surgeries as possible while figuring out their direction. Lastly, on the day they become chief physicians, they would be taking their first step in determining their specialization.

They would know whether they were good in cholecystectomy, hepatectomy, urethroplasty, and other such surgeries. After they determined their specialization, they would need to take five to eight years to become an authoritative figure in the field.

After that, they would have to depend on their talent, hard work, luck and most importantly, lifespan.

Doctors took two or three years to learn a new surgical method, and they would need at least five years to become extremely skilled in it.

This was why doctors who managed to become leaders of treatment groups, hence having the right to determine which surgical method to pursue, at the age of forty-five was completely different compared to those who only get to lead their own treatment groups at the age of fifty-five.

Many doctors who were present in the conference were ordinary doctors, and many of them were working on mastering their first surgical method. Many of them could even foresee that they would only be performing hepatectomy for the rest of their lives. Hence, they took everything related to hepatectomy very seriously.

They had heard about how the death rate among Ling Ran's patients was low. This was why they were throwing many questions at Ling Ran, even if some of them were only there out of curiosity.

Ling Ran answered those questions in a leisurely manner.

He possessed Master Level Hepatectomy and had now carried out a few hundred hepatectomies. That alone allowed him to answer the crowd's questions to their satisfaction without any problem.

Truth be told, Ling Ran did not find any of the questions difficult even though the doctors in the conference room had been throwing questions at him for the past half an hour.

Slowly, even the more slow-witted doctors started to realize this.

The way they looked at and spoke to Ling Ran slowly changed.

"Good day, Doctor Ling. I have a question"

"Doctor Ling, I am facing a difficulty right now. When it comes to patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension, can hepatectomy still be carried out in most cases"

"Doctor Ling, regarding the question just now, I am a little curious"

When Gao Meng, who was standing at the sidelines, realized that the doctors were addressing Ling Ran with increasing respect, he could not help but lower his head to hide his astonishment.

Even though he did not know much about medicine, he knew doctors very well.

Doctors, especially surgeons, were extremely arrogant and impolite people. Usually, a surgeon would have to rely on power to garner submission and respect from other doctors.

If the surgeon was not powerful enough, it would be pretty hard to garner acknowledgment from other surgeons. They would need to carry out more than one demonstrative surgery or perform an extremely excellent demonstrative surgery.

As Gao Meng glanced at Ling Ran, who was only a little over twenty years old, at the doctors around him, and at the pharmaceutical sales representatives around the doctors who looked like they could not wait to extort a large sum of money out of those doctors, he could not help but suck in a sharp breath.

The demonstrative surgery today really went astonishingly well.

However, Ling Ran, who was the center of attention, looked calm.

Ling Ran was extremely used to being the center of attention. Ever since he was young, even when he walked in the streets, people would crowd around him. This was even truer when he was around those he knew. Back in the days, the people organized all kinds of events in his school and his neighborhood would try all means and methods to involve him in those events. In the instances where they succeeded, the events would receive the type of attention that was almost impossible to achieve at a time when the internet was not a widespread thing.

Due to the work environment in Yun Hua Hospital, Ling Ran got to enjoy some peace and quiet whenever he operated on patients.

However, Ling Ran was actually good in dealing with a crowd.

He just needed to nod and smile to please the crowd.

Other than that, Ling Ran merely needed to focus on the matter at hand. By doing this, he managed to keep all the doctors focused on the conference that was going on.


The conference was going on in an orderly manner, and it was even a little draggy.

There was actually a formula for ordinary demonstrative surgeries.

The doctors involved would have headsets on as they skillfully carried out the surgeries in style, while the doctors participating in the conferences drink tea and watch the surgeries like they were watching a spring festival gala. [1] They would remember what they could after they watched the surgeries once, and forget about what they could not remember.

Many doctors hope to make themselves known by carrying out numerous demonstrative surgeries. They were basically like celebrities who make a name for themselves by appearing on the spring festival gala.

But there were obviously many things that drew the crowd to Ling Ran, as even though there was another demonstrative surgery going on in the afternoon, there were still doctors asking Ling Ran questions. By the time the conference was ending, there were still quite a lot of people in the conference room.

This was when a doctor who was clad in a shirt walked over to Ling Ran and said, "Doctor Ling, there seem to be quite a few hospitals that offer hepatectomy in Changxi Province."

"Yeah." Even though Ling Ran did not really understand what the doctor was trying to say, he still gave a short reply.

The doctor who was wearing a shirt flashed a smile. "Things are not the same in Yandong Province. Up until now, there are still very few hospitals that offer hepatectomy in our province. Our hospital, too, is only at the beginning stages of offering hepatectomy"

"You guys can hire Doctor Ling over for freelance surgery." Huo Congjun crept out of one of the dark corners, and Ling Ran, as well as the doctor who was wearing a shirt, had no idea when he actually appeared.

The doctor who was clad in a shirt froze for a moment and smiled. "Our hospital is collaborating with a hospital in Shanghai."

"Oh, so your hospital can't even afford to hire a freelance surgeon?" Huo Congjun nodded at Ling Ran and said with a smile, "It's almost time for dinner."

"Sure." Ling Ran did not mind.

This was when Gao Meng ran over and led the crowd to where they were supposed to have dinner. After they walked for a while, none of them mentioned the topic they were conversing about anymore.

"In the future, more people will be hiring you for freelance surgery when it comes to hepatectomy." Huo Congjun tugged at Ling Ran's sleeve and said in a hushed tone.

Huo Congjun would not have said this to any other doctors, as he would just be making things too obvious.

But Huo Congjun was worried that Ling Ran would not be able to understand what he was saying if he did not put things so obviously.

When Huo Congjun saw that Ling Ran had nodded in acknowledgment at what he just said, he explained, "It seems that the demonstrative surgery went really well. If you don't raise your price right now, it'll be hard to do so after more people hire you for freelance surgery. Of course, only talk about it after a few hospitals hire you for freelance surgery. If you do your job well, the first few hospitals hiring you for freelance surgery would know what to do in the future."

As Ling Ran had worked in the hospital for quite a while, he knew quite a few things about hospitals. He could not help but glance at Huo Congjun and said, "Most department directors wouldn't encourage their doctors to go for freelance surgery."

"Most doctors wouldn't fill up all the rooms either." Huo Congjun sighed and continued, "I don't know when would be the next time we're able to build more rooms. You must fully utilize the existing hospital beds."


"Fill up the hospital beds in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery first."

"Erm, okay?"

"The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery is just a small department, and you can easily bully them. Don't worry about it."

"Okay" Ling Ran felt that he had learned something new today.