Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 571

572 Recognition

"The patient in Bed 22 can try to get off the bed. Are his family members able to help him up?" A nurse entered the special care unit and started to give orders as she looked at her notes.

The special care unit was one grade lower than the ICU, but a little more well-equipped compared to normal wards. The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery specifically built it for patients whose conditions were not so serious. To be more precise, the special care unit was made for patients who lost only a small chunk of their livers and were already healthy to begin with. The patients who lost a bigger chunk of their livers, or those who were unhealthy would be sent to the ICU.

The patients' family members were allowed into the special care unit. One of the family members of the patient in Bed 22 immediately rose and asked, "It's only a day after his operation though. Is it really okay for him to get out of bed?"

"Yes, he can try to get off the bed already. Do be persistent because even though it's a little painful in the beginning, it's good for recovery," the nurse spoke quickly. She then started guiding the patient's family members on how to help him off the bed.

A family member of the patient in Bed 23 could not help but ask in a hushed tone as he watched what was going on in the next bed, "The patient in Bed 22 underwent hepatectomy too, right? It has been three days since my father underwent hepatectomy, but there's still no word about him being allowed to get off the bed."

The nurse glanced at her notes, and saw that the chief surgeon of the patient in Bed 23 was He Yuanzheng. She then raised her head and said, "The condition of every patient is different. Why don't you guys wait for a day or two?"

The family member of the patient in Bed 23 rose nervously and said, "I saw that a few patients who underwent hepatectomy later than my father had gotten off their beds. Was there something wrong with my father's surgery?"

"It's considered normal for patients who underwent hepatectomy to not be able to get off the bed even after three days." The nurse was telling the truth. When it came to patients who had undergone hepatectomy, their recovery was considered good if they were allowed to get off the bed within two or three days. There were very few of them who could get off the bed after just one day like Ling Ran's patients.

The family member of the patient in Bed 23 muttered, "It has been three days."

"Then, you should ask the doctor-in-charge about it. I only have access to the doctors orders'." The nurse immediately cleared herself of the responsibility. She then continued helping the patient in Bed 22 to get off the bed.

The patient, who was getting off the bed just one day after his surgery was in so much pain that he was gritting his teeth. However, he did not dare to exert too much force. He arduously inched himself off the bed before putting a foot on the floor. The entire process took a few minutes.

However, the moment the patient steadied himself and realized that nothing bad such as the rupture of his surgical wound had happened, he flashed a smile. He then asked in a hoarse voice, "Does this mean that my surgery was a success?"

"Yeah, he's able to get off the bed just a day after his operation. It's a good thing isn't it?" Before the nurse could answer the patient, the patient's family member quickly spoke before looking at the nurse.

The nurse merely smiled and said, "It's definitely a good thing. You can rest after taking a few more steps. Try getting off the bed again in the afternoon."

The nurse watched as the patient arduously walked around half the ward. She then glanced at the cards with the patients' information written on them at the foot of two other patients' beds before leaving without saying a thing.

For patients who underwent hepatectomy under the hands of doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, the ones who recovered faster were only able to get off the bed after two or three days. As for those whose recovery was slow, they could only get off the bed after four or five days. The results spoke for itself. However, as the nurse worked under the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, she could not badmouth her own department.

And the time patients took to be able to get off their beds were only one of the indicators of how well their recovery went.

To nurses whose daily job included observing the patient's condition, the difference between patients operated by doctors of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Ling Ran was stark.

And the doctors of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery realized this too.

They had no choice but to pretend that they were blind to it.

When it came to the field of surgery, the results were very obvious. And the competition between surgeons was also similarly obvious.

Take the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital as an example. Ever since He Yuanzheng became the department director, all the associate chief physicians who were older than him resigned. They did not even bother about the fact that they had established their positions in the hospital and that they were under contracts. On the surface, a person could say that they left to chase their dreams. But in reality, not everyone was ambitious. In the end, they were obviously forced to leave.

Even though for hospitals, resident doctors were as disposable as medical consumables, associate chief physicians were assets that had to be treasured. The hospital did not bat an eyelid when all those associate chief physicians were forced to leave because of He Yuanzheng due to the fact that He Yuanzheng was the most skilled and capable among them.

A hospital department was like a mountain, and two tigers would never coexist in the same mountain. This was how it was typically like in hospitals nowadays.

If He Yuanzheng was much more skillful compared to Ling Ran, he would have chased the Ling Treatment Group out of his department even though he had to risk being shunned by Huo Congjun.

If He Yuanzheng and Ling Ran were equally skilled, He Yuanzheng's biggest worry would be that Ling Ran might recruit people from his department and establish a Second Division of Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

What was happening right then was the worst-case scenarioHe Yuanzheng was far less skillful compared to Ling Ran. Hence, right now, he had to worry about being kicked out by Ling Ran.

He Yuanzheng's only solace was that Ling Ran was also skilled in orthopedic surgery and may not plan to expand his career in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The orthopedic field was a very profitable one. It was also more suitable for young people.


"At the end of the day, orthopedics surgery is still more profitable." A bored Zhang Anmin made small talk in the operating theater.

He, too, had gotten used to Ling Ran not speaking in the operating theater.

As he had to carry assist Ling Ran in four to five surgeries a day, he would be as bored as a factory worker who was part of an assembly line if he did not come up with any topic of conversation.

Lu Wenbin, who was standing beside him snorted and giggled as he said, "Why do you even want so much money?"

"You don't understand my pain." Zhang Anmin sighed and continued, "Do you know how expensive the fees for primary schools are nowadays? There's also my wife. Ugh, she's burning a hole in my pocket all the time. Even until now, I don't understand why. Do women have a grudge against money?"

Lu Wenbin, who had no wife or girlfriend, pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile, "Women probably have a grudge against poor people's money."

The poor attending physician, Zhang Anmin raised his head to look at Lu Wenbin. He then shook his head and said, "Women are not such superficial creatures. They'll be fine if you're considerably well off. You just need a house or two, and a car or two."

"What do they care about, then?" Lu Wenbin diffidently tried to seek advice.

"Didn't you realize anything after working in Yun Hua Hospital for such a long time?" Pleased with himself, Zhang Anmin said in an experienced tone and sighed. He then pouted and said, "Of course they care about looks."

Lu Wenbin looked at where Lu Wenbin's gaze was focused, and saw that Ling Ran was totally indulged in the surgery, totally ignoring the conversation that was going on beside him. And if it were not for the fact that the circulating nurse had limited the number of people.

Now, even the doctors and nurses from the Department of Internal Medicine came to the operating theaters to watch the surgery. Their intentions for being here were very clear.

"Oh, looks," Lu Wenbin muttered. However, he then looked at Zhang Anmin and laughed. "You're able to get a wife despite this. It seems that your wife has pretty good taste."

Zhang Anmin smiled a little before he looked at Lu Wenbin and said, "If I were a woman, I wouldn't even marry myself."

Lu Wenbin froze for a moment. He then nodded slowly. "What you just said makes sense."

"I'm not continuing this conversation."

"Nah, I was just kidding," Lu Wenbin said, "Truth be told, in my opinion, whether it's about me finding a girlfriend or your wife buying branded goods, at the end of the day, we just want recognition. We can also gain recognition by carrying out surgeries well, right?"

Zhang Anmin nodded slowly as he thought about what Lu Wenbin said.

"Cough, nerd, cough" One of the female doctors in the operating theater deliberately cleared her throat and gave her opinion.

Lu Wenbin tightened his fists to the point that all the muscles on his arms, which had a circumference of 15 inches, were bulging.

However, at this moment, a notification from the system rang beside Ling Ran's ears.

[Mission: Gain Slight Fame by Getting Recognition from Ten Thousand People]

[Mission Aim: Gain Recognition from Ten Thousand People]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

Ling Ran suddenly paused and raised his head before he said, "The idea of gaining recognition is a very good one. Do you guys know how to go about it?"