Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 572

573 Mischievous

Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran with a baffled expression. "Doctor Ling, is this question directed at us?"

Zhang Anmin took the opportunity to butter up to Ling Ran. "Of course it's directed at both of us. Doctor Ling is giving us a reminder. Recognition is one thing, but in my opinion, it's more practical to submit to fate."

"As the saying goes, the tailor makes the man. Just buy a few clothes with your salary as a doctor, and you'll be able to make heads turn."

"That's not called gaining recognition. It's called showing off."

As Lu Wenbin and Zhang Anmin made unproductive small talk, they continued assisting Ling Ran in the surgery.

By the time surgeons were familiar with a certain surgical method, the way they did things was not much different compared to factory workers who operated machinery. Of course, due to how complicated the human body was as well as the low fault tolerance when it came to surgery, surgeons needed to put more things into consideration and were under more pressure. But at the end of the day, it was still something that would become muscle memory once you were used to it.

Patients would not be willing to let surgeons who were not familiar with a certain surgical method operate on them, anyway.

This was why surgeons chatted in the operating theater as they carried out surgeries all the time.

Being able to chat for an entire day could be said to be the exquisite daily life of a surgeon. If a surgeon was not allowed to chat while he performed surgery, he would just lead the sad life of an industrial worker.

"It's extremely easy for doctors to gain recognition. A doctor just had to carry out a few demonstrative surgeries like Doctor Ling, and everyone in Changxi Province would know him." Zhang Anmin continued buttering up to Ling Ran.

"Demonstrative surgeries are carried out with the purpose to demonstrate a surgical method with other doctors. There should be other ways to gain recognition." That was not the first time Ling Ran had carried out a demonstrative surgery. Truth be told, he had carried out demonstrations of Achilles tendon repair surgery before this, and this was why many foreign patients traveled to Yun Hua Hospital to seek treatment from him. However, it would be too arrogant for him to say that everyone in the province knew him. After all, as there were still people who did not know some of the extremely renowned celebrities. A demonstrative surgery or two was not an indication of recognition.

At this moment, Wang Jia, who was acting as the circulating nurse of this surgery, said, "Doctor Ling could appear on television. From what I can see, many doctors only become famous after appearing on television."

The female doctor who was watching the surgery, too, quickly nodded. "It would do Doctor Ling good to appear on television. With his large white coat on, he looks even more handsome than celebrities. He just needs to show his skills…"

"How do you expect him to show his skills on television? Break the fingers of the host on the spot?" Lu Wenbin started laughing as he spoke.

The women in the room looked coldly at Lu Wenbin.

A few minutes later, they continued with the topic at hand.

"Doctor Ling, you'll look handsome no matter what you wear."

"Wow, what if he wears black?"

"Doctor Ling, why don't you contact a few television channels? One of them would definitely be willing to give you some airtime."

The more Ling Ran listened to their conversation, the more he felt that those people were not making sense. What was the point of being on television? He had appeared in various shows ever since he was in kindergarten, and he appeared in even more television shows when he was in primary school. However, he got no rebate at all when it came to school fees.

Lu Wenbin cracked a smile when he saw that Ling Ran shake his head slowly. "Doctor Ling, you don't need any more recognition. Just by staying in the emergency room, you'll be nursing plenty of patients back to health.

Even though Lu Wenbin was not trying to offer any suggestion, Ling Ran suddenly realized something.

Even though hepatectomy was an extremely difficult surgery which was also very cool to pull off and was very helpful to patients at the same time, it did not mean that minor surgeries in the emergency room were not helpful to patients.

Finger replantations were as helpful to patients as dual liver transplantation.

Patients would feel happy when they were cured, whether they suffered from a major ailment or a minor one. Those who were cured of major ailments may be more grateful than those who recovered from minor diseases, but their gratitude was often directed at the gods instead of the doctors.

Besides, for most patients, a fractured arm was already considered a major ailment. Patients may also be more worried about a cut on their faces in comparison to cholecystitis. A patient's view on the severity of diseases was not the same as that of a doctor's.

Ling Ran had an idea. He did not speak much about it, and merely quietly completed the surgery. He then looked for Zuo Cidian and said, "For the next few days, I plan to work in the emergency room. You can schedule major surgeries like hepatectomy for later."

Zuo Cidian was extremely surprised as he muttered, "The emergency room…" 

He could not help but say, "There have been quite a lot of patients waiting to undergo hepatectomy lately, though. How long do you plan on staying in the emergency room?"

"Just a few hours." By a few hours, Ling Ran meant around nine hours. When he thought about what Zuo Cidian said, he was also reluctant to let the patients who were waiting to undergo hepatectomy go. Hence, he said, "If there are lots of surgeries, schedule them for nighttime. I'll operate on those patients at night."

Right now, for Ling Ran, a bottle of Energy Serum could last him through four hepatectomies. If those hepatectomies went well, a bottle of Energy Serum would even last him for six surgeries. He did not find it arduous at all.

Zuo Cidian habitually trembled for a bit. He then changed his mind, 'What am I afraid of? There are so many doctors in the Ling Treatment Group now, and even if Ling Ran were to work for twenty-four hours straight, there would be enough doctors to take turns as his assistants.'


On the following day, Ling Ran woke up at dawn to operate on patients. He completed four scheduled hepatectomies by seven in the morning. He then headed to the emergency room.

With the scale of Yun Hua Hospital, it was already considered a lot for a doctor to perform four hepatectomies a day.

Hepatectomy was definitely a major surgery. Preparations had to be made a day before the surgery, and the patients had to be watched closely a day after the surgery. Due to how smoothly things went for the Ling Treatment Group and how well their results were, they took up fewer medical resources whenever they operated on patients compared to doctors of other treatment groups. But the difference was not obvious.

Even if you disregard other things, after hepatectomy, a doctor would need to stay at the patient's side while waiting for him to regain consciousness. This was so that immediate resuscitation efforts could be made and the right drugs could be administered should any unexpected complication arose.

After Ling Ran performed four hepatectomy at one go, the doctor who was guarding the first patient was not even able to leave yet. Hence, three other doctors were allocated to watch over the three subsequent patients. As Ling Ran did not plan to ask any doctor from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery to help out, he no longer had enough manpower to carry out the fifth surgery. This also meant that he had the chance to rest. 

However, the busy rush would begin in the emergency room at seven in the morning. 

"What kind of patients do we have today?" As usual, Ling Ran headed straight for the reception desk and talked to the nurse.

Doctors did not care about scrambling for patients in the treatment room, as the cases were extremely ordinary.

They either knocked their heads on something, had a cut on their legs, or had a cut on their buttocks. There was only one way to treat this kind of injury—debridement and suturing.

And in the hospital, the only ones interested in carrying out debridement and suturing were medical interns and junior resident doctors. Senior resident doctors often sought out the chance to perform laparoscopy or minor orthopedic surgery. They had long since ceased to be interested in suturing wounds.

Similarly, senior grade attending physicians no longer had much interest in ordinary laparoscopy and orthopedics surgery. However, what needed to be done had to be done. Hence, many doctors often had the experience of practicing their skills in the Emergency Department.

Ling Ran had things very easy in the emergency room. The moment the nurse saw him, she turned the computer screen toward him and let him choose the patient he wanted.

"There aren't many patients today morning." Ling Ran glanced through the spreadsheet and decided that there was no interesting case. But since he was on a mission, he picked the simplest case. "I'll take this patient who injured his head and debride his wound."

"Alright, he's in the fourth cubicle." The nurse at the reception desk conscientiously followed Ling Ran to the cubicle and saw that three adults were standing around a young child as they waited for a doctor to come.

Zuo Cidian, who was walking behind Ling Ran, leaped forward and said with a smile, "Hey kid, how old are you?"

The young child was about to start crying as he looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian was already very experienced in this, and when he saw that the situation was not in his favor, he immediately moved aside and shoved Ling Ran forward. "Kid, why don't you let this doctor treat you?"

As the young child gazed at Ling Ran, he slowly stopped pouting and started flashing a smile.

"Alright!" the young child said happily as if he was answering a teacher's question.

As if he was worried that Ling Ran did not hear him clearly, he called out loudly again, "Alright!"

At the same time, Ling Ran received a notification from the system regarding the mission. [Recognition +1]

Ling Ran froze for a moment. 'This new mission is unexpectedly mischievous.'