Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 579

580 In High Spirits

While Xiang Xueming sat in the ambulance, his expression was calm. He did not look like a student who had just graduated. Instead, he looked like an experienced doctor.

The Chief of the Water Conservancy Bureau was on the same ambulance. He watched his wife's tightly shut eyes and her injured left arm before he said softly, "Doctor Xiang, there's blood dripping out."

Xiang Xueming took a look and responded softly, "It is alright. Just wait until we arrive at Yun Hua Hospital, and everything will be easily handled."

"Alright I'll have to trouble you." Chief Huatao was in his forties. There was a small circle formed between his eyebrows.

The benefit of being stationed in an urban area was that they were close to the locals, which made things easier to handle. They were also relatively comfortable with each other in their lives and their works. The downside would be having a very weak connection to the outside world.

Back at Bazhaixiang, Huatao was still called the Water Monster. The title was not really substantial, but it gave him quite a lot of respect.

However, the moment he left Bazhaixiang's territory, Huatao, the cadre who was a vice chief was like a fish out of water. The few doctors he knew could do nothing to help during emergencies. Instead, there were countless related introductions he could find about Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital, whom Xiang Xueming introduced to him, after he clicked the search button on the internet. Huatao felt calm after he took a quick look at it on the way.

He then looked at the doctor at Bazhaixiang hospital branch ofCangping District Hospital, which he had never paid much attention to. Huatao could not help but put a smile on his face. Today was the eighteenth time he asked the same question, "Can it be stitched up so that it looks the same as before?"

Xiang Xueming said some comforting words, "If it is done by Doctor Ling, the outcome of the operation should all be good. When I was at Yun Hua Hospital, Doctor Ling performed over dozens of cases of finger replantation and M-Tang technique in a month. Your wife's condition is only a light condition compared to those."

"It will be different after the suture, right?" The chief's wife opened her eyes instantly.

"There will be a little scar. If the position of the wound is not on a good spot, the finger will possibly be a little shorter than before, because it might be necessary to remove some bone." Xiang Xueming said whatever came to his mind. Then he continued. "Doctor Ling's finger replantation skill is considered as one of the top in the area of Changxi Province. In the past, there was a child who had eight of her fingers severed from her hands. They were all sewed up neatly. After some time, the child came back for a checkup, and I saw her. You won't be able to detect it if you don't look closely, and she has no problem using her hands. It doesn't affect the child in using the pen, playing basketball, drawing, and doing other activities."

"Doctor Xiang, please be sure to talk to Doctor Ling later." Huatao was begging for help. Back at Bazhaixiang, he had never needed to be so cautious in his actions, much less to a small doctor in a hospital.

But they were in Yun Hua City's territory now, and Huatao really needed to depend on Xiang Xueming now.

It would be much better to look for Doctor Ling's previous subordinate to help rather than looking for others' help blindly.

Xiang Xueming had a smile on his face as he said, "That is for sure. So you don't have to worry too much. It is indeed serious that you cut your hand, but we have seen cases far worse than this many more times."

"Yes yes yes. I understand. Sigh You doctors surely have seen many other conditions. But when we're the ones who are injured" Huatao said a few more words as his emotions calmed down. It was only then that he slowly stopped rambling.

The ambulance went off the highway. After going through a couple of traffic lights, the vehicle arrived at Yun Hua Hospital.

Xiang Xueming commanded the ambulance of Bazhaixiang to go to the reception door before he jumped down from the vehicle. He raised his head and looked at the transparent glass ceiling and the Emergency Medicine building, which was right above it.

"Xueming." Zuo Cidian ran over from the reception desk and greeted him with a smile.

"Doctor Zuo, you're on duty today." Xiang Xueming let out a breath of relief.

"Yeah, I've been busy for the entire night." Zuo Cidian snorted. After that, he confirmed the status of the patient who was being carried out from the back of the ambulance. After that, he pushed the patient while he said, "Family members, kindly remember to perform the procedures and make the necessary payment. Does the patient have any allergies in the past? Allergy to penicillin? Does she have diabetes?"

"No, none of the mentioned. Just a little high blood pressure" Huatao quickly explained.

Xiang Xueming waited until he was done explaining before he added. "She underwent appendectomy in the past. She has not eaten anything for the past six hours, but she did drink some water."

"Fine, the preparation for the operating theater is already ready. Just go in straight away. Doctor Ling is in the waiting room." When Zuo Xidian said this, he said to Huatao, "The people that Doctor Xiang brought over are also our people, don't you worry."

Huatao kept thanking them. "I'm counting on you guys. I'll treat you guys to a drink after this. Yes, have some wild boars and some wild fish as well."

While his wife was in pain, she said angrily, "Old Hua, you just know how to drink"

"Those words are not meant for you." Huatao was blocked by the nurses while he was talking. He could only watch his wife being pushed into the elevator with his eyes, and he gestured behind him. "I'm going to make the payment, don't need to feel afraid, dear"

The door of the elevator closed. Water Monster Huatao could not help but have his hands start shaking.

"I will go over to the operating theater to have a look later. Don't worry." Xiang Xueming had followed Ling Ran's medical team as an intern for a long time. Even though he could not say he had gathered many connections, at the very least, he was familiar with the faces, he could still see if there was anything happening with the operations.

Hua Tao, who was anxious, quickly asked Xiang Xueming for a favor. After his emotions calmed down a little, he went to the reception to make the payment. After that, he took out his phone and made nonstop calls to ask his friends about certain things.

Xiang Xueming went to look for a nurse with a familiar face. After saying a few words to the nurse, he was sent off to the Operating Area.

After he changed into scrubs and put on his cap, no one checked his ID again.

"Doctor Ling." Xiang Xueming found Ling Ran's operating theater. He was just as humble as a little kitten.

"Doctor Xiang, you're here." Ling Ran did not lift his head. He just performed the operation with the microscope.

"I feel embarrassed hearing how you address me" Xiang Xueming cautiously looked at the patient under the monitor, and he asked in surprise, "Brachial plexus block?"

"The patient did not want to receive general anesthesia." Su Jiafu raised his head, unconcerned, and he said, "No matter what, we can finish it quickly."

Xiang Xueming went around the draping and smiled at the patient. Then he turned around and looked at Ling Ran's operation. He smiled and said, "Doctor Ling does it quick and nice. It seems my help is not needed at all."

"Yeah, it will be done in no time." Ling Ran performed the surgery with familiar motions. He did not perform a lot of finger replantations and M-Tang technique surgeries recently. In comparison, the number of M-Tang technique surgeries that Lu Wenbin performed on his own had slightly increased.

However, since he had Perfect Level Finger Replantation and M-Tang Technique, it was very easy for him to handle a semi-severed finger.

"After the operation, remind the patient to go through rehabilitation. She should be able to regain its original functions." Ling Ran was about to complete the main part of the operation. After giving it some thought, he spoke to Zuo Cidian, "I will sew the last part as well."

"Alright," said Zuo Cidian. Naturally, he also nodded. He was still a resident doctor. He could not avoid practicing suturing the skin step by step. But in terms of visual effects, Ling Ran's suturing skills were definitely the best.

Ling Ran lowered his head as he performed the suture. Hence, Zuo Cidian had less work in his hands, and he smiled at Xiang Xueming before he said, "Have you become used to Bazhaixiang?"

"It's okay. We're located further away, so we can retain some patients, especially those with appendicitis and cholecystitis. We performed quite a number of them recently." Xiang Xueming blushed a little out of shyness as he said this. He had done some major operations such as hepatectomy back at Yun Hua Hospital, but he only performed appendectomy in Bazhaixiang, and it was only natural that he could use it to boast about himself.

"Are you used to using laparoscopes now?"

"I've followed Doctor Zhang and performed a couple dozens of cases. I feel like I've learned it." Xiang Xueming cleared his throat when he said that. Then he said, "About that Doctor Ling, I have been wanting to come over to say this previously. Um, doesn't Yun Hua Hospital have volunteer medical consultation every year? Can you help us apply for Bazhaixiang? It would be best if you can perform volunteer medical consultation at our Bazhaixiang hospital branch."

"What's that?" Ling Ran looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian said, "Basically, we just send a few personnel over to Bazhaixiang to do some outpatient services. It seems that it will go on for about one to two weeks. Sometimes, medical devices will be brought along. We will also send those with complicated diagnosis back to the hospital. In the end, we will need to make reports. If we can prescribe medicine to the patients, we will. For those who are willing to be admitted into the hospital, they will be admitted into the hospital"

"That sounds great." Ling Ran became interested in it and said, "Let's go do it."


"Let's go to Bazhaixiang and do some volunteer medical consultation."

Zuo Cidian said hesitantly, "It's good that you want to do it. Our hospital beds are not filled up. You have been in the Emergency Department for the past two days."

"Give me three days hmm four days. I should be able to fill up all the empty hospital beds in four days." Ling Ran asked for a pair of scissors as he said this.

A snip.

"It's done."