Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 586

587 What The Heck?

People came and left in the main hall of Cangping District Hospital's Bazhaixiang hospital branch, and it was bustling with so much activity that it was as if people were shopping for groceries in the market.

There were people who traveled far and wide to come here for treatment while covered in dust. Most of them just wanted to save up on the expenses needed for the use of instruments during the examination.

The examination fee in the hospital was quite high for many people, especially the fee for big instruments like CT scans, it would usually cost many people a whole month's worth of their income for one scan. If they could do it for free, it was totally worth for them to come over. 

Because of this, the doctors in the Medical Imaging Department were extremely busy.

All they brought were portable instruments, and even with the X-ray machine from the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, they could not perform scans for so many people. Luckily, they did not need to be responsible for analyzing the scan. After they sent the information to the Medical Imaging Department in Yun Hua Hospital, there would naturally be radiologists who sat in the office and analyzed the films skillfully while they suffered. 

Ling Ran offered his help to the chief physician of the General Surgery Department for a while, before he also helped Wang Haiyang of the Hand Surgery Department. His experience in consultations was too little, and his efficiency in giving individual medical treatment was also very low. Meanwhile, Ling Ran also wanted to learn from their way of handling things.

After all, the consultation in the Emergency Department was different from the one in specialist departments, while Wang Haiyang and the chief physician of the General Surgery Department were experienced doctors for outpatient consultation. Every week, they needed to perform consultations for half a day to one day. They needed to receive enough number of patients to guarantee the operation of the department, and they also needed to try their best in solving the patients' medical issues.

During this process, every doctor formed their own way of surviving. 

The doctors would need to decide in a few minutes whether they should admit the patient to the hospital, prescribe medicine, perform a further examination, or transfer the patient to other hospitals. 

Meanwhile, if the doctors wanted to get enough information from the patient, they must also have a certain set of requirements during consultations. 

Ling Ran had only upgraded his physical examination skill, but when it came to consultation, physical examination alone would not be sufficient. 

Ling Ran followed two chief physicians and watched while he helped. Finally, he learned about the course that many resident doctors still could not master. In a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, most of the resident doctors spent their time at the ward and Operating Areas. Therefore, many resident doctors who had been employed for a year did not spend their time doing consultations.

If they wanted to participate in consultations, they usually needed to get the title of an attending physician. Before that, their accumulated consultation time would usually not be more than one hundred hours. 

Over the past few days, Ling Ran had already taken a thirty-to-forty-hour lesson in consultation. 

As there were too many patients who came for treatment, the volunteer medical consultation from Yun Hua Hospital had to increase their consultation period. Now, they would start the consultation hours from eight in the morning and end at six in the evening.

And when they included those patients who had their consultation extended because of the examination, they might only be able to end their work at seven or eight o'clock. 

However, an advantage of the volunteer medical consultation was that everyone treated it as a business trip. They also did not need to go back home according to time. If they were late, they would let it be. 

Ling Ran was even more unbothered by this because he usually stayed even longer in the hospital.

Compared to him, Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan's workload became lighter. Both of them were doctors in the Emergency Department. Since they entered the hospital, they either handled patients in the emergency room, or they assisted Ling Ran in the operating theater. Until now, even though Lu Wenbin could handle the M-Tang technique on his own, he could not do consultations as well. 

Besides, it was not suitable for him to work under any chief physician. Other chief physicians brought their subordinates along with them. It was not a problem for Ling Ran to follow them, but allowing Ling Ran's subordinates to follow them was something that would make other chief physicians uneasy, regardless of whether it was Wang Haiyang or the chief physician of the General Surgery Department. 

Therefore, both of them started to help around. They would go to whichever place needed place. As they helped, Lu Wenbin went to the kitchen out of his own free will. 

The pork trotters in villages were big and fat, and they released a natural smell. It would be wasteful for Lu Wenbin if he did not braise the pork trotters since he purposely brought some stew all the way from Yun Hua. 

Naturally, he could not bring all his precious stew here. He had to send quite a number of pork trotters to Yun Hua Hospital every day. Therefore, Lu Wenbin only took a few scoops of stew. However, the pork trotters cooked personally by Lu Wenbin were still as good as ever. 

Most importantly, the pork shank, pig tail, or even the pig head in Bazhaixiang were all-natural and not tainted by chemicals. 

Lu Wenbin used only two days to prove to everyone that he was still the best doctor when it came to making braised pork. 

"Doctor Lu, give me two pork trotters and one pig tail." Two doctors from Cangping District Hospital came over and said before they scanned the QR code on the table. 

The system automatically deducted 2 RMB from the original payment. 

The doctor who was the first to make the scan smiled. "Doctor Lu, you're really professional when applying this QR code."

"I asked someone to do it for me." Lu Wenbin smiled. 

"Not bad."

"You're being too polite. I'm fine as long as all of you like it." Lu Wenbin chuckled. He indeed liked to look at others when they ate the pork trotters he cooked. Before he became a surgeon who was awesome, the pleasure he obtained from cooking pork trotters was not any lower than performing surgery. 

The doctor who was the first to scan the QR code put the pork trotters and tail into his lunch box before he said, "One more question. Your Doctor Ling Ran is not married yet, right? Does he have a girlfriend?"

Lu Wenbin frowned. "What do you want?"

"Our associate hospital director's daughter just graduated this year." The doctor from the district hospital said excitedly, "How about we become matchmakers?"

"You should ask Doctor Ling yourself. Why are you asking me this?" Lu Wenbin did not want to get involved in this mess. 

"It's hard to communicate with Doctor Ling. Furthermore, such matters should be discussed and planned first. If we go ahead, sometimes we could make things worse."

"You mean being a matchmaker?" Lu Wenbin felt amused when he looked at the doctor with the drunkard's nose. The nose of a drunkard who loved to eat pork trotter was a cute drunkard's nose, but a doctor with a drunkard's nose doctor who asked others to become a matchmaker was just a normal doctor with a drunkard's nose. 

The doctor with the drunkard's nose shook his head. "Let me tell you, our associate hospital director is…"

He stretched his head across the table. "...Primary care physician, understand? It was his capability of becoming the associate hospital director of Cangping District Hospital. Once he becomes popular, he'll get promoted in an instant. Since Doctor Ling's family owns a small clinic, it will be nice to become the son-in-law for our associate hospital director."

Becoming the primary care physician for the leaders was an important indicator to become a hospital director.

Lu Wenbin was stunned, and he did not know how to reply. 


The phone of the doctor with the drunkard's nose started to vibrate.

"Hello." He unlocked his lock screen. 

"The district head decided to come over to Bazhaixiang hospital branch. Hurry up and come over for a meeting."

The doctor with the drunkard's nose was surprised. "Coming to Bazhaixiang? What the heck?"

The district head was quite busy. In his memories, the district head had not even come to the district hospital for three times. It was even stranger for him to come over to Bazhaixiang hospital branch.

Although the management authority of Cangping District Hospital was not fully controlled by Cangping District, they were still managed and influenced by the district government. The medical staff in the hospital needed to be even more careful because of it.

The one who relayed the message through the phone lowered his voice and said, "It's a rumor, but I heard that the district head's wife wanted to get Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital to perform knee joint surgery for her. Maybe the district head is here to form a good connection with him. You better be careful when you talk and don't mention the associate hospital director."

The doctor with the drunkard's nose slowly hung up the phone, turned around, and gave Lu Wenbin an ugly smile.