Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 588

589 Serious Injury

After the district mayor's visit, the atmosphere of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch calmed significantly. It was meaningless to fight for work, and the hospital, naturally, became quiet.

The doctors from the hospital branch huddled in the corner in groups of twos and threes as they chatted quietly and looked at their phones boldly. They were like stray dogs and cats on the street; they would only be active when looking for food.

Chief Physician Wang Haiyang and other doctors who came to for the volunteer medical consultation were envious as they continued providing consultations.

The more widely spread the news of volunteer medical consultations, the more people would come. It was impossible to fulfill the wish of treating everyone. Bazhaixiang hospital branch's small hall was already full of people. Before this, the doctors in the district hospital filled up the vacancies in the spots, and even when there were a lot of patients, they did not feel that there were a lot of people involved. Now that they were not doing their work, the doctors of the volunteer medical consultation felt great pressure. Doctors who have worked in volunteer medical consultations before knew that they could not let the tables remain empty, otherwise, patients who were waiting to see a doctor would make a fuss.

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and other junior doctors also took turns replacing the doctors at the frontline.

The doctors providing consultation being forced to sit for a long time without eating, drinking or going to the washroom was something normal. However, no one could persist in providing eleven hours of consultation from eight in the morning to seven in the evening. They had to change shifts with each other during the break in the middle.

Ling Ran had been providing consultation for three hours and got up to take a break.

Energy Serums could restore his energy and replenish his energy, but it could do nothing about their daily metabolism.

Ling Ran let Lu Wenbin take his place. When he went to the bathroom, he saw that it was full of smoke. The air in the room was full of carcinogens. The fingers of a patient who went through a finger replantation surgery would not be able to survive for even a short while in this place.

Department Director Hong was smoking. There was a relaxed expression on his face. He held a cigarette with his yellowish hand while he greeted cordially, "Doctor Ling, you're also taking a toilet break?"

"Yes," Ling Ran revealed a socially-appropriate smile that met the society's expectations. "Department Director Hong, please open up the window."

"Oh, yes. I forgot to open the window. It's a little cold if we do." Department Director Hong was a little embarrassed as he opened the window, and he hunched his shoulders. He felt that a big part of his happiness in smoking was gone. He could not help but miss Yun Hua Hospital. At Yun Hua Hospital, when he smoked, the junior doctors never dared to complain. He would only restrain himself a little when he attended hospital administration meetings.

Ling Ran did not have so much thought. He peed and nodded at Department Director Hong before heading out.

Department Director Hong did not feel like smoking anymore, he went after Ling Ran, and they got out together. He smiled as he said, "Doctor Ling, the wife of Cangping District's district mayor was originally referred to Academician Zhu. Why was she referred to you now? Is there something wrong?"

Ling Ran did not expect the department director to be capable of so much gossip despite his age. He only said, "It's synovitis that requires arthroscopy. Academician Zhu does not do this kind of surgery anymore, so he handed it to me."

Department Director Hong was stunned when he heard this. He turned around and said, "I see. Young people are more skilled in doing various endoscopes nowadays."

He was just stating his opinion.

The development of new skills could improve the effect of surgeries immediately. It was just like cholecystectomy. Using laparoscopy or laparotomy for cholecystectomy were practically two completely different concepts. No matter how good a doctor was in performing laparotomy for cholecystectomy, as long as a cholecystectomy was performed when the indices were suitable for laparoscopy, the doctor who performed laparotomy will find it hard to reach the average surgical outcome of the cholecystectomies performed using laparoscopes.

If the laparotomy were to be compared with a laparoscopy performed by another doctor at the same level, the gap would be even greater.

Hence, it was not surprising that Hippocrates' medical abilities were not as good as that of the resident doctors in Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

However, the new skills were not user-friendly to the elderly.

When a doctor was in his or her twenties or thirties, they would be in their crucial growth period. After the age of forty, it was very difficult for them to learn new skills, but they still had an advantage in the accumulation of experience. However, after fifty years of age, making doctors learning new skills could be said to be a violation of the human physiology.

In fact, this was prevalent in all aspects of every profession. However, since the medical industry involved its members to learn all their lives, this problem was even more prominent.

In terms of endoscopy, laparoscopes and hysteroscopes were moderately difficult to learn, and arthroscope was the simplest. This was mainly due to the simple structure inside the joint and the high fault tolerance of the surgery.

Therefore, orthopedists generally did not refuse to use arthroscopes. The Gynaecology Department, General Surgery Department, and other departments actively used it.

Departments such as the Cardiothoracic Department had no choice but to fear it.

Thoracoscopes were far more difficult to use than other endoscopes. The cost of learning was extremely high. Moreover, surgeries performed by the Cardiothoracic Department or Cardiology Department were prone to errors. It was not so easy to carry out thoracoscopic surgeries.

Although Department Director Hong was the department director of Internal Medicine, the Respiratory Medicine Department was closely related to the Cardiothoracic Department. He had long noticed the difficulty in the progress of generalizing the use of thoracoscopes in Yun Hua Hospital.

"Ling Ran, you can be a freelance surgeon for arthroscopy, and you do your laparoscopies quite well. Have you ever thought of doing thoracoscopy?" Department Director Hong tentatively suggested. The level of the Cardiothoracic Department in the hospital directly affected the development of the Respiratory Medicine Department.

Needless to say, patients with lung cancer would definitely go to hospitals with great Cardiothoracic Departments. It was more common for them to go to the Respiratory Medicine Department after their surgery.

A good Cardiothoracic Department can get rid of some difficult sicknesses when they worked together with the Respiratory Medicine Department and used a treatment method where they combined surgery and internal medicine.

As one of the influential directors of a strong department in Yun Hua Hospital, Department Director Hong could not say that he was dissatisfied with the Cardiothoracic Department of Yun Hua Hospital, but he was not totally satisfied with it. When he knew how skilled Ling Ran was at arthroscopy, he wanted to transfer him into his department.

Anyway, it did not matter which department Ling Ran belonged to. After all, whatever Ling Ran was doing now was not the work of the Emergency Department. If he wanted to develop thoracoscopies, he would be able to launch the program in the hospital within one to two years.

The learning process of surgeons was very slow, but the surgeons who managed to learn it will be able to launch a new program within one to three years. Of course, this referred to young and middle-aged doctors under the age of fifty-five. It was a little harder to learn for those who were older.

Ling Ran did not think about thoracoscopy, so he said truthfully, "I have not been exposed to the Cardiothoracic Department, and even now, I haven't learned everything about laparoscopies."

In comparison, he was a little more confident when it came to performing arthroscopy.

Department Director Hong chuckled. "Such a pity, thoracoscopies are actually very fun."

He was in the Department of Internal Medicine, and he did not need to perform surgeries. Naturally, he was not afraid of Ling Ran taking over his job. In fact, the better the Cardiothoracic Department did, the better the Department of Internal Medicine would get.

The two talked as they walked down the hall together.

Bazhaixiang hospital branch was not as huge as Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center. Nowadays, there were many doctors and patients. There was no place for doctors who changed shifts to hide. They could find a corner and stayed there and pretended as if they were working laboriously.

Right when they went downstairs, they saw chaos at the door. Several people shouted and carried people in.

"Doctor, doctor help" a woman at the front ran as she shouted loudly. The people in the entire building could hear her voice.

Most of the doctors stopped with everything they were doing, and those who were closer to her rushed forward.

Ling Ran also quickened his pace as he picked up an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and applied it on his hand. He then asked Department Director Hong, who was beside him. "Do you want some?"

"I just washed my hands," Department Director Hong said, but he still took the alcohol-based hand sanitizer that Ling Ran offered.

Ling Ran himself spread the alcohol-based hand sanitizer over his hands and started to wear gloves.

Once he finished wearing the pair of gloves, four people carried the patient together with the blanket to a treatment room across the hall.

A patient who was originally lying on the bed and was comfortably receiving fluid transfusion had to push his IV stand to sit on the other side.

"What's going on?" Ling Ran went straight ahead and asked Lu Wenbin, who was at the front.

"He had his arm cut off. His artery isn't injured." Lu Wenbin was extremely calm. He had been working in the Emergency Department for several years and had encountered a variety of patients. Such a common cut with a shallow wound was commonly known as a superficial wound.

The surrounding doctors saw what was going on, and several of them left in disappointment.

After doing volunteer medical consultations for so many days, while they did encounter a lot of severely ill patients, they were unable to directly give them treatment. They had finally seen someone who came over looking as if he was badly injured, but they did not think that he was only cut.

The doctors had hurried over, but they also left very quickly. Very soon, there were only four doctors left before the hospital bed.

The woman who called for help a while ago could not help but scream again, "Where are you guys going? Save him! Save him!"

The two doctors who initially wanted to come and help heard the scream and left with their heads hanging low.

"The patient's physical state is stable. Please stay calm," Ling Ran said he started his treatment. He pointed a flashlight at the patient's pupil and said, "Take a big debridement pack and check if there are any other wounds. Yu Yuan, look for one of the patient's family who isn't screaming and ask for the patient's medical history. Have the patient's family wait outside the hospital."

There were around twenty to thirty people who sent the patient to see the doctor. Their clothes were all dusty and dirty, and they all looked like a large source of contamination.

Yu Yuan felt troubled as she tried to placate the patient's family, but her voice was too soft compared to the screaming woman and the bunch of people who accompanied her.

If the hall of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch was like a wet market just now, now, it looked like primary school students were having class activities. Even the experienced doctors were frowning.

Ling Ran also frowned. What he did not like most were a chaotic environment. At this time, he could only focus on the patient, just like the time when he was in the library. No matter how noisy the surrounding area was, no matter how many people came and went away, he only focused on his books.

"Debride, suture," Ling Ran said to Lu Wenbin. He then cut off the patient's entire sleeve.

His arm was exposed, and Ling Ran could see a foot long open wound. The condition skin looked a little frightening, since the skin and flesh had been turned inside out. But it was not challenging at all.

"Husband, please don't die" When the woman who screamed saw this, her voice became louder.