Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 590

591 The Rescue

"Endotracheal intubation, open the airway," Ling Ran looked at the patient who was 6.5 feet away from him as he issued an order to a nurse.

The nurses at Bazhaixiang hospital branch were sparse, but they were also senior nurses who have been working there for many years. They had the basic skills, and they had even prepared the emergency treatment gurney. There was no delay at all.

At this time, Yu Yuan counted the number of compressions while she used her entire body's strength. She pushed her arms down, and she looked like a little leopard biting a zebra.

"Tell the people around us to move away and make some space. Draw the curtains," Ling Ran said to Lu Wenbin before he started to perform tracheal intubation. The latter immediately waved his huge arm and chased away the people.

Compared to ordinary patients, comatose intubated patients would be infected if they were not careful. At that moment, all the people around them were the most unnecessary sources of infection.

Maybe it was because the screaming lady herself was laying down now, but the rest of the patient's family members became quieter and stood a few feet away. But no one wanted to leave even if they asked them to.

Department Director Hong, Shen Deguan, and Cao Zhuang also followed them. The three of them looked at the screaming lady lying on the floor in shock.

"Humans are so fragile," Cao Zhuang sighed sentimentally, "She was okay a while ago, and her lungs were as fine as Michael Phelps'. In the blink of an eye, she looks like she's about to die."

"It must be because she was screaming so much just now. She might not have been able to catch her breath in time, and she fainted." Shen Deguan continued to stand on his tiptoes to look.

Department Director Hong shook his head. "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been done, and Ling Ran has begun intubation. It must be a heart problem. If they make a mistake, she will not be able to wake up anymore. It's two different concepts compared to fainting."

"She's almost dead from screaming for a few minutes? I will not argue with people any more next time." Cao Zhuang shook his head vigorously.

Shen Deguan said, "You usually don't dare argue with anyone, period."

"Why would I not dare to? My uncle-in-law is a district mayor. I don't have to argue with people."

"My father is a district mayor, and even so, I was beaten last time. My nosebleed was so bad it scared me to death."

The two cousins conversed with each other in a familiar manner. Shen Deguan suddenly turned around and said, "Why are you all only watching Ling Ran work? There are so many doctors at the scene, and none of them are more experienced than him?"

Department Director Hong only laughed a couple of times at the slightly insulting words. He then said, "Do you know who the trainer for Yun Hua Hospital's CPR group? It's Ling Ran. Doctor Ling is the authoritative voice when it comes to CPR."

If the doctors were described as armies, successful case reports were the outcome of the doctors' battles. The stronger the outcome was, the more it proved the doctor's strength.

Successful prolonged CPRs were a brilliant victory for doctors.

Ling Ran's status in CPR was unshakeable as long as no other doctor could break his record.

Besides, CPR had always been the specialty of doctors from the Emergency Department and the Department of Anesthesiology. It was also a very extreme physical exercise. Middle-aged and elderly doctors who were present there were not willing to take up the challenge when Ling Ran's group was around.

Ling Ran already begun to prescribe medicine.

Once the venous access device was set up, the nurse gave the patient two injections of epinephrine in a very short period of time. Then, Ling Ran called for a 200-joule defibrillator and gave two consecutive shocks to the patient.

The electrocardiogram, which had just been connected to the machine, instantly became regular.

"She has already been rescued?" Shen Deguan felt a bit excited as he watched. This scene in front of him was better than the television series.

Department Director Honghummed and said, "She's pretty fortunate that she fainted in the hospital and happened to meet Ling Ran."

He actually wanted to say that she was lucky to have met Yun Hua Hospital's volunteer medical consultation team. Department Director Hong naturally did not regard Bazhaixiang hospital branch's ability to perform emergency treatments.

The current tertiary Grade A hospitals and the township hospital south of the region were two different kinds of existence. Doctors of tertiary Grade A hospitals and doctors of township hospitals were two kinds of creatures. In comparison, the county hospitals, which were of higher levels, were more reliable, at least not they were not only hospitals that only provided fluid transfusions and physical examinations.

No one knew whether Shen Deguan understood it, but he just nodded lightly.

Shen Deguan's thoughts were slightly affected as he watched the chaotic electrocardiogram turn into normal green jumping curves.

"Doctor Ling performs hepatectomy as well. He knows quite a lot. Aren't doctors nowadays are good at one or two things only?" Shen Deguan still checked some information online, and he also had doctors as friends to whom he could talk to.

Department Director Hong only said, "Ling Ran is still a young man. How is it possible that he is only good at one or two things, let alone the fact that he has already achieved the peak for some skills?"

"Peak? Isn't that an exaggeration?" Cao Zhuang could not help but laugh.

"If it weren't for him performing the best arthroscopies, would you all be here now?" Department Director Hong asked, "Do you know why he opened the airway so early for this CPR?"

"We don't know this one"

"All you need to know is that this is Ling Ran's version of CPR, understand? Injecting a large quantities of epinephrine able to open the airway as soon as possible, or even upgrading to advanced endotracheal intubation, and other such matters and so on are all Ling Ran's integrated skills. If it were not for his young age, he could turn this into the Chinese version of the CPR guide." Department Director Hong was a little exaggerated in his words, but aside from external factors, Ling Ran was really qualified to make guides for CPR.

The current Ling Ran was like an expert martial artist with great martial arts but lacked of status in the world of martial artists.However, he already had the foundation to wander about every corner of the country.

The screaming lady ahead of them was lifted to a hospital bed, her eyes were empty, and there was fear and shock contained in them.

Fear of death was human nature!

The man who was not injured, who was the father of her son, and who had an arm injury could not help but cover his mouth and cried.

His hot, crystal clear tears rolled down his cheeks, and they turned into muddy water when they dropped on his clothes. They turned into mud balls after flowing on his shirt

Her not-husband but her son's father cried really hard as his shoulders shook. He gritted his teeth in pain.

Shen Deguan and Cao Zhuang noticed muddy water begin to drop on the ground. They could not help but want to laugh, but at the same time ,they did not dare to laugh.

"They are indeed a family," Shen Deguan whispered.

"It's good that she was saved." When Cao Zhuang said this, he paused before saying again, "It's very amazing to see a few doctors do CPR on the ground."

"Well, after all, they did it to save lives." When Shen Deguan said this, he cast a profound glance at Ling Ran before he whispered, "Let's go back."