Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 591

592 Determination To Complete The Task

Zhu Xian, the girl who screamed, could walk down the bed on her own the next day.

Patients with cardiac arrest were similar to patients with cerebral infarction, where special attention had to be given during the treatment period. During the Golden Three Hours, the patients who received treatment might continue the life they had lived before. Their lives may still be as boring, helpless, uninteresting, and meaningless in the end, just like normal lives that normal people lived, but they could still live normally.

However, for patients with similar conditions who have gone over the best period of time for treatment would find their lives completely changed by the prognosis. A minor change would be losing the ability to work, while a truly scary change would be losing the ability to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Because of this, their lives would become so difficult that taking each step would become very difficult, and they could only dream about getting a normal life like normal people.

From the end results, Zhu Xian, the woman who was good at screaming, was very lucky. It could already be said that they were describing her condition on the safe side by saying that she got really lucky even though she was struck with such a misfortune just now. She did a physical examination that allowed her to know her injury and solved the hidden problems in her body, and she perfectly increased another thirty years of life for herself and perhaps another ten years of her life to scream.

Zhu Xian and her husband, who got his arm injured, laid next to each other. There was only an IV stand separating both of them.

The volunteer medical consultation in Baizhaixiang hospital branch continued operating today. It received many referred patients, and more patients were admitted. Although most of them had only minor illnesses like headaches and flu, they still occupied some beds.

Meanwhile, based on the scale of Baizhaixiang hospital branch, accommodating a total of eighty beds made the space extremely small.

Zhu Xian and her husband were both admitted to the hospital, so the nurses let them lie right next to each other without any hesitation, and this saved up about 7.8 inches of space.

"I'm alright, I want to be discharged." Zhu Xian made her request after she came back from a walk.

Yu Yuan was called over to make an examination. She said, "You were saved from cardiac arrest. If it had not happened right there in the hospital, you would probably not survive until now. We suggest that you stay in the hospital and be under observation for two more days"

"You just want to earn money," Zhu Xian mumbled unhappily before she said, "We work throughout the year, and we only managed to save up enough to build a house after a lot of hard work. All of you are like vampires. We need to pay 40 RMB for 3.2 square feet of ceramic tiles. Bah! What's so costly about 3.2 square feet of ceramic tiles? I can do it on my own!"

Yu Yuan stared at her for a few seconds, and she really wanted to say, 'Then, can you treat yourself?'

However, Yu Yuan did not say it. Why should she provoke the woman for no reason? If she had the energy to argue, it would be better for her to write a paper.

"Are any of Zhu Xian's family members around?" Yu Yuan did not argue with the patient. She turned around and asked, "Where're Zhu Xian's family members?"

"Coming." A young man came in with a hot water bottle.

Yu Yuan answered, "Alright."

Then, she looked at the hot water bottle and said, "Zhu Xian's condition is still under observation. If she goes back home now, she will probably get another heart attack again. This is very dangerous to her life, so you cannot take it lightly, and she cannot be discharged now, understand?"


"If she leaves the hospital, she will have to bear with the consequences on her own." Yu Yuan thought for a while before she said something useless again. If anything happened to the patient, she would never have to bear with the consequences on her own. People who could bear this kind of responsibility were probably old or died. They could not even bear the responsibility of preventing someone from robbing their grave, because they were already cremated.

The strong young man did not have much social experience, so he was cowed by those few sentences. He went to persuade the woman. "Aunt, we'll stay for two more days. The doctor said it's dangerous for your life. Just stay for two more days, if your condition is stable and there is no problem, we will go home."

"I have to spend money if I stay in the hospital!" Zhu Xian could not shout in a higher pitch, so she poked the strong young guy with her finger as if he did not live up to his expectation, and she said, "Don't be rash in making judgments. Hurry up and settle the paperwork for my discharge so I can go home and rest."

"I I dare not." The young man dared not nod. Before he knew it, the little doctor was gone.

Zhu Xian sighed. She held her husband's hand tightly and fell asleep in a short while.

She screamed for a whole day yesterday, was resuscitated, and she was still exhausted today.

Her husband's arm was in slight pain, but he still held his wife's hand tightly. Then, both of them slept soundly.

On the second day, Zhu Xian was not willing to stay in the hospital anymore. She threatened Yu Yuan and said, "Are you trying to lock me here, and let my husband come over and beat me up?"

Yu Yuan did not know whether she wanted to laugh or cry. She thought and said, "I'll take an electrocardiogram for you again. If there's no problem, you can be discharged after we observe you for half a day, okay?"

She spoke so nicely that Zhu Xian could not scream, so Zhu Xian pulled a long face and said, "I'm okay."

"It's great that you're okay." Yu Yuan did not want to say more. She ended the ward round before she talked to the nurse, "Ask the department to hurry up with Bed 31's urine and blood test. We can't have the report only coming out after the patient is gone."

The nurse answered in a troubled manner, "All reports are delivered to the city for examination. "

Baizhaixiang had a weak Medical Laboratory Department, where the laboratory staff did not even own a professional license for medical practice.But they were also the leader's relatives, and they usually sent out the checklists to the regional hospital.

When they encountered a patient who needed a checkup, they would pay the shuttle bus driver with 10 RMB to deliver a small box of samples, then they will print the reports sent through the internet, which was simpler and more accurate than their own checkup. for visiting.

The number of checkups performed by the volunteer medical consultation over the past few days was rather high. However, the regional hospital could still handle it as that was the main task over there. What was unusual would be that the laboratory staff drove there personally to send the report during the volunteer medical consultation, and that was the most precious moment in his whole life.

Yu Yuan looked at her watch and said, "How about this? Take a photo of the order form for the examination of Bed 31 and send it to me, I'll ask somebody to make them hurry up with the report."

That somebody she mentioned was Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not say much. He immediately sent out the photo of the order form in the WeChat group chat named 'volunteer medical consultation Working Group', tagged Regional Hospital Medical Laboratory Department Old Wang and wrote: Chief Wang, the patient with myocardial infarction requests to be discharged, please immediately settle the report.

Within two seconds after Ling Ran commented, the WeChat ID of Leader Hong of the Respiratory Medicine Department sent a message. He also tagged Regional Hospital Medical Laboratory Department Old Wang and wrote: Agree, please do it immediately.

Subsequently, a WeChat ID named Huo Congjun also copied and pasted the previous message. [@Regional Hospital Medical Laboratory Department Old Wang, agree, please do it immediately.]

Perhaps Old Wang of the Medical Laboratory Department in the district hospital was not aware of the WeChat group, so he did not reply immediately.

The other doctors who were online in the group became more enthusiastic after the two department directors said something.

First, it was Chief Physician Wang Haiyang from the Hand Surgery Department. He did tag Old Way. He only replied, [Agree.]

Then, he saw the chief physician from the General Surgery Department join the crowd. [Agree. Medical Laboratory Department, please follow up immediately.]

For the doctors who joined the volunteer medical consultation, the low-efficiency rate for the reports to come up was one of the reasons they were not used to the volunteer medical consultation. At Yun Hua Hospital, although the Medical Laboratory Department had many residents who arrived there due to nepotism, there were still some people who could perform analysis. Also, most of the tasks in the Medical Laboratory Department were related to the use of equipment and instruments. Therefore, a similar conclusion could be obtained in the same period.

The Medical Laboratory Department in the regional hospital had messier relationships. First, the regional hospital, which survived based on a large number of physical examinations, had a lot of work to do, therefore, the hospital recruited different experienced staff to work. Meanwhile, taking money without working was the golden standard to survive in the regional hospital, therefore, it caused procrastination to be the norm of the hospital.

The major department directors had been dissatisfied with them for a long time.

A few seconds later, Regional Hospital Xiao Kang in the WeChat group sent a message. [Chief Wang, please quickly handle the examination.]

Xiao Kang was the associate hospital director of the regional hospital. He also wanted to be the father-in-law for Ling Ran, and he was the one person whom the doctors in the regional hospital believed had the biggest potential for future development.

Right after his announcement, the WeChat group became quiet at once.

Then, the doctors in the group chat of the regional hospital started to form a team.

[What Associate Hospital Director Xiao said is right.]

[I will resolutely obey Associate Hospital Director Xiao's instruction.]

[I will resolutely complete the task!]

Regional Hospital Medical Laboratory Department Old Wang's reply disappeared within a flash before everybody realized it, and it did not seem to have any effect.