Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 592

593 Serious Tense And Lively

The volunteer medical consultation team came back from Bazhaixiang and received a warm welcome from Associate Hospital Director Zhou. Then, an officer from the Medical Affairs Department took a few photos of them, and they considered themselves to have completed their mission.

But for a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, the honor of participating in an unknown international conference would still be more than participating in a volunteer medical consultation.

The work of a general practitioner was always not valued by medical specialists.

In fact, Associate Hospital Director Zhou's appearance was already a rare and precious treatment for the young doctors who came back from the volunteer medical consultation. How could they expect a hound dog being welcomed by the whole family?

Of course, the major chief physicians did not really care about them, and that included Department Director Hong from the Respiratory Medicine Department, who did not even show up. He went to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant and attended a dinner without going back to the hospital, as if he did not want the pharmaceutical sales representatives to wait for him to be served at the restaurant.

As per the requests from the young staff of the Medical Affairs Department, Ling Ran only left after taking a few more photos, and he was followed by Shen Deguan and Cao Zhuang.

Shen Deguan waited patiently until everyone else left, then he immediately came to Ling Ran. "Doctor Ling, since you're back, can you perform the surgery for my mother?"

Shen Deguan was so anxious that he could only feel relief after his mother underwent the surgery.

Ling Ran looked at Shen Deguan and said, "If we want to perform the surgery today, we need to start the preoperative preparation earlier. It's late now, let's wait until tomorrow."

"You didn't say it earlier. Do you mean that we could have started the surgery yesterday? She is just wasting away in the hospital, unable to do a single thing" Shen Deguan was immediately displeased.

"I plan to perform the surgery for your mother tomorrow in the morning. Her condition is stable now, and she can also endure the pain, so we don't have to do it immediately." Ling Ran's treatment group had vacant hospital beds now, so Shen Deguan's mother, Cao Lu, had been admitted to the hospital earlier to receive fluid infusion beforehand to regulate her body.

Preoperative preparation was the most important part in a surgery for a surgeon. Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes were bad factors for a surgery, and therefore, they must be controlled before the surgery.

Shen Deguan replied impatiently, "You said you would perform the surgery once you're back, can't you just get ready now and do it later?"

Ling Ran only glanced at him and said, "Today is our rest day."

He was not the only one who just came back. Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin too came back with him. Zuo Cidian and the others who stayed at Yun Hua Hospital did not have a relaxing time at all as well. There were only a few of them. They already felt tired when they took care of the patients, as there were many tasks and tons of duties for them to do.

If they wanted to perform the surgery now, they could only do it for life-death situations. There was no need for them to hurry with elective surgeries. In fact, Shen Deguan's mother, Cao Lu's knees had already brought her pain for decades. The main purpose of the surgery was to resolve the long term pain and her unease in walking, not to solve her issues with short term pain.

Shen Deguan had his judgment impaired because of his worries, and he also took the opportunity to vent his emotions.

Cao Zhuang tugged at Shen Deguan gently from behind.

"Doctor Ling just came down from Bazhaixiang, so it's not suitable if you urge him to perform the surgery. " Cao Zhuang stared at Shen Deguan, and his gaze was serious.

"Okay We will go first." Shen Deguan was pissed and did not care about his manners, but he was not foolish. If he made the chief surgeon mad before his mother went for the surgery, would he not just be making things worse?

From Shen Deguan's point of view, there were too many reasons for him to get mad when a small surgery like this had to be delayed for a few days.

If Ling Ran were another doctor, he would definitely not be so negligent when he heard that he was operating on the district mayor's wife.

If it were not because Ling Ran could perform arthroscopies so well, Shen Deguan already wanted to switch to another doctor.

He did not have to go any other place. There would be many orthopedists who would be delighted to help him in Yun Hua Hospital itself.

"Do all of you think Ling Ran is sick in the head? The volunteer medical consultation in the hospital is just to increase reputation. Yet he treats that as a serious matter. Instead, he gave us the cold shoulder. We're the only ones who will be so nice. If he met a rich second generation from Beijing, they'll definitely eat him up." Shen Deguan walked far away and mentioned this again angrily.

His father's position as the district mayor was very useful at a place like Yun Hua. Those who had a higher title but only had the title of a deputy will not have a lot of power, and those who were not deputies would have their children no longer present in Yun Hua.

In a place like Changxi Province, they were not particular about things like who was the one who was truly in command or anything, but ifShen Deguan wanted something done, it will be very easy for him, and it was the same for his cousin Cao Zhuang, who knew this clearly as well because of how easy he had things going for him.

If a government officer did this to him, Shen Deguan would have thought twice. Since the one who did to him was just a doctor, it would not make him happy.

Among them, Cao Zhuang was always the one who had a clearer mind. He only smiled and said, "I guess, Doctor Ling did not think that much."

"It would scare him away if he thought of it."

"This person just graduated from university." Cao Zhuang added. He had investigated this before.

"I see," Shen Deguan replied and said, "Is he really so young? I thought he looks young because of his good looks."

"He's really that young."

"If he thinks so much like us, he will not become an expert. Look at other doctors in the province and Yun Hua Hospital. When they become an expert, they are at least in their forties, right?"

"He does seem strange."

Cao Zhuang laughed out. "What exactly is strange? He is just simple. He might not have thought about the things that you thought about."

Shen Deguan wanted to refute his words, but he did not say them even when they were at the tip of his tongue. Then, he changed his sentences, "It's useless to be simple. If I'm Mei Tiangui, I will use his head to wipe the floor."

For their level, they would think that Mei Tiangui, who was the son of Elder Mei, belonged to the high-end of the spectrum.

Cao Zhuang smiled. "And yet Mei Tiangui did nothing to him."

Shen Deguan was stunned. "When you said that, this really doesn't fit Mei Tiangui's character."

Cao Zhuang did not say much. He thought in his mind. 'Because what decides Ling Ran's value is his skill, not his attitude.'

Ling Ran did not survive through his attitude.

After a few hours, Shen Deguan gradually understood his.

He opened his red eyes and stared at the big clock of the hospital.

Now, it was two in the morning. The nurses had started coming in and going out from the room to do the final preoperative preparation.

The whole family of the district mayor, together with their family members and subordinates all had red eyes, and they either stood in the ward or the corridor, or they helped out quietly, or waited silently.

At this moment, no one wanted to talk.

The wife of the district mayor, Madam Cao Lu received special treatment. She was the first to receive surgery today.

If the hospital were to make arrangements, the first one to perform surgery would usually be the patient with the most complicated condition.

The district mayor's wife was quite satisfied with the arrangement. However, Shen Deguan was still a bit confused. He would usually get to bed at midnight and look at his phone for two hours. So, this time was the best time for him to sleep.

However, as he wanted to sleep earlier the day before, he went to bed two hours earlier and got insomnia for half the night. At least, Shen Deguan felt that he had insomnia last night.

"The patient is going into the operating theater." The nurse came and informed them. After checking them, the nurse pushed the patient away.

Shen Deguan and the others immediately followed behind her. They reached the door of the operating theater and waited with great unease.

"This is the first surgery for today. The doctors are in their best condition right now. No worries."

"Doctor Ling is recommended by Academician Zhu, so it should not be a problem."

"Sister-in-law is healthy, so the surgery will be successful for sure."

The family members and their subordinates said some auspicious words to one another. On the other hand, the district mayor's family looked depressed.

Cao Lu was at the operating theater, and she had no idea whether the surgery would be successful or not. Also, she did not know that her family members could not be in high spirits as well.

Shen Deguan gazed at the operating theater and kept doing some mental constructions. At this moment, Ling Ran's negligence become insignificant. Shen Deguan even thought regretfully, 'Ling Ran better don't perform surgery at two o'clock in the morning because I urged him to hurry.'

"Ahem." Shen Deguan looked at his father who stood in front of him. He walked closer and said, "Dad, why don't you rest first? I will just take care of this. I guess the surgery has just started."

As he spoke, the double-sided doors of the corridor were pushed open.

"The surgery is successful. After the ward round tomorrow, she can start with rehabilitation" Ling Ran came out and informed them. Because of Zuo Cidian's strong recommendation, his words became simpler.

Behind Ling Ran was Cao Lu, who lay on the gurney. She chose to receive regional anesthesia. Due to her special status, the operating theater was well-prepared. The surgery immediately started when she came in, and she went out when the surgery was done. There was no delay at all, and she looked very energetic.

"I'm back!" Below Cao Lu's head was a pillow. She waved excitedly.

The people who were waiting impatiently kept quiet for two seconds. They could not quite get out of the atmosphere that they created in tacit understanding.

'Where is the seriousness, tenseness, and anticipation?

'Anesthetist, you used the wrong drugs, right?!'