Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 6

Chapter 6: To the Emergency Department

In the simulation training space.

Lei Beisha was in such a shock that he could no longer keep his mouth shut and his jaw hung open.

The suturing techniques in the Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital were top-notch. To put it crudely: most of the doctors in the other departments did not meet the required standards set for hand surgeons in Yun Hua Hospital to perform surgery on the operating table when it came to suturing.

Of course, the interns were even more unqualified. Even if they did train for many years, some students still could not perform tail replantation surgeries on white rats. Some who realized that had already chosen internal medicine instead, and those who could not see their own standards mostly ended up as subpar doctors who would only bring trouble to the world.

After staying in the Medical Education Department for more than a decade, this was the first time he had encountered a student like Ling Ran.

"Lower Groove Clinic?"Although Lei Beisha did not believe that a clinic could have brought up such a highly-skilled doctor, he still remembered that name.

The demonstration of suturing techniques ended rather abruptly. The constantly serious Lei Beisha was even smiling as he watched Ling Ran walk out of the operating theater.

He asked him, "Ling Ran, your mastery of sutures is pretty good. So, for the next rotation, which department would you like to go for?"

This meant that Ling Ran was given a choice to pick the department he wanted first. The students all looked at Ling Ran with envious faces, but none of them said anything.

During their lecture, both Lei Beisha and Kang Jiuliang had mentioned that whoever could perform tail replantation on white rats would be offered a housemanship. At the very least, there was a high possibility that they would be able to stay in Yun Hua Hospital's elite surgical departmentthe Hand Surgery Department. Kang Jiuliang, too, was gazing at Ling Ran with a smile.

The harsh treatment of hospitals towards new members was notorious. Internships were also as harsh as apprenticeships during the Middle Agesfull of exploitation. Many master or doctorate research students could only renew their contracts after working in a hospital for some time.

However, the hospitals' desire for skilled personnel was incomparable to any other profession. Skilled doctors were welcome anytime in any hospital. They could bring fame to the hospital; they could bring a great volume of surgeries and money to their department; they could share their colleagues' burdens; and they could provide much more treatment options for the patients.

To be impressed by skilled doctors was a tradition that was etched deep into the bones of hospitals and Director Lei was no different.

Before Ling Ran came to the hospital, he did his homework. He knew that the internship rotation was rumored to be dependent on luck.

As an intern who wished to be a surgeon, going into the Department of Internal Medicine to learn some of the basics before being assigned to a surgical department would be his best option. From thence, once his foundation was built, it would then be perfect for him to start learning some surgical techniques, which would take at least four to five months. After half a year, it should grant him a better chance to be at the operating table.

As the saying went: The early bird catches the worm. If the intern who first provided assistance at the operating table made fewer mistakes, then he would become the third or second assistant earlier than his peers, and he would stand at the top of the other interns even become the first assistant, qualified to operate surgical tools.

Even if such an intern could not remain in Yun Hua Hospital and had to seek employment elsewhere, he would still be in a more advantageous position.

Ling Ran's mind turned fast, thinking about what kind of decision he should make. At that moment, a line of words went across his eyes.

[Newbie Mission: Treat patients]

[Mission Details: Suture the wounds of ten patients]

[Reward: Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suturing Technique (Specialist Level)]

[Time Limit: 10 days]

'A mission?'

There was a sudden shift in Ling Ran's train of thought.

'First of all, I have no mental illness, so this mission must be real, it's not just my hallucination. Secondly, I need to complete this mission in 10 days! The interrupted vertical mattress suturing technique is a type of tension suture. It's a common and useful technique.'

Ling Ran knew that to finish this mission, he needed to choose a department that would allow him the opportunity to carry out his mission.

'I shouldn't think that just because there are many patients in Yun Hua Hospital, the chances would be high for me to operate. In truth, there won't be a chance for most interns to even touch the patients most of the time.'

Even those from the Hand Surgery Department would not recklessly send Ling Ran to the operating table just because his suturing technique was good.

The operating theater was a closed and independent space, anything could happen in there. Even a very lenient department head would still observe him for a few months before he would give Ling Ran a chance to perform a single stitch.

Ling Ran was also not the only person who wanted to operate. The young doctors who came a few years ago were most probably eyeing for a chance to perform surgery.

'So, the only place for me to suture wounds would be...'

"Can I go to the Emergency Department?" Ling Ran gave a shocking answer.

Lei Beisha frowned, saying, "Ling Ran, you just started your internship, you should still consider familiarizing yourself with the environment. The Emergency Department is very busy, and the doctors may not have time to teach you"

However, compared to learning from the doctors, Ling Ran was currently more willing to prioritize the completion of his mission.

"I can observe the doctors first." Ling Ran stopped briefly, then said, "I wish to go to the Emergency Department first, then be transferred to other departments."

Director Lei could not go back on his word in front of so many people, this was the first reward he promised. If he retracted his words just because the other party's wish did not meet his, where would his dignity as the Director of the Medical Education Department be?

Furthermore, he still needed to arrange for students to go to the Emergency Department. If he talked about all the bad things in the Emergency Department right then, how was he supposed to allocate students to that department later?

Thus, Director Lei could only shake his head at Ling Ran's persistence and say, "If you want to go to the Emergency Department, so be it. Well then, let's divide ourselves into groups."

After that, Director Lei ordered his subordinates to start calling out names and give out the cards. There were hundreds of students from different schools, and they were to be assigned into the dozens of departments in the hospital. They would then be trained in various departments through a rotation process. The schedule itself already showed that there was quite a lot of work to be done for the interns.

Everyone obtained a number plate and a username with a password, which could be used for checking into the official website for their internship arrangements. Ling Ran got his number card last. Clearly, his schedule had been rearranged.

Kang Jiuliang left early. Lei Beisha said a few more words before he, too, left the simulation training space, leaving the students to draw lots in a rowdy manner. All of them wanted to try their luck with entering the small operating theater.

As his roommate, Chen Wanhao felt sorry for Ling Ran, saying, "You should've at least chosen the Hand Surgery Department. I can tell that you made a good impression on Dr. Kang. I think you would've probably learned some real stuff from him."

"I highly doubt your judgement because of that big red stethoscope you bought." Wang Zhuangyong showed his skepticism.

Ling Ran did not even bother explaining his actions. Instead, he asked, "Where are you two going?"

"I'm going to the Thoracic Department. It's a little too early for me though," Chen Wanhao said with a heart full of regret.

Wang Zhuangyong answered nonchalantly, "I'm going to the Medical Laboratory Department. Oh well, I'll have to go there sooner or later anyway."

They were living in a dorm which was not fully occupied. There were only a total of three members in it, but fate had it so that they were sent to three different departments.

Wang Zhuangyong sighed involuntarily. His voice was filled with a melancholy as he spoke. "It looks like today we'll be starting our journey on three different paths"

Without hesitation, Chen Wanhao interrupted his very good friend Wang Zhuangyong in his brief sentimental moment, "We're going to perform surgery while you're going to play with poo, of course it'll be different."