Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 602

604 Verbal Expressions Cannot Be Trusted

"Place a drainage tube in the pelvis. Abdominal closure." Ling Ran checked twice to ensure that there was no bleeding and oozing of blood before he talked to the female doctor of the Gynaecology Department.

The chief surgeon could not do everything on his own. At least in Ling Ran's group, Ling Ran would give chances to the junior doctors as much as possible. If they did not even have a chance to practice abdominal closure and placing drainage tubes, the doctors probably really needed to wait for chances to drop from the sky.

The female doctor of the Gynaecology Department energetically answered, "Yes."

Then, she started to work.

Ling Ran stood aside, held his arms up in front of his chest and rested for a while. When he saw the normal numbers shown on the monitor on the anesthesia table, he nodded and said, "I'll go to the emergency room now. If anything happens to the patient, call me. Department Director Fang, can I let you handle prescribing doctor's orders to the patient?"

"Sure," Fang Pingzhu replied calmly, as if she was already indifferent toward Ling Ran's operation just now.

As for the medication, a department director like Fang Pingzhu was already very familiar with prescribing them to her type.

"Sorry for bothering you." Ling Ran showed a smile that met the expectation of society.

"No problem." Fang Pingzhu's smile was also very formal.

Fang Pingzhu suppressed all her emotions In front of the junior doctors who worked as their assistants in this surgery as well as the doctors from her department and other surgery departments who came to watch. It was as if she had just ended a normal outdoor consultation.

Ling Ran turned around and stepped open the door to the operating theater.

*Ding. *

A notification from the system popped up.

[Mission Completed: Peers' Admiration]

[Reward: Basic Treasure Chest]

The notification had popped out continuously for four times, and it allowed Ling Ran to obtain four Basic Treasure Chests.

Ling Ran was not in a hurry to open the chest, but he turned around and looked at the doctors in the operating theater.

Fang Pingzhu and others who were beside the operating table looked solemn and serious. The doctors who surrounded them also showed a solemn and serious look. It was quite impossible for him to know who was the one who gave him the treasure chest.

Ling Ran could not help but shook his head. 'The Gynaecology Department is truly a strange place.'

The female doctor assistant who was performing drainage saw Ling Ran shaking his head through the corner of her eyes. She suddenly became nervous. 'Am I doing anything wrong? Did I miss any steps? Maybe Doctor Ling's requirements are too high. Argh, I should have practiced more on the standard operating procedures for drainage.'

Ling Ran only minded his own business as he left the operating theater. At this time, Zuo Cidian just finished talking and got the signature, and he was just about to go in and report.

"Doctor Ling?" Zuo Cidian stopped walking and looked slightly worried.

'He came out so soon? Did something go wrong with the surgery?'

When Zuo Cidian thought about this, he wanted to pull Ling Ran away.

Pregnant women were different. It would be harder for the patient's family members to accept bad news. Zuo Cidian worried that Ling Ran would then be surrounded and questioned by them.

Even if the patient were a doctor's family members, it would be difficult to calm them down now.

Under extreme disappointment and wrath, it was hard to predict what they would do.

Department Director Hong was even more nervous.

Department Director Hong had a good relationship with his elder brother, and his niece was even someone who he had taken care of since young. Department Director Hong was truly happy for his niece when she was married and when she got a child. Therefore, when he heard about the massive bleeding, Department Director Hong immediately looked for Ling Ran to help without even caring about the relationship issues between the departments.

And now

"Doctor Ling, the surgery how was it?" Department Director Hong did not know what to ask.

He had been staying at Yun Hua Hospital for so many years, and the best bleeding control he had seen was from Ling Ran. He analyzed this rationally, and he believed that if the patient with massive bleeding could not be saved by Ling Ran, it meant that there was no cure for the patient.

However, humans did not always think rationally.

Hope and frustration could be seen from Department Director Hong's eyes.

"The surgery is successful. It's completed, so they are now closing her up." Ling Ran was rather familiar with their unease, so he told them about the situation, "There was too much bleeding during the surgery, and had accumulated for more than 101 ounces. We had performed B-Lynch suture for her uterus, but her ability to have children in the future might be affected"

When Zuo Cidian heard that, he quickly added, "Doctor Ling, the patient is saved, right?"

"She's saved." Ling Ran nodded.

The family members who were initially worried started to cheer, and Department Director Hong became relaxed instantly.

The woman who had just given birth survived, and this could already be considered as good news for everybody.

After the patient's parents celebrated, they still looked worried, and it was probably because they had thought about the sequelae and other problems. But, Ling Ran was already pulled by Zuo Cidian to another side before they raised their questions again.

Soon, Zuo Cidian came over on behalf of Ling Ran and said, "The condition is much better than expected. If the bleeding had not been stopped on time, we would have lost her. Now, the B-Lynch suture used by Doctor Ling saved the patient's uterus, so this gives the patient a chance to get pregnant again. If not for him, the uterus might have been removed"

Once he changed the sequence of the information to be delivered, the family's acceptance rate for the information increased.

Zuo Cidian made another detailed explanation, so the family members' countenance improved.

In fact, this surgery was worth a celebration.

Massive bleeding in pregnant women was always highly risky. There were countless women who could not make it. The pregnant woman today had also been issued many notices of critical illness.

"Doctor Ling, thank you very much." Department Director Hong used his yellowish fingers to hold Ling Ran's hand and shook it hard.

Ling Ran was not willing to shake his hand, but he could not do anything as his hand was held.

When he finally got his hand out, Ling Ran took out a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer from his pocket. He squeezed some for himself before he passed the sanitizer to Department Director Hong.

Department Director Hong was slightly stunned. But because it was Ling Ran, he squeezed some hand sanitizer and spread it on his hands.

Then, Ling Ran wiped his hands.

Department Director Hong also wiped his hands.

This atmosphere was something Ling Ran was familiar with, and also liked.

Department Director Hong felt slightly awkward, so he racked his brain to find something to say. "Spreading hand sanitizer on the hand feels really comfortable. It's so cooling. Oh, our department should buy this one day. "

Ling Ran looked at Department Director Hong's hands and replied calmly, "And soap."

Department Director Hong lowered his head and looked at his hands. His expression changed and said, "My hand has already been dyed by the nicotine I smoke."

Department Director Hong started to cough as he spoke. Then, he quickly changed the topic of conversation and said, "Doctor Ling, if you're not busy, let's have a meal tonight. Thanks for your efforts for today's surgery."

The other family members of the patient came over to show their will to treat Ling Ran to a meal as well.

Ling Ran shook his head firmly, and Zuo Cidian, who was beside him, also said, "Our Doctor Ling doesn't like to go out for meals."

"Just for a few hours. It's fine even if you don't drink. We just want to show our gratitude." Department Director Hong's sister-in-law felt much calmer now, and the way she spoke was polite too.

Ling Ran still shook his head and said, "I won't be going out of the hospital tonight."

"You still need to eat, right?"

"There is a possibility for the recurrence of postpartum hemorrhage. I've told Department Director Fang that I'll be waiting at the hospital." Ling Ran was forced to talk more. Postpartum hemorrhage was always unpredictable. There were often cases of pregnant women suffering from postpartum hemorrhage hours after they gave birth. So, after the patient completed her surgery until she woke up from the anesthetic, she could not be considered to be safe.

The family members suddenly found themselves unable to say whatever they wanted to say.

"Thank you, thank you, Doctor Ling." The pregnant woman's mother, who was also Department Director Hong's sister-in-law started to sob, wiped her eyes immediately after, and said, "I'll get anything that you like to eat, Doctor Ling."

Department Director Hong also said, "This can't even be counted as a favor, you can just treat it as sharing some food between colleagues"

When he spoke, he even added some gestures with his hands.

Ling Ran looked at his hands and could not help but have a certain thought rise up, and he said, "Smoked goose. If there isn't any, roasted duck will be fine too."