Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 603

605 Post Operation

Department Director Hong sent over two bedside ventilators to the Emergency Department.

The ventilator's model was sv800, a high-end domestic product. The hospital's bidding price for one alone was more than 300,000 RMB. It was very similar to the high-end goods in a US TV series. It had a liquid crystal screen and various new functions to provide various data. It was far better than using an old model.

Huo Congjun had wanted to buy one for the Emergency Department since long ago, but it never passed the Equipment Department's review. The number of medical equipment that the hospital can buy every year was limited. Every department would want such a useful and good-looking ventilator for their own use. It was not the Emergency Department's turn to play with it just yet.

Huo Congjun wanted a lot of new toys. So even if he failed to win the high-end bedside ventilator, he did not feel frustrated or conflicted, and he soon put it behind him.

Department Director Hong, who won the ventilator, had always remembered this matter. This time, when he returned to the department and proposed to "lend" two bedside ventilators to the Emergency Department, it was to unify the ventilator models in the department and also to reduce the difficulty of maintenance and operation...

All members of the Respiratory Medicine Department had passed the proposal.

Department Director Hong, who smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day, had spent ten years in the Respiratory Medicine Department. Whichever doctor who dared to raise objections about it were all fired a long time ago. The existing doctors in the department, including the associate chief physician, were all his students; his junior brothers and apprentice-nephews all went out to develop their careers.

The hospital had never been like a school, which would oppose their people cultivating their own people in their department. In today's hospitals, the department directors cultivating their own people would cause a good atmosphere in the department. If the staff came from various sources, the department director would be in a situation where they would just be cultivating poisonous worms, and they will fight against each other to the life and death before they finally had peace and quiet.

"Old Hong, thank you for solving the emergency of our Emergency Department." Huo Congjun kindly held Department Director Hong's hand, who sent the ventilator. He showed him enough respect.

Department Director Hong's hand was pale yellow, like he had been in the Department of Urology for a long time. He calmly smiled and asked, "Is Doctor Ling here?"

"He's doing ward rounds."

"That's alright, I will not disturb him. You can use the ventilator as you wish. If there's any problem, just go and find the manufacturer." Director Hong decisively left.

He just needed to act appropriately in this sort of matter. There was no need to deliberately explain things to the person to his face.

Besides, Department Director Hong mainly wanted to express his gratitude. Since this was just a gesture of gratitude, he did not have to care so much about Ling Ran's response.

As long as he was sincere and did his best, it would be enough.

Although they used the ventilator from the department, the one thing the Respiratory Medicine Department had most was ventilators. Having two high-end bedside ventilators would simply just make the scene a little more beautiful, handsome, were easier to use, and had superior technology, which was just right for Ling Ran


Ling Ran did ward rounds while receiving Sincere Gratitude.

As of current, he had more than one thousand and one hundred Energy Serums through Sincere Gratitude. Those that were used were not counted.

It can be said that when many doctors had become attending physicians, they might have not performed as many operations as Ling Ran did, besides, the outcome of their surgery might not have even reached the stage where they could receive Sincere Gratitude.

And this was because Ling Ran always went to do ward rounds in the morning.

Otherwise, Ling Ran felt that he should be able to accumulate an additional one to two hundred bottles of Energy Serums.

However, from another point of view, if he scheduled his ward rounds at seven or eight o'clock like other doctors, then it would be a major blow towards the continuity of his surgeries. Many major operations, such as hepatectomy, could easily have unexpected situations occur, and thus take an extra hour or two. When they could not predict just when those surgeries will end, if ward rounds were done at eight o'clock, then it would mean that the expected end time of the operation needed to be set at seven o'clock or even earlier.

For Ling Ran, that would mean he would waste too much time, and hence, he would need to reduce the number of surgeries because of that. It was just not worth it.

Of course, when there was enough time, Ling Ran will also look for time during the day to do ward rounds.

Just like today, since he had just received eight patients with Achilles tendon ruptures and knee injuries, Ling Ran used his nap time to do ward rounds. Napping was a necessity for other doctors and nurses, but without any other cooperation from nurses and doctors, Ling Ran did not have any other way to perform surgery. Hence, he then had to come out to do ward rounds and wait for the doctors under him to wake up, before he could perform other surgeries.

Zhang Anmin quietly yawned and followed behind Ling Ran.

He was still under the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, so he did not have to prepare for surgery from three or four in the morning, like Yu Yuan and the others. Because of it, Zhang Anmin had no nap time whatsoever.

He still had to do something for the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and with the infinite amount of work in Ling Ran's treatment group, time was already not enough. Having nap time was naturally just an illusion.

Houseman Yu Baoke was awake. The kind of people lacking in Ling Ran's treatment group were hard-working coolies. There was no shortage of people in the operating theater. Yu Baoke then became a coolie, but he did not have to get up early as long as he reached the hospital at six o'clock or even seven o'clock.

Then, he held a stack of information like plankton at the bottom of a food chain and followed Zhang Anmin for a while before he switched to following Ling Ran for a while as well. Sometimes, he would sashay and perform a catwalk, sometimes, he would stride leisurely in a seemingly arrogant fashion. The passing doctors and nurses, as well as the passing patients and their families, did not even bat an eye at him, and he was allowed to grow freely.

"Doctor Ling!"

"Quick, Doctor Ling is coming."

"Hurry up and pack up. The socks, hide the socks..."

If Houseman Yu Baoke's presence was like a plankton, Ling Ran's presence was like a blue whale.

When he walked on his patrol route during his ward rounds, there were always a few more people in the corridor. The patients in the ward and the patients' family members also looked very different.

"When it comes to the relationship between doctors and patients, I admire Doctor Ling the most. Look at this situation. The attitude of patients and their families are very different." Zhang Anmin yawned again and quickly started a topic with Yu Baoke, hoping to drive away his drowsiness by chatting.

Yu Baoke was holding a pile of medical cases while he sashayed like a shrimp and enjoyed the happiness of being a plankton. He heard Zhang Anmin's words and said without thinking, "He's like a leper when he goes on the streets. Everyone runs when they see him."

Zhang Anmin shuddered, and his drowsiness disappeared. "Like a what?"

Yu Baoke also trembled. After rethinking, he said a term that sounded more medical, "Like the Plague?"

"You brat..." Zhang Anmin pointed at Yu Baoke, but he smiled in a flash, "You don't say, wherever Doctor Ling goes, he does make the place a lot cleaner."

"That was what I meant." Yu Baoke agreed.

Zhang Anmin asked, "Which do you think is more appropriate?"

"He's still like a leper on the streets. If you say that Doctor Ling is like the Plague, then the people in the hospital will find it a little eerie." Yu Baoke thought carefully.

Zhang Anmin just responded with a hum and said, "In the future, if Doctor Ling has any tasks to do, you must inform me first. If you need to do something, you have to come to me first, understand?"

Yu Baoke did not understand. "You mean..."

Zhang Anmin glanced at him and said, "If you look for Lu Wenbin or someone else, I will tell Doctor Ling and Doctor Zuo about what you just said about him being a leper on the streets and the Plague. You will definitely be fired."

"Impossible." Yu Baoke's eyes widened, and his voice turned weak. "You can't say anything without any proof."

"I've recorded the last sentence you just said, the one about him being eerie." Zhang Anmin's teeth were white, like a spotted silver carp that ate plankton.

Yu Baoke slipped. When he moved to follow Zhang Anmin later, he could no longer walk arrogantly anymore. From the back, when he held a bunch of things, he looked more like a silly boy who was following his father while visiting his relatives during the New Year.