Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 604

606 Refute

"Doctor Ma, why is Doctor Ling not here yet?" Sister Zhang, who was in her early forties, sat firmly on the lounge chair beside her son's bed. There was a slightly begrudging tone in her voice.

Ma Yanlin, who was measuring the blood pressure for the national football player Li Tianhong, smiled and said, "Didn't Doctor Ling came for a ward round yesterday?"

"He came yesterday. So, why isn't he coming today?"

Ma Yanlin forced a warm smile on his face and said, "Today is the fifth day after the surgery, and the patient's condition is stable now. It should not be a problem if the patient goes for rehabilitation on time and perform check-ups."

"I'm not confident with what you've said, I want to hear it from Doctor Ling." Sister Zhang's attitude was more firm, and her tone became harsher.

Since her cute son Li Tianhong became a professional football player, Sister Zhang rarely got treated in an inattentive manner. Even when she came to the hospital previously, she was also treated as a VIP.

The treatment she received this time was also at VIP level, and Sister Zhang was still quite satisfied with things like the VIP patient building. The surgery effects also seemed to be quite good. But as the worry during the surgery period disappeared, Sister Zhang was concerned about how much the doctors were paying attention to her son.

The surgery was performed by Doctor Ling. Ling Ran had the best reputation in Achilles tendon repairs, therefore, Sister Zhang naturally hoped that Ling Ran could come for a ward round.

Of course, she knew that doctors like Ling Ran must be very busy, just like how her son was very busy after he became a national football player.

However, when he looked at this from another perspective, if a busy doctor like Ling Ran could come frequently for ward rounds, did that not mean that he was placing her son at high importance? This was just like how a person would feel dignified if they managed to make another person who never drank drink for them.

Still, the situation became very difficult for Ma Yanlin, who was only a houseman.

Honestly speaking, there were many family members like Sister Zhang, and the experienced doctors would have their own methods of handling such situations. However, Ma Yanlin was still a young houseman.

His status was slightly higher than interns, but his experience was much lower than the resident doctor. When he thought about how resident doctors were equally inexperienced, he realized that the experience in a houseman was basically a joke.

Ma Yanlin could only smile dumbly and say in a stuttering manner, "Today's condition is quite similar to yesterday's condition. Didn't Doctor Ling say that there is no problem yesterday"

"The similar condition that you mentioned cannot be counted. You must let Doctor Ling talk to us." Sister Zhang frowned and said, "Young man, we came to Yun Hua Hospital to find Doctor Ling for treatment. Now, Doctor Ling is not here, and he even asked us to listen to a young doctor? I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not satisfied!"

Ma Yanlin thought, 'I'm the one who should feel unsatisfied!'

However, Li Tianhong, who stayed at the VIP patient building, was a patient valued by the leaders of the hospital. No matter how unhappy Ma Yanlin was, he could only hold it in

Li Tianhong opened his eyes and said, "Mom, since I'm already at the hospital, I'm already in the best possible situation when nothing happens to me. If there are truly a lot of doctors around me, do you think that that is a good or bad thing?"

"Don't jinx yourself" Sister Zhang shook her head quickly and said, "What kind of nonsense are you saying. You are now getting better every day. It is not I'm worried about you, but you will still need to play football in the future. So, your rehabilitation should be guided by a professional, right?"

"Aren't there any specialists in the rehabilitation room already?"

"Can the physiotherapist in the rehabilitation room be compared to Doctor Ling? We have both heard of Doctor Ling's reputation. The physiotherapist in the rehabilitation room"

Li Tianhong could not control himself from laughing. "There are specialists among professionals. You can't just let those who play table tennis go and play football, right?"

"Why can't I? Who knows whether their results will be better?" Sister Zhang was in a row, and she did not even think when she criticized her son indirectly. Then, she quickly changed her words, "You're excluded. Son, you're different from other national football players"

"My Achilles tendons are much shorter than the others," Li Tianhong said angrily, "What's more, there are only a few people in the table tennis team, and they are all thin and small. At least, you need to compare me with the track and field team, right?"

Sister Zhang thought about it and muttered, "That's true, since all of you can't control the ball."

Li Tianhong's face became darker. "Mom, you can only say those words to me. If you say it to anyone else, you will sound as if you're scolding someone."

"Is it?"

"Yes," Li Tianhong said firmly.

Ma Yanlin lowered his head. He wanted to laugh, but he could not do so. Therefore, he walked slowly out of the room.

"Doctor Ma, please wait for a while. Later, we might have a situation later, and you might need to speak," Sister Zhang said while raising her head. Then, she took out her Ipad and made a video call.

Ma Yanlin looked at Li Tianhong dumbly, but Li Tianhong pretended he did not see that.

If someone wanted to put Ma Yanlin in a difficult situation, what else could Li Tianhong do?

A while later, the video call was connected, and Sister Zhang could be heard greeting the person warmly. "Doctor Meng, I need to bother you for a few minutes."

"No problem. Please go on." Doctor Meng's voice was deep and steady, and he sounded very confident.

"Doctor Meng, Tianhong's right big toe felt slightly painful today. Let me show you." As Sister Zhang spoke, she pointed the camera to Li Tianhong's leg. Her skillful act showed that this was not the first time for her to do this.

Ma Yanlin felt angry but amused when he watched from the side.

It was funny and infuriating for him when the patient was at Yun Hua Hospital, but the mother looked for a doctor from another place to perform remote diagnosis! If this happened for other doctors in a Japanese Drama, they would probably ask the patient to go back at that moment.

However, it was different in the country. The doctors in America had an annual income of one million, and because of it, they could allow their patients to search for a second opinion for their diagnosis.

After all, Ma Yanlin was not experienced enough, and he could only watch from the side.

Sister Zhang was slightly proud. She did this on purpose to put pressure on Ma Yanlin. She will first make a young doctor like him know that this sort of thing could happen, and it will only be easier for her to start manipulating things. Sister Zhang knew nothing about the medical field, but she knew a little about schemes. She might not know all the strategies in the Art of War, but she could use most of them.

"It shouldn't be a problem if it is just a light sting. It may be due to long nerves and such." Doctor Meng spoke in layman terms through the Ipad and made Sister Zhang understand immediately.

"It will be fine if there's no problem"

"Why don't you let the doctor from Yun Hua Hospital check? The VIP patient building of Yun Hua Hospital should be quite good too." Doctor Meng sounded slightly provocative from the Ipad.

Sister Zhang liked this kind of competitive atmosphere. She glanced at Ma Yanlin smugly, grumbled, and said, "Doctor Meng, don't you know? Yun Hua Hospital is very unyielding. They think that they are a state-owned enterprise. Eastern Science Hospital is good. Your skills are great, and your attitude is good as well."

"Mom." Li Tianhong quickly stopped his mother's grumbling and said, "It's fine if Yun Hua Hospital can heal me. Please don't keep holding on to those minor details."

"Is postoperative rehabilitation considered a minor detail?" His fierce mother instantly raised her voice.

Ma Yanlin was forced to speak up and said, "There are standard operating procedures for our postoperative rehabilitation."

"Since Mister Li Tianhong is a national football player, it will not be suitable to implement the standard operating procedures of Yun Hua Hospital on him, right?" Doctor Meng sounded as if he was conducting an interrogation.

When Li Tianhong's mother heard that, she was instantly reminded of something, so she said angrily, "If we only want a standard operating procedure, why would we need to find Doctor Ling? The other hospitals are also just following their standard operating procedures."

On a biological aspect, an athlete and a normal individual were truly two different kinds of people.

Ma Yanlin broke out in cold sweat after he said something wrong. "I don't mean that. Our postoperative rehabilitation also fulfills the patient's needs as well"

"Is the hospital using early load incremental respiratory muscle training or the late type?" Doctor Meng sounded cold from the Ipad.

Ma Yanlin felt tense. At this time, when he heard Doctor Meng asking him medical questions, he came to a swift realization. "You are Meng Shan from Eastern Science Hospital."

"Do you know me?" Meng Shan was happy.

"I've read your research articles." Ma Yanlin's voice became deeper.