Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 605

607 Level Headed

Eastern Science Hospital was a hospital that received foreign investments. Although it was privately owned, private hospitals with foreign investments were far different from the local private hospitals in China, just like Chang Gung Hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Foreign investments not only led to advantages in capital, but also an elevation of skills.

Doctors went to foreign-invested hospitals for money, but when compared to other private-owned hospitals, these foreign-invested hospitals were also coated with prestige and renown, and the doctors could go there to learn techniques.

Meng Shan's condition was more complicated.

He was once an assistant lecturer in a tertiary Grade A hospital, and he was pretty experienced. He had performed surgeries for many CBA athletes, males and females volleyball athletes from the Chinese Jia-A League, so he was considered one of the top in the sports medicine field within the country.

Those who were useless or the doctors who could not become department directors could only work as subordinates under the department director.

Naturally, Meng Shan had decided to cause a ruckus like the department director from the Second and Third Division of Gynecology and Obstetrics Department in Yun Hua Hospital. Besides, he did not just want to own the highest authority in an independent department, he also wanted a huge amount of investments.

In the end, Eastern Science Hospital satisfied Meng Shan's desire when it first came to China and made him the associate department director of Eastern Science Hospital cum the department director of the Sports and Medicine Center.

A few years later, the accumulation of Meng Shan's experiences in the sports medicine field could not be overlooked. His center was ranked right after the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, though it was not stated clearly on paper. Due to the characteristics of a foreign private hospital, they had explored a wider range of a market.

Li Tianhong was originally a patient targeted by Meng Shan. If it were not due to him having an Achilles tendon rupture and the recommendation by Liu Weichen, Meng Shan would have earned another glorious achievement for himself.

Even now Meng Shan had not completely given up on him yet.

Unlike the doctors in public hospitals who needed to consult thirty to one hundred patients or perform ten to twenty surgeries a week, Meng Shan always rejected patients that he did not want to take, or those who were less lucrative. Therefore, he had some time to chat with Li Tianhong's mother.

This was one of the reasons for Meng Shan to choose a private hospital. He could put his attention on a lower number of patients. In professional terms, he spent his time and stamina on a small number of top athletes, or at least, his time was spent on the top athletes in China.

"Actually, our Eastern Science Hospital has a great advantage when it comes to rehabilitation. The patient can usually enjoy a single rehabilitation room and choose one or two physiatrists for himself" Meng Shan's voice was heard from the iPad, as though he had ignored the young doctor Ma Yanlin.

By then, Ma Yanlin had accumulated his energy. "We use the load incremental respiratory muscle training set during the early days. This is chosen based on Li Tianhong's occupation and condition. Eastern Science Hospital, where Doctor Meng is based, should be using fixed load incremental respiratory muscle training made during the later stages. From this aspect, you did not adjust according to the patient's condition. You are merely following the standard operating procedure," Ma Yanlin said while looking at Li Tianhong's mother.

A smile could be seen from Sister Zhang's face.

"Hahahaha" Meng Shan laughed. "That's interesting. Standard operating procedures This doctor, I'm not very sure if you understand that the Sports Center of Eastern Science Hospital is a specialized organization for athletes. Our standard operating procedures are all customized for athletes to the best possible ways We, a specialized Sports Medicine Center, have a totally different concept when it comes to sports injuries, unlike the research affiliated to your Orthopedics Department."

Certainly, a private hospital like Eastern Science Hospital would not only focus on athletes, they would still need to treat those rich patients who came to them.

However, Ma Yanlin could not refute Meng Shan at this point, so he was unable to respond.

Meng Shan waited for a few seconds and ensured that he was able to speak calmly again, as though he had forgotten Ma Yanlin. Then, he said, "Madam Zhang, I suggest that you allow us to be in charge of Li Tianhong's rehabilitation. You may not know, but after performing Achilles tendon repair, the rehabilitation effect will decide the length of the growth of the Achilles tendon. And the length of the Achilles tendon will decide the final rehabilitation effect"

"Early load incremental respiratory muscle training, late load incremental respiratory muscle training, or even the late fixed load incremental respiratory muscle training will bring no difference for the length of the Achilles tendon. There are research papers written to show proof of this," Ma Yanlin said again. This time round, he sounded more certain.

As a young doctor in Ling Treatment Group who specialized in the Achilles tendon repair, Ma Yanlin's understanding of Achilles tendon repair was much higher than many senior doctors.

In terms of academics, Meng Shan feared no one. From the screen, Meng Shan gave a disdainful smile and said, "I read through the research papers that you mentioned. They might not be able to show the difference, but that does not mean that I can't. Eastern Science Hospital conducts its own research in late fixed load incremental respiratory muscle training. Furthermore, the types needed to be categorized. Acute closed type Achilles tendon ruptures and acute open type Achilles tendon ruptures must be separated There will be a big difference if you compare the tendon bundle laceration of 1.6 inches with the laceration area of 2.4 and 3.9 inches"

Sister Zhang was lost as she heard this. However, when she heard those specialized terms, she felt oddly secure.

With the screen in between them, Ma Yanlin had gradually lost his fear towards the higher authority. He gave a disdainful expression when he heard Meng Shan's words, "There isn't that much of a difference as you said. You're just trying to frighten us. At Yun Hua Hospital, a postoperative patient who had a laceration of 1.6 inches, 2.4 inches, or even 3.9 inches, will have about the same postoperative performance."

"Who are you?" Meng Shan frowned.

"I'm Ma Yanlin from Ling Treatment Group at Yun Hua Hospital Emergency Department." Ma Yanlin's subconsciously reported Emergency Department and not Orthopedics Department.

When Meng Shan heard his introduction, he decided that there was no need for tact and reprimanded Ma Yanlin. "I thought you were the department director of the Orthopedics Department. Let me say it this way. You did not provide us with evidence, and there is no value in your personal experience. When you want to do things, you can only speak when you have enough samples."

If Meng Shan were placed at Yun Hua Hospital, he was qualified to become a department director of Orthopedics Department. Therefore, he would not care about a young doctor who was in his twenties, and he did not need to pay attention to interns, housemen, resident doctors, or attending physicians. So the way he spoke became more arrogant.

If this scenario were placed in the tense atmosphere of the Orthopedics Department, Ma Yanlin would feel diffident.

Or rather, if Meng Shan had stood with him face to face, he might feel diffident.

However, he was not intimidating when there was an Ipad screen between them.

Moreover, the human face showed in the Ipad was meant for the patient's family.

Ma Yanlin, who could only hear the voice, even refuted excitedly, "I participated in an article about the postoperative recovery of Achilles tendon repairs. You can look at it now. The fields connected with the lacerated area is more closely related to the surgery itself, and it does not have much of an effect on postoperative care."

Meng Shan could not help but remain silent.

He was indeed an expert in sports medicine. However, he was more skilled in surgeries related to the shoulder and arms. He did work on the Achilles tendon as well, but it was considered his "part-time work". Of course, skills in the Orthopedics Department were much easier to be mastered, and they had a higher success rate. So, he was quite confident with performing surgeries for the Achilles tendon.

But it was limited to only performing them.

Meng Shan did not expect that the young doctor in front of him was so familiar with the Achilles tendon.

'I made a mistake.' Meng Shan thought.

"What you know about the postoperative recovery is still too superficial." Meng Shan decided to suppress Ma Yanlin through his status. He found his footing and said, "I'm not here to debate you. Sister Zhang, it will be more suitable for Mister Li Tianhong to do his rehabilitation at our hospital. I will stop here. If you need any help, you are welcome to find me anytime."

When he finished his words, he ended the video call.

He could not continue with the discussion with Ma Yanlin anymore. If he continued with it, even if he won, what would he get?

Ma Yanlin was just a young doctor.

Ma Yanlin was still immersed in the intense argument just now.

Just now, the person he was debating with was Meng Shan from Eastern Science Hospital.

"I won, right?" Ma Yanlin muttered and walked out of the room through the door. When Sister Zhang called him from behind him, he did not even snap out of his daze.

Ma Yanlin took out his phone, thought about it, and called Zuo Cidian. Then, he said, "Old Zuo, I have something to ask you Um, is there a way for me not to go to Orthopedics Department, but keep following Doctor Ling's group?"