Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 606

608 Whatevers Within Our Duties

Ma Yanlin felt that he was truly achieving greatness.

Who was Meng Shan? He had shown his face in all kinds of academic conferences since a few years ago and had been churning out English research papers that could be published in SCI like a machine. Every now and then, he would also operate on athletes. Not only was he renowned among those in the medical field, but laymen knew him too.

Because of this, Meng Shan had been asking for his own department in the hospital even though he was not even forty years old yet. He ended up in a foreign-owned hospital and was a brand in himself. Because of this, he had plenty of famous patients.

Meng Shan might still need to do quite a bit of work before he could become an internationally renowned specialist, though. This was why he was unable to score foreign star athletes who were competing in sports such as basketball, netball, and badminton on an international level. However, Meng Shan was one of the top orthopedic surgeons in China.

If he were to pay a visit to Yun Hua Hospital, the department director of the Orthopedics Department would definitely roll out a red carpet to welcome him. Even though his presence would not be enough to cause a huge commotion in the hospital, the hospital's leaders would need to give him some face and a formal welcome. Of course, this was merely on an administrative level.

In the matter of academics and medicine, things would be totally different. Meng Shan had probably mastered all the surgical methods the department director of the Orthopedics Department of Yun Hua Hospital was capable of performing. As for the surgeries Meng Shan had performed, the department director of the Orthopedics Department would have to think twice before making any comments. when it came to the treatment plans proposed by Meng Shan, every single doctor in the Orthopedics Department, ranging from resident doctors to the department director would have to listen carefully to him and treat his words with earnest.

Ma Yanlin did not see a problem with this, as Meng Shan was indeed highly respected and capable.

However, Ma Yanlin engaged in a debate with Meng Shan just now.

And it seemed like he had won.

Ma Yanlin repeated the process of the debate over and over again in his mind.

"Did I win the debate?" Ma Yanlin was puzzled.

In the end, Ma Yanlin came to a conclusion. 'I won the debate.'

Ma Yanlin reckoned that Meng Shan may not be an expert in Achilles tendon repair surgery.

Perhaps Meng Shan was better at Achilles tendon repairs compared to the department director of the Orthopedics Department of Yun Hua Hospital because the department director had probably not performed Achilles tendon repairs for many years. However, even the associate chief physicians and chief physicians who frequently carried out Achilles tendon repair surgery were not as good at it as Meng Shan.

But Ma Yanlin had carried out even more Achilles tendon repairs compared to all of them.

Ever since he started assisting Ling Ran, he had participated in at least two hundred Achilles tendon repairs.

Aside from this, every time Ling Ran wrote research papers related to Achilles tendon repairs, Ma Yanlin would become one of the corresponding authors and provide a large number of case studies. Most importantly, Ma Yanlin had also acted as a chief surgeon in quite a lot of Achilles tendon repairs.

To a certain extent, Ma Yanlin might have mastered even more knowledge related to Achilles tendon repairs compared to Meng Shan.

The confidence that came with this sent Ma Yanlin straight to cloud nine, to the point that he was addicted to it.

No matter what the reason was, gaining victory over Meng Shan was a feat that a junior doctor could boast about for quite a few years. It was possible that he could boast about it all his life. After all, many young doctors only got to enjoy a few minutes of fame.

"You can't tell anyone about this yet." Zuo Cidian's ardent advice kept echoing in Ma Yanlin's mind. "If the people in the Orthopedics Department find out about this, they will never let you go, as it would obviously be a case of brain drain for this. The department director will suffer embarrassment because of this. This wouldn't do!"

Ma Yanlin had to use every ounce of strength in his body to resist the urge to boast.

After all, he was a rational person. He had only been under Ling Ran's wing for one year, but he had learned so many things to the point that he could outwit Meng Shan in a debate. If he stayed with Ling Ran for a few more years, he would probably get to learn so many things that he was capable of outwitting plenty of experts. As for boasting he would have plenty of opportunities to do so in the future.

"Doctor Ling, there are two patients who need Achilles tendon repairs today, and both are ordinary cases. I would like to give it a try." Ma Yanlin made a request during the preoperative consultation.

His hands were itching so badly for surgeries to the point that he could not suppress the urge at all.

Ling Ran who was sitting at the other side of the table steadily glanced at the schedule in his hand and said, "I have quite a lot of surgeries scheduled for today, so I might not have time to go over. Will you be okay by yourself?"

Whether they were supervised by senior doctors or not was a crucial influence when it came to junior doctors' decision-making process.

It was just like how solving math equations would be easier if the student had access to the standard answer.

This was because, with access to the answer of a math equation, the students would be able to make up some of the steps. They might even be able to speculate the line of thought one could use to obtain the answer. However, without access to the answer, students would have a harder time spelling out the steps.

Similarly, without the supervision of senior doctors, junior doctors might feel lost and confused after making certain decisions. Their thought process would often go like this. 'Did I get it wrong just now? Did I get it wrong or not? Oh shit, I probably got it wrong.'

However, ordinary Achilles tendon repairs were considered one of the easier surgeries among orthopedics surgeries, and Ma Yanlin was already capable of it.

Besides, he was the one who made the request. He obviously only dared to do so because he was confident.

Ma Yanlin nodded firmly. "I'll be fine."

"Then, Zuo Cidian, please help Ma Yanlin." Ling Ran looked around and assigned Zuo Cidian as Ma Yanlin's assistant.

As Ma Yanlin was only a houseman, he could not carry out surgeries by himself yet. As for Zuo Cidian he was actually not any better. After all, he was only a resident doctor.

Elated, Ma Yanlin nodded vigorously. He then rose excitedly and wanted to head to the operating theater immediately.

He only realized after he stood up that it was still dark outside.

As the preoperative consultation was carried out at four in the morning, it was only natural that the sky was pitch dark.

Ma Yanlin calmed himself down. After exercising his hips, he sat back down between a pot of spider ivy and a pot of centipede tongavine.

Zuo Cidian enviously looked at the spot below Ma Yanlin's waist and asked, "Is your waist sore? You need a good waist to be able to carry out surgeries."

"My wife has been studying recently, so my waist is fine. My hand is really sore though." As Ma Yanlin spoke, he shook hands with Zuo Cidian and said, "Doctor Zuo, I look forward to working together with you."


When it was six in the morning, Ma Yanlin started working on the first patient's Achilles tendon.

He was utilizing the ACHILLON system, a type of minimally invasive surgery. After the patient was anesthetized, he wrapped a tourniquet around the patient's thigh. He then made an incision at the spot where he had made a mark earlier.

When it came to ordinary patients, there was no need to use the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique, where the patients could recover in months. This was especially true for patients who had not developed an interest in sports even though they were already thirty years old. They would not have a problem indulging in sports starting from the age of thirty-one, and their performance would not be affected either.

And with Ma Yanlin's capabilities, even though he was not good enough to use the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique yet, he had no problem carrying out a minimally invasive surgery on patients with ruptured Achilles tendons.

Even in the Orthopedics Department, junior doctors elevate their skills by seizing the chance to operate on patients with ruptured Achilles tendons every now and then.

The incision Ma Yanlin made was 1.2 inches. Even though it was slightly larger than most incisions, it was still within the standard range.

Ma Yanlin carefully located the ruptured tendon. He then inserted closed the clamp of the ACHILLONand inserted it between the paratenon and the proximal Achilles tendon.

"Tissue forceps." Ma Yanlin extended his hand and asked for an instrument. He then said carefully, "Doctor Zuo, can you clean the periphery of the incision with a gauze?"

"Alright," Zuo Cidian replied and said, "Gauze."

After a nurse passed Zuo Cidian a piece of gauze, Zuo Cidian cleaned the surgical field which was full of blood to make things easier for Ma Yanlin.

It would be a lie to say that Zuo Cidian was not envious of Ma Yanlin. Just like Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin was getting more and more chances to act as chief surgeon. If Ma Yanlin were assigned to the Emergency Department instead of the Orthopedics Department in the end, he would most probably be presented with even more great opportunities.

Zuo Cidian desired this kind of opportunity too, but he was not really in a rush.

Because of his age, he was less energetic now compared to how he used to be. At the same time, he was also becoming more and more patient.

He believed that in the end, suitable opportunities would present themselves to him.


Someone opened the door of the operating theater.

Ling Ran was wearing a mouth face mask, and his hands were crossed behind his back as he entered the operating theater. He stood beside Ma Yanlin without saying a thing.

"Doctor Ling" Ma Yanlin was a little diffident.

"Carry on, I'm just taking a look." As Ling Ran possessed Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery, it only took one look for him to know the progress of the surgery. Even though there were many points that were up for questioning, when it came to the basics, Ling Ran did not spot any mistake that would require him to point it out immediately.

Ma Yanlin was adjusting the Achilles tendon so that it would be easier for him to suture it. With Ling Ran beside him, he could not help but panic a little.

Ling Ran watched him quietly, and did not urge him to hurry.

Ma Yanlin slowly got used to Ling Ran being beside him.

The ruptured tendon was finally adjusted to the point that it fell between the ovarion clamp of the ACHILLON.

Ma Yanlin could not help but heave a sigh of relief. "Guide pin and surgical thread."

He was about to start suturing.

Stitch one, stitch two, stitch three...

When Ling Ran saw that Ma Yanlin was becoming more and more steady, he said slowly, "Patients who need Achilles tendon repair surgery just got sent over. Ma Yanlin, you'll be in charge."

"There's another one?" Ma Yanlin was extremely elated.

"Two," Ling Ran said.

"There're four patients who need Achilles tendon repair surgery a day?" Zuo Cidian clicked his tongue. "Wow, is it Chinese New Year already?"

"All of them came over from Eastern Guangdong," Ling Ran said, "Look for me if you encounter any problem."

After Ling Ran said that, he stepped on the sensor of the door of the operating theater and left.

Ma Yanlin could not help but smacked his lips and said to Zuo Cidian, "Eastern Science Hospital is from Eastern Guangdong."

"Hm, it might just be a coincidence." The skin on Zuo Cidian's face was wrinkled and yellowish, and there was a level-headed expression on his face. He looked as level-headed as a dental plague that had been on a person's teeth for years.