Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 609

611 Were Taking This Patien

In Yun Hua Hospital's meeting room.

The wind from the air conditioner blew gently. It felt a little warm and a little dry. It felt as if the breath of the homeroom teacher blowing on your neck, stirring up the urge to give that teacher a slap

The leaves of the devil's ivy were a little curled up, like a programmer who had worked overnight. It also made a pretense of having two of its leaves fall. But seeing as it was a young devil's ivy, it remained unclear where exactly on the plant did the fallen leaves come from. It appeared to be very healthy in the flower pot

"Your devil's ivy is wilting. It's time to replace it." A patient with the appearance of a programmer revealed a bitter face fuelled with resentment as he rolled the wheels of his wheelchair and came into the room. He was just observing the arrangement in the room as if he could just pick up one of the decorations anytime to run rampant on a cockroach.

"There are people who are running this company who will handle this," Houseman Yu Baoke replied and dug out the medical case in his hands as he cleared his throat and said, "Your body condition"

"It would be better to get rid of the withered devil's ivy. It would be better to get rid of it earlier than later. Don't people say that devil's ivy can absorb formaldehyde and something else? What do people say if it has withered away?"

"Dehydrated?" Yu Baoke had studied biology before.

The patient with the appearance of a programmer sighed. "What you said might apply to other plants, but a plant like the devil's ivy is different. Devil's ivies are smart plants, or else, why do you think it wants to absorb formaldehyde? Devil's ivies are just like working dogs among the plants, just like detection dogs."

"How does your Achilles tendon feel now?" Ling Baoke did not want to talk about the devil's ivy.

The patient with the appearance of a programmer who had not fully expressed himself pouted and said, "Painful. But I can take it. It's better to have my Achilles tendon torn compared to hair loss."

"You don't work out normally, right?"

"I will still suffer hair loss whether I work out or not. Why can't you guys understand that this is hereditary" The programmer immediately flew into a rage.

Yu Baoke did not bother to console the patient. He just looked at the patient coldly. He waited until the patient had calmed down before he said, "For patients who do not work out normally, there is no need to undergo open surgery for Achilles tendon repair."

"Didn't you say that your Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique is the best?"

"But not suitable for you, just like how we will not make you undergo chemotherapy to treat your Achilles tendon rupture, get it?" Yu Baoke tried his best to explain.

The patient laughed cheerfully, "Actually, I am not afraid even if you used it on me since I am beginning to lose my hair. If you did, I can say that you used the wrong medicine on me and apply for a large sum of compensation money. After that, I can quit my job and start my own company. I can hold on for three to four years before declaring bankruptcy. By then, my life will be considered successful. By the end of it, I can use the remaining compensation money to start a tea shop, or perhaps a fruit shop"

The patient was muttering as he sank into his own wonderful hallucination, and this was a scene commonly found when he worked overtime on a daily basis.

Yu Baoke furrowed his eyebrows intensely as he slowly said, "You are not an athlete. You don't need to undergo open surgery Achilles tendon repair. Minimally invasive surgery will provide an outcome that is almost similar"

As a houseman, Yu Baoke spoke strictly based on the words which his senior doctors taught him.

The patient smiled gently as if some program in his brain was activated as he said, "I am preparing to go hiking on Mount Everest."

Yu Baoke was stunned for a moment.

"Hiking is considered as a workout, right? A man of my age and with the type of work I do should be able to do that as well."

"Even though hiking is a type of workout" Yu Baoke sighed and said, "You have never hiked before, right? Are you sure you want to suffer for a few more months just because you have that plan?"

The patient shook his head and said, "Doctor, I want to undergo the best surgery. I cannot afford to wait until I retire only to realize when I want to work out that my Achilles tendon is not working anymore, right?"

"There is no good or bad when it comes to surgery. The condition of your Achilles Tendon will be different than now when you retire," Yu Baoke said pointlessly.

The patient shook his head. "No matter what, I want to receive the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique. I want to go hiking on Mount Everest."

Yu Baoke sighed and said, "Have you gone hiking on Mount Everest before?"


"Have you gone hiking on that sort of tall mountain before?"

The patient hesitated for a few seconds before he said, "Mount Tai."

"Hiking on a mountain like Mount Tai doesn't require you to receive open surgery for your Achilles Tendon repair." Yu Baoke tapped his thigh as he spoke cheerfully, "You see, you do not need to undergo open surgery. You do not need to"

"I want to go hiking on Mount Everest."

"It is futile even if you think about it. With your current athletic condition, you will not be capable of hiking on that mountain. There won't be any difference whether you improve your physique or not" Yu Baoke sounded a little pumped. If Zuo Cidian were here with him, the patient might end up agreeing.

The patient was stubborn and said, "Then I can go hiking on Mount Godwin-Austen."

Yu Baoke hesitated for a few seconds. "Are you kidding me?"

"Mount Godwin-Austen is the second-highest mountain in the world. You can check your phone."

"You will not be capable of hiking to the top of the second-highest mountain." Yu Baike did not check his phone. He persisted with his view and said, "Forget about even the highest or second highest mountain, you can't even scale the twentieth highest mountain in the world. With the current condition of your body, you are really not fit to undergo open surgery Achilles tendon repair. There is no need"

"Khunyang Chhish."


"It's the 21st tallest mountain in the world, and it's in Pakistan."

"You are kidding, right?" Yu Baoke could not believe him this time. He took out the phone and started searching.

A while later, Yu Baoke put down the phone in puzzlement as he looked at the patient and said, "Is your hobby geography?"

"Are you crazy? Who on earth would have geography as his hobby?" The patient paused for a moment and said, "I have previously made a game. The core method of playing the game is called climbing the mountain. It uses the height of the mountains to represent b**bs do you understand?"

The patient gestured with his hand and said once again, "The top 100 tallest mountains in the entire world are Orange Cards. Players must pay a great amount of money in order to get them through my gacha system Forget about the top 100 mountains, I know quite a lot about the top 1,000 tallest mountains. The people also need to spend money on those Purple Cards, you know?"


On the next day, Ling Ran stretched his body as he yawned. He then walked out of the operating theater.

Yu Yuan followed Ling Ran from behind him. She was yawning even louder. "I'm so tired. I know that being a chief resident is often quite tiring, but I didn't expect it to be even more tiring than I imagined."

"Just relieve yourself from duty for the day if you are tired. I can give you a massage." Ling Ran took out a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Yu Yuan lowered her neck obediently.

Ling Ran squeezed the alcohol sanitizer and put his hand on her neck like he was carrying a puppy by its neck. He started lifting and pulling as he started performing massage manipulation on Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan narrowed her eyes. She felt that her neck was sore and in pain. She followed Doctor Ling in unorganized footsteps. She said, "Doctor Ling, we cannot give the patients the freedom to undergo any surgery they have in mind. I am about to vomit doing Achilles tendon repairs."

She did not dare mention the Zhu-Ling Achilles tendon repair, but everyone could tell that was what she meant.

Ling Ran applied pressure on her neck and said, "No need. The patients' request is also reasonable to a certain level."

"It might be reasonable is reasonable, but our Achilles tendon repair wastes too much time"

"How can performing surgery be treated as wasting time?" Ling Ran's eyes burned.

In comparison to the 30-minute Achilles tendon repair, Ling Ran would naturally be more willing to perform a surgery worth 130 minutes. That was like playing a game. Why would he play 30 minutes when he could play for 130 minutes?

Yu Yuan was stunned for a moment before she cursed herself and said, "I already forgot. I was just spewing nonsense"

"Yes. It is a good thing that there are patients coming to us for treatment." Ling Ran put on a smile on his face. He then massaged Yu Yuan a little more before he released her.

Yu Yuan exercised her neck a little and said in amazement, "My neck doesn't seem to be in so much pain anymore."

Ling Ran hummed and said, "You'll be alright after a good night's rest back home. I can't solve all problems with osteopathic manipulation"

"Doctor Ling." Zuo Cidian jogged over to his side.

"There is another a patient being sent in?" Ling Ran did not show the slightest shock.

"This time, it is a patient with liver cancer. He's seventy-three-years-old, has high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholic fatty liver" Zuo Cidian reported a series of medical conditions as he spoke, "From Guangdong."

"How terrible."

"That's just too much."

"That's great!"

Everyone voiced their opinions at the same time. But their opinions were completely different from Ling Ran's "That's great!", which was uttered in praise.

"Doctor Ling?" Zuo Chidian felt gloomy.

"Go have a look. I can also operate on those with liver cancer." Ling Ran's walking speed increased slightly. In comparison to Achilles tendon repair, liver cancer surgery would provide a new experience.