Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 611

613 The Biggest Advantage

Qi Yuquan's liver cancer was discovered during its early stages. The person himself did not display the slightest symptom or abnormal sensation. In terms of size, it was liver cancer that was considered small and in a rather good condition (less than two inches in diameter).

According to the guidelines, such a small liver cancer growth could respond the best to treatment.

Qi Yuquan's good habit of performing body checks on time, or rather, his good income had served him rather well in this regard.

However, judging from the situation of Ling Ran's surgery on the Virtual Human, Qi Yuquan's luck was not so good.

Situations where early-stage liver cancer veins invade the portal vein by liver cancer cells only had a 50% probability of happening, and Qi Yuquan had it. Liver cancer cells attacking the surrounding liver tissue only had a 50% chance of it happening, and Qi Yuquan also had it. There was approximately a 40% chance probability of the occurrence of a satellite lesion, and Yu Yuquan also had it.

In conclusion, Qi Yuquan was one of the most unlucky 10% of small liver cancer patients.

Coupled with his age and underlying diseases, Qi Yuquan could forget about getting a good prognosis. It was already quite difficult to remove the liver tissue invaded by cancer cells completely and smoothly get down the operating table after that.

Ling Ran roughly operated on the Virtual Human, confirmed the area affected by cancer, and quickly ended his first attempt.

The system displayed a line of words before the blue-light body disappeared: Virtual Human (Master level). Three hours and fifty-two minutes remaining.

Ling Ran spent five minutes to remove the general area affected by cancer alone.

Ling Ran secretly shook his head. He was still operating a little too much by the book. He wasted some time by dissecting the Virtual Human accordingly like how he operated on a cadaver.

"Doctor Zuo, send me the lab data of Qi Yuquan." Ling Ran did not activate the Virtual Human but decided to look at the information first.

In the private hospital, Qi Yuquan did a fairly comprehensive examination. He did simple X-rays, CT scans, and even PET scans, which was considered expensive to ordinary people. He had also done various biochemical tests, Child-Pugh score on liver function, indocyanine green retention rate, and other tests were also done thoroughly.

Regardless of whether they did these tests to make money, the private hospital's examination package was very helpful in describing the Qi Yuquan's physical condition. For senior surgeons or senior internists who could do surgery, if they went through all the imaging materials and biochemical reports, it was possible for them to construct the situation of Qi Yuquan's abdominal cavity in their minds: the approximate area of the cancer cells, the current state of the invaded tissue

If one were to go deeper, one could also guess the cancer cells' differentiation speed, the probability of what tissues were going to be attacked, and so on.

However, for young surgeons like Ling Ran, it was already very difficult to even do half of them in a non-intuitive way.

In fact, even if with He Yuanzheng's standard, the director of Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery would also overlook many indicators.

An expert from Beijing like Professor Feng may be able to figure it out if he studied it carefully... This showed the benefits of private hospitals. They had time and a good doctor-patient ratio to carefully study the patient's condition.

If one person were not enough, then they could have a few people. If a few people were not enough, then they could ask for foreign aid... Inviting foreign aid made the key difference. Public hospitals would be unwilling to ask for foreign aid, and private hospitals were too casual in that regard. They often gave the directors of public hospitals a salary with the amount of ten thousand to hundreds of thousands of RMB, and they did this because they wanted to be able to ask them for help at any moment they needed.

Of course, nothing came free. When the patient's scans were sent for a "consultation", it would not cost the hospital much, but the patient had to spend a lot of moneytens of thousands of RMB. But the outcome of that money spent was pretty good.

However, when all tests were completed, if the results were not good and they ran into a troublesome case, private hospitals will not hesitate to push the patient out of the door by referring the patient to a public hospital, and they may even make another profit.

In small and less dangerous medical cases, no matter how troublesome or complicated the procedure was, private hospitals would not give up the patient as long as they were paid.

Private hospitals will pick and choose the risky medical cases.

Even rich people like Qi Yuquan were eventually sent to Yun Hua Hospital like a missile by Meng Shan.

At this time, the various checks made for Qi Yuquan had instead turned into the driving force to push him out.

If Ling Ran's level were not enough and foreign aid could not be found, it was very easy to make mistakes in Qi Yuquan's operation, which will inevitably be very complicated.

In fact, Qi Yuquan's case was actually sent to Beijing, and the final conclusion was drawn by an expert. However, since Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was lower in terms of standard, Ling Ran would not even be able to find strong foreign aid even within the hospital itself.

He was already the strongest person in Yun Hua Hospital's hepatobiliary and pancreatic related surgery.

Meng Shan's move was able to stomp on a sensitive point based on this alone.

"Doctor Ling, do you really want to perform the surgery for Qi Yuquan?" Zuo Cidian personally sent the information. When he handed it to Ling Ran, he was still extremely worried.

Zuo Cidian did not know how complicated Qi Yuquan's condition was, but considering Meng Shan's existence, he did not feel at ease.

Ling Ran hummed and said, "Qi Yuquan's situation is indeed complicated but within a controllable range."

Zuo Cidian did not believe in the term "controllable" and tried to advise Ling Ran again. "Doctor Ling, if you want to do liver cancer surgery, you can grab patients from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, why is there a need to take the patients sent by doctors with ulterior motives?"

"The patient himself did not do anything wrong." Ling Ran paused and said, "This patient's liver cancer is exactly something that I can handle. The hospital beds in the group are also available, the operating theaters are not full, and there is no reason to reject him..."

Zuo Cidian thought, '"Dangerous" is in itself a reason to reject this patient.'

However, he was already familiar with Ling Ran. He knew that he cannot convince him. He can only say from a medical point of view, "You have not done liver cancer surgery before. If you do it now, how confident are you in succeeding?"

"Qi Yuquan might find it hard to find a doctor who is more suitable than me to operate on him," Ling Ran answered confidently.

Zuo Cidian suddenly had nothing to say about that.

He even looked carefully behind him, lest they were heard by someone.

"You're so confident..." Zuo Cidian felt resigned, but at the same time, full of admiration.

Ling Ran nodded in affirmation.

If Ling Ran did not have the Virtual Human, it was very likely that he would not accept Qi Yuquan, at least not immediately.

If the patient were admitted and cannot be treated well, from Ling Ran's perspective, admitting the patient would not only not bring any benefit to him, but will also be harmful to him. In particular, patients with liver cancer such as Qi Yuquan, under normal circumstances, would be able to live for at least one more year and maybe even longer. In a doctor's conservative language, even they had to say that the patient could live for six more months.

However, if the operation failed, it was possible that the patient may not be able to come down the operating table, because chemotherapy lasting for three or four months would have completely destroyed the patient's immune system, which may result in a possibility of the patient's death...

In this regard, the gap between an excellent surgeon and a normal surgeon may just mean that the patient could live for five more years. Between a top surgeon and a normal surgeon, the patient's life may be extended to ten years or more.

If there was no Virtual Human, Ling Ran was confident that he could perform the surgery at an excellent level, but it would be hard for him to perform like top surgeons. In that case, Ling Ran would rather introduce the patient to He Yuanzheng. Since Ling Ran started performing hepatectomy on hepatolithiasis,He Yuanzheng gradually turned to perform liver cancer surgery, which he could also do well.

Or he could let Qi Yuquan go to Beijing for medical treatment. After all, he would be able to get very good treatment based on his conditions.

However, with the help of the Virtual Human, Ling Ran had not only had a great increase in confidence, but his abilities had also greatly increased.

He already had Master Level in Hepatectomy, and his success rate in dealing with non-cancerous liver tissue was so high that it was frightening. His prognosis was also incredibly great. It can be said that he had few opponents in China.

When it came to liver cancer, although Ling Ran cannot change one's fate and cure cancer completely,Qi Yuquan, who was at seventy-three years old, did not need to eliminate his cancer cells the most, but had two contradictory requirements that he needed to fulfill the most: Firstly, to cut as much tissue infected by cancer cells as possible, and secondly, to cut as little tissue as possible.

With his age and his physical condition, it was already certain that he would not be able to withstand a wide range of resections.

However, the spread of his cancer cells was wide, and such a patient can be said to be very difficult to handle.

However, with the help of the Virtual Human, Ling Ran could instead have more confidence.

If all went well, Ling Ran estimated that he should be able to extend Qi Yuquan's life extension by about ten years, and it would be ten years with a relatively good quality of life.

Qi Yuquan was already seventy-three years old. If he can live to eighty-three years with a good quality of life, then the impact of cancer on him can be said to be extremely small. As far as the effects of medical treatment were concerned, perhaps the patient would live his life in the same way as another patient who received hepatectomy for hepatolithiasis.

Such a cancer surgery was a cancer surgery that Ling Ran liked.