Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 613

615 On The Spo

"I knew it, young people like Ling Ran can't be upset even in the slightest." Meng Shan waved his hands very fast on the treadmill and laughed like a child who tried hard to control his weight at 175 pounds.

In a big office that offered 270 degrees of seascape, the young assistant who wore a formal attire was holding documents and information while reporting to Meng Shan, who was on the treadmill, in a low voice,"The Emergency Medical Center and Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital organized a surgery observation and invited some experts from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Changxi Province to watch it."

"Hmph," Meng Shan answered. He looked to the front and panted slightly. He could not accept this fact, but he forced to as he said,"Our hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries have never been strong in Changxi Province. The appearance of Ling Ran's team and Yun Hua Hospital's backup has now conquered the resources in the province. Forget about organizing a surgery observation for hepatectomy, even if they organized a barbeque session, the doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Changxi province will need to go over."

The young assistant did not have any facial expressions on his face. Meng Shan could praise other doctors, but if the assistant gave compliments as well, he would have become an ex-assistant.

"So can the surgery observation be watched online?" Meng Shan suddenly asked.

"We can watch it," the assistant answered, "Yun Hua Hospital made a system, and only qualified medical institutions can connect to them. No payment is needed, and the signal is very clear."

Meng Shan said after he hummed, "This system made by Yunli Medical Company is quite impressive, huh? Free up some time in my schedule, I will take a look at that time. "

The assistant answered. When he saw Meng Shan adjusting the treadmill to a faster speed, he quietly left the office.

Meng Shan ran for a while, then he felt bored. He pressed hard on the stop button on the treadmill before he slowed down his speed and changed from running to walking.

Meng Shan stared at the slightly turbid sea in front of him and fell into deep thought.

He did not believe that Ling Ran could perform well in the hepatic carcinoma hepatectomy.

He had studied Qi Yuquan's medical case repeatedly, invited experts outside the province and made a conclusion that he could not receive surgery before he finally suggested the patient to go over Yun Hua Hospital.

If there was a 20% to 30% possibility of success, Meng Shan would introduce doctors whom he knew over for freelance surgery, and he did not need to pass the case to Ling Ran.

Treatment and surgery in a private hospital would make the patient at least contribute a profit of more than a million RMB to the hospital. When the best academician in the nation worked for a freelance surgery, they would need the surgeon seventy to eighty thousand as well as owe them some favors. But in Eastern Science Hospital, seventy to eighty thousand dollars would mean that they were just forming some connections on the international platform. If the surgery could be performed there, why would Meng Shan be willing to give it away?

But Meng Shan dared not say Ling Ran was a fool!

A fool could not perform surgery well, could not send Liu Weichen to the world arena again, and he could not even perform Li Tianhong's surgery so perfectly. In Yun Hua Hospital's VIP patient building, which selected its patients like a sieve, Meng Shan had already seen the scans that Li Tianhong had taken after surgery. For Meng Shan, the Achilles tendon repair performed by Ling Ran was really much better than the one he did.

Meanwhile, this was what Meng Shan feared the most.

China had a slow start in the field of sports medicine, but their professional sports had been developed for a long time, and their sports medicine still remained unspectacular. Even now, the public general hospital in the country still looked down on sports medicine. Otherwise, Meng Shan also did not need to work in a private hospital.

The field of sports medicine might be small, but Meng Shan, who was the pioneer still enjoyed a lot of advantages, and he wanted to continue enjoying them. Meng Shan was originally quite confident with enjoying it for at least five to eight years more.

After all, it required time to train a doctor. Without five to eight years, the junior doctors could not replace Meng Shan's current position.

What Meng Shan did not expect was Ling Ran's appearance.

Liu Weichen came first, Li Tianhong came later. He could already imagine how Ling Ran's market would increase tremendously when Li Tianhong went back to the field, and the athletes who considered their occupation as their lives would try all ways to go to Ling Ran for surgery.

Eastern Science Hospital survived based on these lives, and its survival was also dependent on the athletes. On normal days, they performed clinical examinations, fluid transfusions, and gave small treatments for the rich people, athletes, and their family members to sustain their business, but what really helped them earn money was operating on athletes and the rich.

Eastern Science Hospital lived better than normal private hospitals, and it was more famous because they could perform "proper" surgeries.

There were not many hospitals that could provide "proper" sports medicine services in the country. The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was the best, but Academician Zhu was old, and he did not perform surgery on his own anymore since a long time ago. He had the surgeries performed by the doctors under him, while Academician Zhu was responsible for guidance. Whether the quality was comparable to the one performed by Meng Shan was an argument in itself, and it was a competition between them.

However, how old was Ling Ran?

How frequently did Ling Ran perform surgeries?

Meng Shan was not confident with the private hospital, which was why he sent away the patient with the hidden "bomb" to Yun Hua Hospital. If he still stayed as a department director in his previous hospital, he would definitely go to Yun Hua Hospital to challenge Ling Ran.

Naturally, if he stayed in the original hospital and worked as the department director, it would be another story as to whether he would still be obsessed with sports medicine.

Meng Xiang fell into deep thought. He pressed the stop button on the treadmill, then took a water bottle and drank it all. He let the water spill out and flow on his chest, belly button, testicles, knees, and Achilles tendons


The surgery observation was arranged in the afternoon on the next day.

Due to their tight schedule, there were not many doctors who came for surgery observation, and most of the doctors were young and middle-aged doctors.

For those doctors who were assistant lecturers, their learning cost was much higher. They were more willing to teach what they had learned previously in a systematic manner and organized their knowledge with the current resources in the entire hospital and departments.

Those doctors who had fully inherited the previous doctors' legacy could do something similar to the previous experts. Even if they were just repeating the clinical projects from the previous expert, when these experts retired, the students would also be amazing people in the operating theater. For those assistant lecturers who did not learn anything good, they would end up teaching lousy students. Those who were lucky could butter up the leader, and they could even become chief physicians. It was not strange for those who were unlucky to stay as assistant lecturers.

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery had a lot of room for growth in Changxi Province. The main reason was that there was no expert in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Changxi Province, thus no one was able to pass down their legacy in the area. So, it would be very difficult for those who were passionate and eager to become a true expert.

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery was not as easy to master as other surgeries like orthopedics. Even in the entire medical system, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery was among the top. This could be seen from the number of academicians graduating from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. There was a reason why the dozen academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering who were specialists in general surgery all specialized in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery.

Therefore, Ling Ran could rise and shine in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery very easily.

Those old doctors in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery who almost retired were lazy to butter up Ling Ran, while the young and middle-aged doctors would not care that much.

Surgery observation was the shortcut for surgeons to improve. Even though they might not know the surgeon who performed the surgery, many doctors would come over.

Yun Hua Hospital also had this thought, so it deliberately arranged the biggest operating theater at Yun Hua HospitalOperating Theater 1for today's surgery.

Three certified resident doctorsYu Yuan, Lu Wenbin, and Zuo Cidianhad started to prepare in the operating theater, and they checked all the devices and instruments over and over again.

Ling Ran stayed in the office and practiced incision with the Virtual Human. He did not come earlier, so this made the atmosphere become more relaxed.

"These two must be the doctors under Ling Ran."

"Both of them are male doctors. Don't they always say that Ling Ran often brings around a female doctor who is skilled in talking? Our hospital has invited them before."

"Haven't seen her yet. I heard that the female doctor appears and disappears very quickly."

Yu Yuan heard what they had said, and she stood on tiptoes. She showed her head from the back of the operating theater.

"Doctor Ling is here."

"Doctor Ling, you must be tired."

"Doctor Ling is so handsome."

All the doctors turned around and greeted Doctor Ling, who always came to their hospital to serve as a freelance surgeon.