Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 614

616 Send For Pathological Examination

The space in the operating theater was limited so Huo Congjun was also forced to go to the demonstration room, and he made the pharmaceutical sales representative from Yunli Medical Company connect the signal.

Yun Hua Hospital's demonstration room utilized the signal, which the medical company delivered to them, and Huo Congjun was also resigned about it.

However, his attention was on Ling Ran that day, so he was not free to take care of the programming in the signal.

"Department Director Huo, you're here." He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery had arrived earlier. He wore a faint smile as he greeted Huo Congjun.

He was giving Huo Congjun his respect.

He had to. If Ling Ran only performed hepatectomy for hepatolithiasis or emergency hepatectomy, He Yuanzheng would not take it to heart. After all, there were many types of hepatectomy, and the main one would still be liver cancer

Then, Ling Ran started to perform hepatectomy for liver cancer.

If he still did not show Huo Congjun respect, He Yuanzheng was afraid that his position as Department Director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery would become Department Director of the Department of Biliary Surgery.

May the heavens have pity on him because he did not have that much courage.

"Department Director He, you're here." Huo Congjun did not display any change in his facial expression when he saw He Yuanzheng, and there was also no sense of shame emanating from him.

Back in the old days, Huo Congjun made a doctor cry beautifully in a medical conference, yet he did not feel ashamed at all. He did not pinpoint the specific medical conference because he did it too many times, and he could not remember it clearly anymore.

Huo Congjun would never show too much respect to a small director in a small department like He Yuanzheng. Besides, to Huo Congjun,there was not much difference between the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and the Department of Biliary Surgery. In the past, He Yuanzheng was the only one who could perform hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries pretty well. Nowadays, He Yuanzheng did not perform fewer liver surgeries, but he could only perform surgeries that Ling Ran did not want.

He Yuanzheng carefully observed Huo Congjun's expression before he showed a smile that expressed his concern. "A seventy-three-year-old patient with liver cancer and multiple underlying diseases... Aren't you worried about performing surgery for a patient like this?"

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't worried." Huo Congjun did not feel awkward about his subordinate working outside his department to perform a surgery on behalf of others and getting caught. Instead, he answered as if he was providing guidance. "Since we have decided to perform the surgery for this patient, why don't we make it a big one? Make it a surgery observation. If it's successful, we can all learn and gain experience. If it fails, we can still learn and get experience, right?"

Huo Congjun was not afraid of Ling Ran failing. Naturally, it would be best for him to succeed. However, how many surgeons had not failed before?

Ling Ran was currently performing freelance surgeries for hepatectomy in the province. If he failed, the news would spread throughout the province in a minute.

Instead of allowing other surgeons to secretly guess about the reason for failure, it would be better for everyone to visit and observe. It was best if he succeeded. If he failed

Huo Congjun believed that Ling Ran's skill would still give people a deep impression.

In fact, the skills Ling Ran had currently masteredhepatectomy, bleeding control, and CPRmade it not easy for a patient to die smoothly in front of him.

"Let's start." Ling Ran's voice was heard from the screen.

Everyone in the demonstration room, including the visitors' demonstration room also lowered their voices.

"Doesn't he need to give a speech?" This was a doctor from Yun Hua Hospital who rarely observed Ling Ran's surgery. He could be said to have just been passing by.

"When did you see Ling Ran give you a speech?" This was a doctor from Yun Hua Hospital who always observed Ling Ran performing surgeries and had intentionally come over to watch.

"It'd be so good if Doctor Ling gave a speech." This was a girl.

In the operating theater, Ling Ran started the surgery without any delay.

Just now in the waiting room, he used twenty-eight minutes to confirm the area of the infiltration of cancerous cells in Qi Yuquan, and this reduced the usage period of his Virtual Human to two hours and fifty-two minutes.

When he considered the cancerous cells' ability in rapid expansion, Ling Ran did not want to delay any more time, which would cause the tumor border to expand to other regions.

Doctors from all places over the province automatically shut their mouths to watch.

High-ranking doctors were actually much more appreciative of the chances to learn from surgery demonstrations than young doctors because they had different thoughts compared to normal people. In truth, high-ranking doctors lacked the time and chance to learn.

Before young doctors became chief surgeons, although they were always scolded by senior doctors, those senior doctors would mostly answer whenever the young doctors raised their questions. If the young doctors did anything wrong, they would be scolded so badly that it will be very easy for them to be traumatized from the experience.

However, once those young doctors became chief surgeons, the senior doctors would relatively become polite toward them. At this time, it would be difficult for the young doctors who had become chief surgeons to learn new skills.

In conclusion, the more the doctors scolded people in a hospital, the faster the growth of junior doctors would be. When a doctor grew to the extent where no one scolded him, he would need to rely on himself to improve.

Take He Yuanzheng in Yun Hua Hospital for example. Before he met Ling Ran, his improvement in skills was very slow.

Correspondingly, some departments controlled by great experts in Beijing were able to keep producing experts because these experts had their progress watched by experts greater than they were.

Most of the people did not have this kind of chance, especially doctors in local hospitals. When they achieved the position of an attending physician or assistant lecturer, they would need to rely on themselves.

Inviting freelance surgeons over or observing demonstration surgery by high-ranking doctors were precious times for them to learn.

Ling Ran had gained great fame within a short year of being a freelance surgeon not just because of his skill, but also because of his personality. When someone's skills were very good, his strictness would be considered as tough love.

"Widen it further, we're doing hepatic dissection first." Ling Ran's surgery speed was very fast, and he reminded his assistants on the progress and the subsequent steps.

Obviously, they did not even need to perform additional examinations to know that a seventy-three-year-old patient did not have strong surgical tolerance. When he considered the fact that they would need to perform pathological exams during this hepatectomy, he knew that they will need to spend a lot of time in this surgery, so Ling Ran must try his best to reduce the time required in the first few steps.

Yu Yuan exerted strength in operating the retractor like a little leopard who carried meat in its mouth while showing only its head from the back of a tree.

She was forced to do this. Ling Ran was too tall, and the height of the operating table was decided according to the chief surgeon's body figure.

Therefore, when there was a bigger difference in body size between the assistant and chief surgeon, the assistants would usually contract some strange occupational diseases, like those who were short would usually have pain in their necks, while those who were tall would often become hunchbacked and feel pain in their waists.

Lu Wen, who was the first assistant, was considered rather tall, but he did not have an easy time either. He followed Ling Ran's operation in a flurry of motion to disconnect the left hepatic artery and hepatic portal vein to prevent the tumor cells from entering the right liver through the portal vein in the operation later.

At the same time, Ling Ran kept giving reminders to him.

"Protect the portal vein wall."

"Don't touch the caudate lobe."

"Be careful of the knot"

Lu Wenbin was so busy that he was sweating, and Lu Wenbin could only rest for a few seconds when the nurse wiped off his sweat.

All doctors in the operating theater looked at Lu Wenbin, and they felt amused yet envious at the same time.

Many of them had the experience of working with Ling Ran in surgeries, and they learned a lot from him. One of the main reasons for them to hire Ling Ran for freelance surgery was to learn, or rather,learn in secret.

However, none of them could learn in such a systematic manner as Lu Wenbin.

Half of the people in the operating theater were not qualified to be the chief surgeon for a surgery like this, and there was no doctor who dared to touch the seventy-three-year-old old man's liver.

However, even though Lu Wenbin did not have good skills, he still had the chance to participate, and this was an experience that even government-funded hospitals in Beijing rarely had.

"Handle the left vein, take a rest for fifteen seconds. Use that time to focus." Ling Ran had his own tempo. Meanwhile, he also had to pay attention to his assistants' condition.

The left hepatic vein was very close to the inferior vena cava, anything could happen if something went wrong. At that time, giving reminders or scolding someone was not enough, so he needed to consciously regulate his assistants' condition.

Master Level Hepatectomy still could not allow him to pay attention to every aspect. Therefore, it was very crucial for him to know which strategy he needed to adopt, or rather, to know how to compromise during the surgery.

When he did not have an assistant who was above Specialist Level, he needed to give them more reminders and give them some time to rest during crucial moments.

Ling Ran himself also took this opportunity to observe the liver. He also needed some time to decide which suture method he should use for the cut surface of the liver.

"Continue." Ling Ran raised his head to take a look at the time before he lowered his head and continued with the operation.

Unlike the crude operation that he performed on the Virtual Human, when he performed hepatectomy on the real Qi Yuquan, what used up most of his time was taking care of the other parts other than the resection itself.

For instance, the incision on the liver needed to be designed in advance. With different patients, different decisions needed to be made.

The method that Ling Ran used today was lip corner, which was lip-shaped hepatectomy in professional terms. For this, he needed to separate the ligament, then seal the cut surface of the liver tightly, lift the liver, and perform hepatectomy

Therefore, the range for the liver to be resected needed to be decided at the moment when the cut section of the liver was shut.

If he cut it wrong, he would need to repeat the previous step, which wasted more time.

Therefore, when Ling Ran started to close the cut surface of the liver, everyone could not help but gasp in surprise.

"He's only cutting such a short length?"

"It's not enough, right?"

"He can only cut this much. If he cuts more, the patient might not be able to withstand it. He's seventy-three now."

"Don't perform the surgery if the patient can't withstand it. If he only cuts such a small portion, the patient might get a recurrence of cancer in a few months, and it will be deadly."

Zuo Cidian cleared his throat. "Ahem."

The operating theater instantly became silent.

Then, Ling Ran cut the liver without any hesitation.

"Send to the Pathology Department. Verify the cancer cell boundary." As Ling Ran spoke, he picked up the incised liver tissue and put it into a tube before he watched the tube being put into the incubator.

Nurse Wang Jia took the incubator and ran quickly to the Pathology Department.

The doctors in the operating theater could no longer hold themselves back. They started to whisper to one another.