Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 616

618 Give A Lecture

Zuo Cidian looked worriedly at Ling Ran.

He was not really worried about the surgery itself. Zuo Cidian believed that with Ling Ran's capabilities, he would never allow his patient to die in the operating theater, but Zuo Cidian did not know what the other doctors would say about what Ling Ran was doing.

When something was accomplished in such an earth-shattering manner, it would often bring about earth-shattering results. Sometimes, it would go according to the desired outcome. However, sometimes it would be the opposite.

If this were not happening inside the operating theater, the others would definitely be curious about the outcome and find it amusing.

For every single occupation, the closer you get to the top, the lesser the people whose skill level was on par with you there were.

There were countless hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeons in the country. However, every single one of those who were capable of acting as a chief surgeon in a hepatectomy had basically been enlisted as members of various societies. Hence, no matter where national hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery conferences were held, the attending surgeons would basically be the same few people. Those surgeons were basically just traveling around the country while chit-chatting and wasting the organizers' money.

A person could say that Ling Ran was a rising star in the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery field who appeared all of a sudden.

Even though the people in Changxi Province were not wealthy, the place was, after all, a large province with millions of people. This was especially true for Yun Hua City which boasted a population of almost ten million people. There was quite the demand for hepatectomy, and most of the renowned freelance surgeons in the country had operated on patients in Yun Hua City before.

Ling Ran's rise to fame was a total gamechanger in the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in China. And this alone garnered him plenty of attention.

The only upside was that unlike engineers or those who worked in corporations, doctors did not need to stab each other in the back to rise to prominence. A skillful surgeon would never run out of patients, and surgeons scarcely fought for patients among themselves. Hence, most of them were merely curious about Ling Ran as a person.

They could not believe that he had actually sent samples for pathological examination while carrying out hepatectomy on a patient with liver cancer. Even though a life was at stake, all of them could not help but treat the whole thing as a joke.

"If I were him, I would slice off an extra 0.3 inch right now, perform abdominal closure and send the patient to the ICU so that I get to keep my license." Professor Bao who was sitting in the conference room of Eastern Science Hospital suddenly snorted.

The doctors beside him looked at him.

Unlike government hospitals, Eastern Science Hospital did not have a large array of departments. Hence, they tried their best to recruit doctors from different fields. In the conference room right now, there was an ophthalmologist, an orthopedist, an oncologist, a general surgeon who was an anorectal specialist, a general surgeon specializing in the gastrointestinal tract, among others. Professor Bao was the authoritative figure among them when it came to hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. Hence, all of them listened to him.

Professor Bao was feeling pretty pleased with himself. He chuckled and said, "As all of you can see, this is the second time Ling Ran is sending the patient's tissue sample for pathological examination. If the results were to show that the borders are clear, things would of course end well. I'll totally sing his praises. If the borders aren't clear, he would definitely need to cut off another slice of the patient's liver, wouldn't he?"

"Of course, after all, they have waited for so long."

"If they sent it for the third time, they definitely would not make it in time for the results of the pathological examination. He would have no choice but to make a cut and perform abdominal closure before leaving the operating theater and wait for the results." Professor Bao shook his head. "This lad is just courting trouble. Does he really think that he would be able to explain his way out of this after making such a mess in the operating theater? Does he think that it'll be easy to talk to the patient's family members after what he did?"

"Talk to the patient's family members?"

"They're mine owners. They wouldn't be speaking with a friendly tone even when the things they say are nice." Professor Bao pursed his lips and said, "Qi Yuquan has two sons and two daughters, and none of them are easy to deal with. Even though they have no problem with paying a huge sum of money, I'm sure that if the surgery ends badly, they won't take it lying down."

Professor Bao flashed a smile at Meng Shan.

Meng San smiled a little. "Even if they were to ask for a refund, the money would merely go back to their membership card."

"See, this is how rich people are like. Even after getting a discount, they still wouldn't have any qualms about asking for a refund."

"Well, it's also because we couldn't fulfill our promises," Meng Shan said nonchalantly. He was responsible for the daily operations of Eastern Science Hospital. Hence, he was the one who made the decision to promise a refund to Qi Yuquan.

Professor Bao had no idea what was on Meng Shan's mind. He said, "Then, let's just wait and see if Ling Ran's performance allows us to fulfill our promises."

Professor Bao was very confident in his judgment when it came to this. This was quite natural, as he had performed more than a hundred hepatectomies for liver cancer. It was to the point that he would like to try something new. However, he was merely a little over forty years old, and he was still hotheaded. Hence, most of the judgments he made were wrong. For example, the wife he chose, the mistress he found, the lovers he engaged in sexual intercourse with, the prostitutes he hired. Once, he paid way more than the market rate for a prostitute!

"You know, this is what happens when young people are too full of themselves. See, he's playing it safe again this time. If the pathological examination shows that the borders are unclear this time, he would be put in a difficult situation." The general surgeon who specialized in the gastrointestinal tract, too, said based on his experience to flaunt his superiority.

Most doctors working in private hospitals were old men who were a little over the age of sixty. This was because skilled doctors who were about fifty years old would still harbor slight hopes of becoming a department director one day. Most doctors who were over the age of sixty-five no longer operated on patients. Hence, doctors who were lured to working part-time in private hospitals were old doctors who were a little over the age of sixty who had failed in their quest to become department directors.

Meng Shan, though, was the type of person who would fight until the end in the operating theater. For some reason, Meng Shan suddenly felt as if he understood what Ling Ran was going through right now. "A young doctor like Ling Ran is probably shunned all the time in Yun Hua Hospital. You know how we Chinese are like. We are always trying to pull down those who are capable, and this is especially true in places like hospitals. If he really pulls this off this time, he would probably get to prove his worth and establish his position in his hospital. However, if he doesn't, his situation might not become worse than it already is."

"Can Eastern Science Hospital hire him?" There was a smile on Professor Bao's face. He continued. "There's no need to give him too much money. Even though he's traveling throughout the province to carry out freelance surgeries right now, he's riding on the back of Yun Hua Hospital's fame. After he leaves Yun Hua Hospital, he'll become nothing. Why don't we give him a low basic pay and let him earn money through commissions? Of course, we'll only hire him if this surgery doesn't go too badly. If the person were to die in the operating theater, we wouldn't even need to talk about this, as he wouldn't even deserve a basic pay"


The phone inside the operating theater rang again.

The circulating nurse walked over without saying a thing and picked it up. "Hello, Operating Theater 1."

The circulating nurse hung up after a few seconds. When she raised her head, everyone could see that there was joy on her face. "The borders are clear."

Lu Wenbin widened his eyes in disbelief, and he looked as if he just saw a woman with perfect gluteus maximus or biceps. He asked, "The borders are clear? Does this mean that we have cleared the patient's liver of all cancerous cells?"

The circulating nurse said nothing. This was not part of her job scope.

"It's time to perform abdominal closure," Ling Ran reminded him. Of course, they were not about to carry out abdominal closure immediately, as they still had to wrap things up.

Lu Wenbin was stunned for a brief moment before he immediately helped Ling Ran.

The operating theater was so deathly quiet that it felt like a bedroom where a husband just walked in on his wife having sexual intercourse with another man.

Ling Ran placed both borders of the incision together and sutured it. The incision immediately formed a straight line, and this effect meant that the incision was extremely well-made. This could never happen when it came to emergency hepatectomy.

As everyone gazed at the perfectly stitched-up incision, the atmosphere in the operating theater suddenly livened up.

"All the cancerous cells are gone?"

"There's some serious luck involved there!"

"Was it really because of luck? He did make very thin slices."

"He probably figured it out from the pathological examination results."

"Then, why don't you do the same?"

In the demonstration room of Yun Hua Hospital, the demonstration room for the Physiology Department, conference room of Eastern Science Hospital and the academic report hall of Yun Hua University, those who were acquainted with the field were extremely shocked. Even those who were not experienced an overload of information right then.