Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 617

619 Serious And Solemn

Professor Feng Zhixiang sat in the front row of a lecture hall in Beijing and was sitting straight in front of the 156-inch screen in front of him.

Since he went to Yun Hua Hospital that one time for that not so successful freelance surgery, Professor Feng Zhixiang began to pay attention to the development of Yun Hua Hospital and Ling Ran. This time, Yunli Medical Company, who had just started to expand its business in Beijing, proposed that they could connect and livestream surgeries in high-definition. Professor Feng Zhixiang immediately agreed without hesitation and did not even discuss the price.

Behind Feng Zhixiang were several of his apprentices, including Guo Mingcheng, as well as many of the apprentices of his apprentices.

On the display screen was Yun Hua Hospital's Operating Theater 1. There was a lip-shaped liver that was just incised and brought out. There was a little bit of blood oozing slightly from it, and it looked very fresh.

Ling Ran's young voice was heard from the speaker.

"Pay attention to the location of the ligament."

"Make a knot now."

"Suture the borders of the cut surface together..."

From the speaker, only Ling Ran's voice and the uneven beeping sound of the instruments could be heard. It sounded like a young lion inspecting its territory, and only simple bird calls can be heard.

In the lecture hall, only the sound from the speakers came out.

Professor Feng Zhixiang was an old alpha lion.

Feng Zhixiang, who rose to fame for his contributions in general surgery, had nurtured a batch of high-class doctors who were engaged in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Digestive Surgery Department, Department of Colorectal Surgery... and like him as well, continued to hold great power in the field of general surgery and raised a large number of general practitioners of several generations.

To this day, there was no doubt about Feng Zhixiang's medical authority, especially since he was an associate hospital director as well.

However, Feng Zhixiang always cared about medicine itself, not authority.

Authority was to provide medical service. If he did not have such an awareness, Feng Zhixiang would have long since entered other institutions such as the health bureau to live out his life as en elderly.

Most of the doctors behind Feng Zhixiang who respected him, loved him, and were willing to follow him also pursued medical knowledge. At least at this stage, what they were still pursuing was still medicine...

Since they watched the operation on the screen with a medical eye, everyone had to hold their breaths.

"It's still rather dangerous." Feng Zhixiang could not help but sigh deeply when he heard the results of the first test.

When they saw that the professor had spoken, the expressions of the apprentices behind him were no longer as serious.

"Haven't we also tried sending samples for pathological examinations during surgery? It did not work. Ling Ran is taking it for granted. How could he use such a new, yet-to-be-established method in a surgery observation?" Xiong Zhongyu, who was rather experienced among his apprentices, followed with asigh.

"Perhaps he planned it since the start. He will do this during a surgery observation, and if he succeeded, it will be good. If he doesn't, performing an intraoperative examination would still be a relatively refreshing attempt..." Another young apprentice secretly tried to backstab Ling Ran like a scum.

Feng Zhixiang instead said decisively, "Ling Ran did not need to do this."

When their boss said that, the lackeys would shut up even more decisively.

Guo Mingcheng, who had been to Yun Hua Hospital and was once dazzled by Ling Ran, deliberately added. "There is no problem with Ling Ran's hepatectomy surgery and bleeding control technique. If he wants to make a name for himself, he did not need to go through such trouble and make it so complicated. "

"He really is capable based on his operation."

"Being a surgeon is not only just about performing surgeries."

As the apprentices whispered and discussed among themselves, their own apprentices were so shocked that they shuddered.

They might be apprentices, but they were Feng Zhixiang's apprentices. When they walked out of this lecture hall, each one of them were department directors and chief physicians.

Even the apprentices of these apprentices who were assistant lecturers numbered to the double digits. Many of them will still be lectured and scolded at any moment when their operated with their uncle-masters. Hence, when they compared their own situation to the situation where a doctor's medical case being sent into this lecture hall, they knew that it was already a great honor for that doctor.

Being said as "capable" and even being mentioned in line with "a surgeon is not only just about performing surgeries" in a slightly envious tone could be said to have completely changed the minds of many young doctors.

They could not help but burn the screen with their gazes.

The camera was slowly panning upwards, and the big screen now switched from the operating field to the inside of the operating theater.

The photographer who was responsible for the filming was from Yunli Medical Company. As the surgery had come to a temporary pause and he had some free time, he decided to show Yun Hua Hospital's operating theater, especially its instruments and equipment.

During a surgery observation, if other doctors want to learn Yun Hua hospital's practices, the best way was to copy everything in Yun Hua hospital's operating theater, including the medical equipment, instruments, and medicine.

This was like an interior designer who wanted to copy the decoration of a room. The high-end ones could naturally make some minor adjustments or some big changes, but if the designer was a junior and wanted to copy another person's design, it was best to buy materials which were exactly the same and use the exact same tools...

Everyone's eyes were indeed attracted by some instruments and equipment, and some people remember the brand "Yunli Medical Company", which was printed in large fonts on the equipment. However, Ling Ran still attracted the most attention.

The lecture hall became quiet again.

They looked at Ling Ran as he resected the second slice of liver, and resent it for checking.

Feng Zhixiang started thinking deeply.

His apprentices and his apprentices' apprentices who were familiar with him obediently returned to their seats, and they pretended to be deep in thought as well.

A few minutes later, Feng Zhixiang looked up and said, "Ling Ran may have figured out some method."

"Why?" Several apprentices asked in unison.

"If he keeps sending them for the test repeatedly, he would just be forcing himself and the patient into a dead-end. Unless Ling Ran knows the path to survival, otherwise, I don't think he will do this." Feng Zhixiang analyzed and pointed at the screen, which had just returned to Ling Ran's face, and he said, "Look at Ling Ran's face, if he has no confidence, he wouldn't have such an expression."

Everyone looked at Ling Ran's face.

The lecture hall fell into silence again.


The ringing sound came from Yun Hua Hospital's Operating Theater 1. When it came through the speakers, it was somewhat deafening.

"The borders are clear."

"Close the abdomen."

The conversation between the nurse and Ling Ran came one after another, and it instantly broke the silence in the lecture hall.

"He managed to make the correct guess?"

"He finished the operation already?"

"How did he do it?"

Several people shouted.

Guo Mingcheng, who had seen Ling Ran display his techniques before, became even more convinced. "Ling Ran has definitely figured something out."

While the other doctors were still pondering over his sentence, Feng Zhixiang nodded slowly. "It is possible."

"He actually had the guts to think about sending liver cancer cells for a test."

Feng Zhixiang scoffed and smiled. "He has good skills, of course he would dare to think so. Do you know why I emphasize the fundamentals now?"

The doctors shook their heads obediently.

"Because when your basic skills are good enough, even if you had a wrong train of thought or if you made a mistake in the operation, you can pull the patient back from death." The answer given by Feng Zhixiang made everyone surprised.

Feng Zhixiang then said, "Young Guo, think about it, and invite Ling Ran over to give us a lecture."

"Invite Ling Ran to come over to the hospital to give a lecture?" Guo Mingcheng was in favor, but cannot help but feel diffident.

"Yes, to talk about this operation," Feng Zhixiang answered seriously.