Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 618

620 Turning Better

The operating theater was slightly noisy.

A few doctors even could not help but took out their phones and captured photos. They also knew the main part of the surgery had ended, so they subconsciously relaxed mentally.

Ling Ran, who was doing an inspection, immediately stopped moving. He glanced at people and said without any hesitation, "Those not participating in the surgery, please leave."

"Huh?" A few of them shouted.

The doctors there were all at least assistant lecturers, and many of them were awe-inspiring major chief physicians in their own hospitals, but

The circulating nurse feigned ignorance.

"The surgery is about to end. Everybody, please leave the operating theater accordingly," the circulating nurse said more politely, but when she chased the people away, she had her palms turned toward herself, her fingertips turned toward each other, and she shooed them out by repeatedly flapping her hands.

The young nurse fanned her hands very quickly, and she spoke quickly as well, so the young assistant lecturer and awe-inspiring major chief physicians were forced to quickly leave.

The young assistant lecturer made an analysis. 'She doesn't look like she was chasing away flies.'

The awe-inspiring major chief physicians felt that the move was close to their hearts. 'When I was young, my mother drove away the chickens like this.'

"The surgery time is longer, so let me suture."When Ling Ran saw that the surroundings had become quiet, he felt relieved and performed the suture himself.

Lu Wenbin and the others assisted him by the side. They saw Ling Ran quickly pulling the surgical silk suture, and as he moved his hands, the bent needle holder moved so quickly that it was like bullets coming out of a chest.

The cameraman was the last to leave. After adjusting the shooting position, he was reluctant to leave.

In the blink of an eye, Ling Ran had begun using Lembert Suturing Technique to suture the skin.

If the surgery did not end soon, the anesthetist was going to have to add more anesthesia. At times like this, Ling Ran would not let his assistant suture.

Lu Wenbin and the others would, of course, not disagree with this. In fact, Lu Wenbin and the others had begun digging into such a deep pool of self-doubt that they could not get out of it.

They had followed Ling Ran to perform hepatectomy for many months. In Ling's Treatment Group of Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department, they could cut more livers in a few months than other doctors could do in a few years. However, there were a few of them who could not understand how Ling Ran judged the area of the cancerous tissue.

Yu Yuan was very eager to know. She jumped onto a stepping stool, craned her neck and asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, what were you thinking when you made such a thin cut just now?"

Yu Yuan felt that this was totally a topic for The Lancet. If she did not understand this thoroughly, she would not be able to fall asleep tonight.

When she said that, Yu Yuan looked at the camera with keen senses, and immediately said, "Wait a minute, I'll turn off the voice recording system."

Then, Yu Yuan went and took two more stepping stools to stack them together before standing on them. Then, she pressed on the voice recording button of the camera beside the shadowless lamp.

All the units that received the connection suddenly entered the era of silent films.

Lu Wenbin looked at Yu Yuan's movements and said in admiration, "That's awesome, this is the first time I saw someone use three stepping stools."


"Three stepping stools are not stable. They are not safe," Lu Wenbin said.

"I just stepped on it and pressed on the mute button, what's the matter?" Yu Yuan said with a snort.

Lu Wenbin said, "Since you're only stepping it for a while to press the button, why don't you use the stool?"

Yu Yuan could not help but look at the stool.

The height of the stool was equivalent to the height of three stepping stools

Yu Yuan trembled a little, "Obviously, I have to check Su Jiafu's feelings."

Lu Wenbin quickly said, "Please don't cry"

"I'm angry!" Yu Yuan increased her volume, "I'm pissed with Su Jiafu! He always says that stools are meant for sitting, not stepping. If I wasn't influenced by his nonsense, how is it possible that I wouldn't be able to register the fact that I could have just stepped on the stool?"


"Su Jiafu is just poop coming from a bleeding digestive tract, and it is black even when I cut it open!" Yu Yuan snorted heavily, and she released a dangerous aura.

Lu Wenbin started to think, 'Why would you cut open poop?'

Zuo Cidian fell into deep thought. 'I only know that the stones in the toilet are smelly and hard, but poop coming from a bleeding digestive tract is Oh, my poop has been a bit dark recently too, I should eat more vegetables.'

Yu Yuan soon adjusted her emotions under the muted camera.

She turned around and asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, how did you identify the level of invasion of the cancerous cells? Why did you make such a thin cut just now?"

Ling Ran said calmly, "I felt that I should be able to remove everything with just that."

"Should be able to remove?" Yu Yuan was lost.


"So, what was your judgment based on?"

"Feeling," Ling Ran answered.

"Judgment is based on feeling, but how did you feel that you could remove everything"

"I thought that the invasion should be about that thickness." Ling Ran nodded. What he removed just now was slightly more than what he cut on the Virtual Human. Ling Ran felt that the extra amount was compulsory.

"Were you guessing?" Yu Yuan's small body swayed, and she was about to fall.

If it had not been because the borders had been cleared of cancer cells in the test report sent back to them just now, Yu Yuan wanted to ask, 'Are you kidding me? What is this "feeling"? What do you mean by "should be"?'

"It can't be said as a guess. This is an estimation, it's something like making a calculated guess," Ling Ran explained.

Ling Ran was good at polishing his sentence. When he went to elementary school, there would always be girls or women who came over and asked, "How do you take care of your skin?" If Ling Ran said he was born with it, he would make them sad. If he did not treat the situation with care, they might even want to touch his face before they left.

If he told them that he did not eat chocolate, that would drive them to think.

Of course, Ling Ran did not eat chocolate as well, and Ling Ran liked to see others think.

Humans who were thinking would not usually use their bodies to act. If Ling Ran did not learn how to improve and beautify his words, his face might have been in pain since the day he was born, because too many young ladies who came and asked him how he took care of his skin.

Yu Yuan started to think as well.

She must think. If she did not think, she would want to scold someone.

"Doctor Ling, since this is a calculated guess, why did you need to organize a surgery observation?" Yu Yuan did not understand that.

"I'm confident, and Department Director Huo requested it." Ling Ran's answer was simple and nice.

Yu Yuan was almost driven crazy, "You said you made a calculated guess, so why did you say you're confident?"

"I'm confident in making calculated guesses?" Ling Ran had polished his words to the highest level.

Yu Yuan was stunned as she looked at Ling Ran. She felt that her second authorship in The Lancet was slowly slipping from her fingers. Her expression and mannerism made her look like a squirrel whose nuts were stolen.

She shook her head. "In this case, today's surgery cannot be repeated."

"It'll be rather hard to repeat. Today's surgery was a special case. If there is any other case, we will see how it goes again." Ling Ran's reply was not straightforward. He only had 2 hours and 52 minutes left for the Virtual Human, and the number of times he could perform such surgeries was limited.

Yu Yuan felt incredibly regretful. "It seems that there is no chance in me publishing the research article anymore."

"However, the patient is saved." Ling Ran raised his neck and exercised it a little before he said, "The 73-year-old patient might be older, but because of his old age, he could ensure that he will be able to maintain a certain degree of quality of life for the next few years and live comfortably."

Ling Ran pursed his lips and said, "Surgeons cannot treat cancer. For elderly patients, cancer treatment means performing surgery treatment and reducing the recurrence rate."

Yu Yuan, Lu Wenbin, and the others could not help but became serious and nodded sternly.

From the screen, the movements of the three resident doctors made them look like disciples who were enlightened by a great master, and they showed the imposing manner of the saying 'If I were to gain knowledge of the correct path, I would be able to die at sunset'. The atmosphere in the operating theater became very serious and solemn.

"I can see that Ling Ran developed good skills." In Beijing, thousands of miles away, Professor Feng Zhixiang secretly nodded while his mind was full of countless ideas.

"Ling Ran We're not in the Middle Ages anymore, does he want to hide his skills and pass them down to only a select few?" He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Yun Hua Hospital, who was dozens of yards away looked at the screen and felt envious. He wanted eagerly to be in the operating theater. If he was not being held back by what remained of his dignity, He Yuanzheng would have probably rushed in there now.

Screaming could be heard from a classroom around 2,485 miles away. The young female lecturer shuddered from head to toe and said to her students, "Class, this is what a doctor looks like, and this is the career that we will be fighting in for the rest of our lives. If you study properly, there will probably be one day where you can stand in front of doctor Ling, and listen to his lecture"