Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 619

621 Encountering A Big Shot At The Icu

"The surgery is very successful, but because of your father's age and his condition, the patient still needs to be observed in the ICU for some time" Zuo Cidian stepped out from the operating theater to explain the situation to Qi Yuquan's two sons, two daughters, two brothers, two sistersand the others who waited outside.

"Will my father recover? Can he wake up?" The one who first spoke was Qi Yuquan's eldest son, who was also the heir of the mine, and the one who could make the decision in the family.

Zuo Cidian first showed a faint smile on his face before he discreetly turned his body to face Qi Liangpeng directly.

This was the strategy he had learned in the town hospital. The town was poor, but there were big bosses who appeared in the town. These people still had families and relatives who stayed in the town. Some people who were in need of treatment would pay big bucks to the town hospital. The only two donations received by the town hospital were made by their fellow townsmen who soon left the town.

When their townsmen came back, the city, county, and town would send people over. There would be people who would even teach them the proper manners to greet them, or rather, they taught them the tricks to handle them.

When Zuo Cidian faced Qi Liangpeng, he did not speak immediately. He only slowly opened his mouth and started speaking when Qi Liangpeng became slightly worried, "Mister Qi Yuquan's condition has always been very bad. His physical conditions, age, and underlying diseases made the surgery complicated. Therefore, if you ask me now whether Mister Qi Yuquan can make it, we cannot give you a very firm answer. The coming three days are the most crucial time. If he can get over them, that'll be the worst part over."

The last line was the most commonly used sentence by doctors.

The Qi family members who heard it felt confused. They thought about it, but they could not grasp the concept.

"Doctor Zuo, tell me honestly. Has his situation turned better, or has it become worse?" Qi Liangpeng held Zuo Cidian's hand, and his expression turned serious. "We will be making a few important decisions in the near future. Honestly speaking, our father's condition will affect the partnership greatly. If you let me know the exact situation, I can prepare for the worst scenario, you know?"

Whenever the concept of "partnership" was mentioned, Zuo Cidian could not help but feel a little diffident.

He cannot mess up another person's business, after all.

However, Zuo Cidian could not just them everything without protecting himself.

After thinking for a while, Zuo Cidian answered, "Our current treatment plan goes this way. First, the patient needs to go through chemotherapy once or twice, but he does not need the full dose. He only needs one third or even one-quarter of a normal people's dose. This is for prevention. Then, when he gets out of ICU, just bring him over for a follow-up visit every three months. If there is no problem, he can just live normally."

"Do you mean that he will recover?" Now, the Qi family all understood.

"We are still rather optimistic with his situation." Zuo Cidian noticed their expression and said confidently.

"Thank you very much." Qi Liangpeng held Zuo Cidian's hand and said, "Doctor Zuo, let's have a meal together when you are free. We as family members have no idea how the hospital system works, so we would like to ask for your opinion."

Zuo Cidian actually wanted to go.

It was rare for him to meet such interesting and understanding rich people. Who knew, maybe he could build some kind of connection with them?

However, Ling Ran frowned upon such practices, so Zuo Cidian also did not want to get into it.

After saying a few more sentences, Zuo Cidian left.

The Qi Family gathered together, discussed among themselves for a while, and headed to the ICU.

Zuo Cidian watched them from behind and sighed in relief.

Although the surgery was very successful, if the patient were sent to the ICU, it would make the patient's family think negatively. Making this risk disappear was one of Zuo Cidian's jobs.

The Qi family waited for a while, then they saw Qi Yuquan being sent over.

The seventy-three-year-old Qi Yuquan's face was pale like a sheet. No matter how successful the surgery was, his body's condition would lead to a rough road ahead.

Like what people said, "Just let those golden age citizens do whatever they want." In the past, a seventy-year-old person's life was rather unstable, so much so that accidents might happen if they were asked to stay overnight at a place.

In the current society, there were not many changes in the situation. Stroke, heart attack, bone fractures after falling down, flu, and pneumonia, there were many risks that were fatal to old people, yet the treatment paths were usually limited.

"Is Doctor Ling not here?" Qi Liangpeng could not go inside the ICU, so he looked into it through the glass.

The ratio of the doctor to nurse inside the ICU was 1: 1. Qi Liangpeng could see many doctors and nurses who were busy inside, but he did not see Ling Ran, who he wanted to see the most.

"Doctor Ling is too tired, so he went back and rest." Lu Wenbin waited all the way until Qi Yuquan was awake. He quickly came over when he saw the Qi family members.

"It's all thanks to Doctor Ling this time, please pass this message to Doctor Ling" Qi Liangpeng's tone was quite calm. Since he was not sure about the surgery outcome yet, his attitude was considered as normal.

When Lu Wenbin heard this, he said, "I'll pass your message to him." Then, he lowered his head and started to read.

Qi Liangpeng did not keep bothering him with questions, but he found a place, took out his phone, and started to contact his friend.

Because of his father's disease, Qi Liangpeng had contacted many friends and enquired many doctors directly and indirectly. When he thought about it at this time, he still chose to call Doctor Xu from Beijing.

Doctor Xu was one of the most famous members from in the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Beijing, and he always appeared in different journals, so he was considered quite famous.

The reason Qi Liangpeng chose him was because he knew Doctor Xu a bit more.

The main question was, Doctor Xu was a quiet man, and he was the type of person who did not share and talk much even if someone kept asking him questions

"You know Ling Ran? Ling Ran performed surgery for your father?" The voice heard from the other end of the phone was nothing like the quiet man he was.

"Yes, it is my father's surgery. Ling Ran is the chief surgeon for it." Qi Liangpeng made some simple descriptions and asked the expert, "What do you think"

"What do I think? What can I think?! What does he think?! Of course, you should let Ling Ran decide!" Doctor Xu shouted, "Tell me his schedule, I'll come to Yun Hua Hospital to take a look!"