Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 620

622 Quickly

The next day, Qi Liangpeng went to the airport early to pick up Doctor Xu, then returned to the hospital. It was nine in the morning.

"An early flight really saves time." Qi Liangpeng yawned and tried to find something to talk about.

Doctor Xu Wen gave a non-committal hum that left the other party hanging.

Qi Liangpeng helplessly looked at the rearview mirror.

Doctor Xu gave off the vibe of an intelligent individual. He wore glasses and had lively eyes. He was very attentive to anything that caught his eye. His suit was neatly ironed. If it were not for that pair of protruding ears which ruined his whole appearance, his photo would have looked completely at home on a college registration notice.

Qi Liangpeng spent half of the year in the coal mine, which was why he felt more attracted to people with good hygiene. However, Xu Wenxu did not like talking, which left Qi Liangpeng feeling horrible.

"How was the flight? At this point, there is no flow control, right? What I'm afraid of most is being late." Qi Liangpeng held the steering wheel with one hand, and he looked as if he was driving with ease.

Doctor Xu silently checked his seat belt and said, "Hmm."

"Normal people don't tend to take flights during this hour. Was the business-class flight okay? The seats in our domestic flights are all practically benches. Actually, there are not many services, but the fare is cheap. It's good to ride in that plane if you don't mind those things, and you'll be at your destination in just shy of 3 hours"


"Yun Hua Hospital is just up ahead. It is in the center of the city, and it's not very large. There are buildings behind it. In fact, the lower buildings next to them belong to their families. They built welfare houses for former employees. Now they intend to take them back for renovation, but they could not afford to demolish them, so they just abandoned them" Qi Liangpeng yawned again and spoke faster.

He had not slept well yesterday. His father had surgery and now stayed in the ICU. He lost count on how many subordinates, old business partners, relatives, and friends dropped by to visit him. Qi Liangpeng had stayed up late to drink and chat with them until midnight.

Unfortunately for him, Doctor Xu from the capital had decided to come so early.

If he were another person, Qi Liangpeng would definitely have not shown up.

However, when it came to doctors, Qi Liangpeng really did not dare to give them the cold shoulder.

Qi Liangpeng now knew how difficult it was to invite an awesome doctor over. Since his father got liver cancer, Qi Liangpeng had gone to multiple places countless times. He had money with him, but at that moment, he really had no way of using it in the medical system.

In the end, he had sent Qi Yuquan in a private hospital because he had some acquaintances there. He could turn his money into money that could be used in the medical treatment system. Otherwise, every time he switched to another hospital, he had to pull the strings of up to three acquaintances to get a hospital bed. Qi Liangpeng could not be any more unhappy about it.

For Qi Liangpeng, doctors at Xu Wen's level were more difficult to invite.

He had money, and as far as the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was concerned, they had more than a dozen amazing academicians. It was easy for Qi Liangpeng to try to persuade them to come for freelance surgery.

But with his father's physical condition, no one was willing to step up. And if they did not want to perform surgery, it was not just difficult for Qi Liangpeng to ask any doctor to give a diagnosis, but also unnecessary.

Doctors who were slightly inferior were similarly not the type where Qi Liangpeng could invite over just because he wanted to, because these doctors were the department directors of a large hospital or the backbone of a small hospital. If the prospective surgery was too much for them, they did not like to get mixed in trouble.

It was good enough that Qi Liangpeng was able to find a more enthusiastic and superior doctor like Doctor Xu, who was in front of him, through occasional calls or messages from WeChat.

This time, Doctor Xu had traveled down to Yun Hua from a long distance. Although Qi Liangpeng was sleepy, he insisted on meeting him at the airport.

If he were to give him money, Doctor Xu might not like it very much. Qi Liangpeng thought that the best thing he could give was respect!

"Go to the Emergency Department first," Doctor Xu Wen suddenly spoke.

The Emergency Medical Center and the Inpatient Department were two huge buildings, so they could be spotted from a distance.

Qi Liangpeng quickly forced himself to be awake and said, "Okay."

A few minutes later, Qi Liangpeng's Mercedes Benz S450 stopped in front of the Emergency Medical Center. When the door was opened, they immediately heard faint cries in the hall.

Qi Liangpeng raised his eyebrows. This was not a good omen. He racked his brain andwanted to explain the situation to Doctor Xu. But he saw that Doctor Xu had walked past him toward the Emergency Medical Center.

"Is Doctor Ling Ran in?" Xu Wen did not find the nurse at the reception desk. Instead, he entered a corridor that was beside the treatment, found and office, and entered it to ask some questions.

Most of the doctors in the office were from the Department of Internal Medicine. The first office at the start of the corridor had always been said by the doctors to be the second patient assistance desk.

As Xu Wen asked his question, the doctor inside looked up when he saw the white coat. He could not be bothered to ask any more questions. He just said, "He's making ward rounds at the ward area."

"Let's go to the ward area." Xu Wen retreated as he said to Qi Liangpeng without wasting another second.

Qi Liangpeng was a little reluctant. He smiled and said, "Let's go to the ICU first. Doctor Ling goes to the ICU every day."

He called Xu Wen here to make an assessment, so naturally, he did not want Xu Wen to meet Ling Ran too early.

It was like evaluating a mine. If the owner of a mine or the same sort came into contact with the appraiser in advance, the evaluation result would have changed.

"The ward area is nearer," Xu Wen said.

"Well, we are not sure what else Doctor Ling is doing now. It's not good for us to delay his ward rounds." Qi Liangpeng's words rushed out of his mouth. He had tricked his workers to work in his mines for twelve hours per day, six days per week with his oratory skills many times before.

Xu Wen hesitated for a few seconds, nodded again, and said, "Okay, we'll visit the patient first."

With that, Xu Wen raised his gaze to see the structure of the Emergency Medical Center. He found the stairway and walked up without asking anyone. Then, he went through the corridor in the middle and directly went upstairs to the Inpatient Building.

Qi Liangpeng was surprised. "Doctor Xu, you've been to Yun Hua Hospital before?"

"It's my first time," Xu Wen rolled his eyes, because he knew what Qi Liangpeng was implying. He simply said, "The interior design of domestic hospitals is mostly the same."

Qi Liangpeng laughed and said, "That makes everything easier. We should do the same for the mine. No matter which mines the workers come from Forget it, mines are too complicated. Ah it's hard to try to do something"

When he peeked at Xu Wen again, he saw that Xu Wen did not even blink.

'Fine, you went into silent mode again, huh?'

Since he was not driving anymore, Qi Liangpeng shut up and followed Xu Wen. They walked on a path that he was not familiar with.


"Honk honk honk."

The big white goose downstairs honked loudly, proclaiming its sovereignty while it chased behind several children.

The children giggled, and they looked as if they had gone to work in a farmstay.

Aside from the Gynaecology Department in the hospital, it was very difficult to hear the cheers and laughter in a hospital. In truth, most of the time, the Gynaecology Department was mostly occupied by anxiety and wails. Even when the people laughed, they could not do so with ease.

Only children would giggle dumbly because of a big white goose in a hospital.

Xu Wen could not help but stand still. He stared at the big white goose downstairs for a while.

Qi Liangpeng had stayed here for a few days, and he had taken the time to look at the goose before, so he made some introductions, "Doctor Ling is the one taking care of the goose. Its name is Fragrance Yard."

"It's a good name." While Xu Wen stared at it, he laughed.

When Qi Liangpeng saw his expression, he thought of Ling Ran again, and he could not help but ponder over it in his mind. 'Did the doctors have their heads destroyed by the teachers in school, and the better ones will have more screws loose in their heads?'

Xu Wen continued staring at the big white goose downstairs, and he did not notice Qi Liangpeng's expression.

He watched for a long time, and in the end, a child who tried to show off had caused too much of a ruckus. The big white goose caught his hindleg and bit it.

The child wailed, and the people around the area went up. Some of the people pulled the child over, and some went to protect the big white goose. By the looks of it, they were all patients or family members.

Xu Wen finally released a long sigh. "It's good that it managed to bite him."

"Huh?" Qi Liangpeng did not understand.

"If it managed to bite him, it means that the goose is normal." After Xu Wen said this, he sucked in a deep breath before he said, "Yun Hua's weather is pretty good."

"Is it because it's a city by the coast? No, we're in a building, and we have central air-conditioning" Qi Liangpeng did not manage to finish speaking, because Xu Wen had already strode forward.

Qi Liangpeng could only work his legs, which frequently wandered around the mines, to quickly catch up to him. He suddenly recalled something with great emotion. 'When I was earning money, I had to follow my leaders around. Now, I'm spending money, but I have to chase after a doctor'

He might be thinking of this, but when Qi Liangpeng ran, he was faster than usual. He made introductions, just like the time he followed his leader around. "We're considered early today. After some time, if we're free, we can go to the beach and try some seafood. The seafood at Yun Hua is pretty special"


"There's a street filled with pubs near the hotel you stay, Doctor Xu. It'll be very lively."


"Doctor Xu, you sure like the quiet, huh?"

Xu Wen quietly cast a glance at Qi Liangpeng.


The door to the elevator opened, and Xu Wen as well as Qi Liangpeng looked over. They saw a group of people spread out in front of the door to the ICU, and they wandered around the area like vultures out on a hunt.

"Which one is Doctor Ling?" Xu Wen's gaze burned even more. He grabbed Qi Liangpeng with a grip that was not unlike a goose when it had its beak around something.