Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 621

623 Three Hundred Patients

"Another doctor's here for Ling Ran." At the corner of the reception hall outside the ICU, Guo Mingcheng furrowed his eyebrows a little as he looked at Xu Wen. "He looks a little familiar. I reckon that he's either a doctor from Beijing or that he goes to Beijing frequently."

"Young chaps nowadays are just trying to get capable people as their teachers so that they get to learn their teachers' family secret or something once they realize that money won't be handed to them on a silver plate. My grandson's novels are filled with things like this." The veteran associate chief physician from the General Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital, Wei Jun was sitting beside Guo Mingcheng.

Wei Jun had studied in Beijing before when he was young and was under Professor Feng Zhixiang's guidance for a few months. Hence, he was acquainted with Guo Mingcheng. Because of Ling Ran, both of them got back in touch.

Wei Jun was not having an easy time at Yun Hua Hospital. Even though his beard was slowly turning white, it did not seem that he was going to become a chief physician soon. A person could say that Wei Jun currently found everything around him an eyesore.

Guo Mingcheng did not really like what he heard. He smiled and said, "The doctor seems like he's around forty or fifty though."

"He's still a kid. As a doctor, he would only be considered successful when he's forty." Wei Jun spoke according to Guo Mingcheng's age. Even though one could always flaunt his seniority, it was not good to take things too far.

Guo Mingcheng found it a little amusing. "How about those who are not forty years old yet?"

Wei Jun shook his head. "I won't even get into that. It's too insulting."

After Wei Jun said this, he looked around to show his disdain toward the 'young' doctors."

Guo Mingcheng had no idea whether to cry or laugh. 'If only we get to look down on all those who are younger than us. If only life works this way.'

Wei Jun, though, was not a person who was good at telling what others were thinking based on their facial expression. When he saw that Guo Mingcheng was not saying anything, he continued, "Doctors like Ling Ran are quite uncommon. Actually, I watch Ling Ran's surgery quite often since I work in Yun Hua Hospital. He actually only knows a few surgical methods. You can say that he has only three tricks in his book."

Guo Mingcheng smiled nonchalantly.

"You look like you're don't believe what I say. Let me lay them out before you. First, hepatectomy, and he's good at it, so it isn't a problem. Second, finger replantation surgery and M-Tang surgery, right? Third, Achilles tendon repair surgery and knee arthroplasty. I know that he's also capable of carrying out a few emergency surgeries such as splenectomy and appendectomy. I think that he had also carried out orchiectomy before, and I think that's all..." Wei Jun could not recall everything, but he did indeed have a good knowledge of what Ling Ran had done. After all, they worked in the same hospital, and in the hospital, news traveled fast. This was especially true when it came to news regarding Ling Ran.

Guo Mingcheng hummed in acknowledgment and said with a smile, "That doesn't seem to classify as 'few' to me."

"But this is not how ordinary doctors go about things, is it? Even if we disregard other surgical methods, Ling Ran had not tried his hand at most surgical methods in the General Surgery Department." Wei Jun chuckled a few times and said, "From what I know, he had never carried out any surgery related to the intestines before."


"If I were to comment on him, Ling Ran is just a one-trick pony. If you don't believe in what I'm saying, you can observe him yourself. Instead of exploring a field, he only learns single surgical methods." Wei Jun shook his head vigorously. "This isn't systematic. You know, with the way he's going right now, even if he gets the upper hand in the beginning, he will lose out in the end. I feel that we should find a chance to show him the right way to do things."

As Wei Jun spoke, he looked earnestly at Guo Mingcheng.

Guo Mingcheng was dumbfounded as he listened to what Wei Jun was saying, and he looked at Wei Jun with a very unimpressed expression on his face.

Wei Jun whose beard was turning white said, "You don't believe in what I'm saying? This isn't just pure theory."

Guo Mingcheng cut Wei Jun off with a cough and said, "Associate Chief Physician Wei, you feel like what Ling Ran isn't systematic and that he would only get the upper hand in the beginning right? I actually agree with you. So, how do we take advantage of this fact?"


"You know that I'm working on a project about portal hypertension right? If only I were as good as Ling Ran in hepatectomy, I would have been finished with my project a long time ago." Guo Mingcheng flashed a smile as he spoke.

This time, Wei Jun could not figure out what was going on. "So, you're here to ask Ling Ran about his secret?"

When Guo Mingcheng remembered what Wei Jun said earlier, his expression turned dark. "No, it's not that. I'll talk about cooperating with him."

"Oh, you're going to ask Ling Ran to operate on patients together with you. Oh" Wei Jun felt that he had figured out what Guo Mingcheng was talking about. Plenty of senior doctors carry out didactic surgeries. They just needed to stand in the operating theater and bark out orders while the junior doctors performed all the main maneuvers. The surgeries would then be credited to them, and they get the full payment.

Guo Mingcheng was kind of lazy to explain things to Wei Jun at this point. Wei Jun was just an old doctor who was about to retire, anyway, and there was no point in telling him too many things. His intention of heading over this time was to make an alliance with a doctor in Yun Hua Hospital. Even though he felt regretful over the fact that he failed to carry out his freelance surgery in Yun Hua Hospital well before this and missed the opportunity to extend the influence of his hospital to Yun Hua Hospital, now that some time had passed, Guo Mingcheng felt that he could go about things by forming an alliance with a doctor here.

However, Guo Mingcheng seriously found Wei Jun a weird person. 'No wonder he's still an associate chief physician even though he's about to retire.'

Wei Jun was obviously not aware of this. He chuckled as he plotted together with Guo Mingcheng. "You want Ling Ran to operate on patients together with you? This wouldn't be easy, as he's capable of acting as chief surgeon himself. He also has his own treatment group. How do you plan to convince him? By paving a road for him to make a name for himself in Beijing?"

Guo Mingcheng shook his head as he looked at Wei Jun. He did not hide things. "I can give him the opportunity to carry out a liver transplant."

Wei Jun immediately froze.

In China, a liver transplant was considered extremely high-end surgery.

As the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital was weak, they did not even get many opportunities to acquaint themselves with liver transplants before this.

Wei Jun's thoughts immediately ran wild. He asked, "You guys have sources of liver donors?"

Guo Mingcheng nodded. Truth be told, their sources of liver donors were extremely scarce. He would think about whether to let Ling Ran join their liver transplant team depending on how their discussion went.

Of course, Ling Ran was definitely skilled enough to carry out liver transplantation. Even if you were to disregard his other skills, with his bleeding control capabilities alone, other doctors would feel a lot more at ease with him in the operating theater.

Guo Mingcheng thought about things, and the moment he raised his head, he saw a doctor walking out of the ICU. The doctor seemed a little emotional as he spoke to Qi Yuquan's family members in a hushed tone.

Guo Mingcheng elbowed Wei Jun and asked, "Which department is this doctor who's talking to Qi Yuquan's family members from?"

Wei Jun glanced at the doctor and shook his head. "I've never seen him before. Qi Yuquan's family members probably brought this doctor with him."

"They're probably worried." Guo Mingcheng immediately knew what was going on the moment he heard that. He shook his head. "Qi Yuquan is just lucky. If he were to be admitted into another hospital and get operated by some other doctor, he wouldn't have more than six months left to live."

"I heard that most of the cancerous cells are removed" As Wei Jun spoke, he explained what happened during the surgery in detail.

Guo Mingcheng listened nonchalantly to Wei Jun. He had watched the surgery, and he did not need some inferior doctor like Wei Jun to explain things to him.

Even though general surgeons were capable of performing hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries, at the end of the day, they were still general surgeons.



The elevator doors slid open, and this time, Ling Ran was the one who walked out.

Guo Mingcheng immediately looked over. At the same time, the numerous doctors who were scattered around the hall looked toward the elevator in a reserved and excited manner.

Ling Ran looked straight ahead as he walked toward the ICU.

He was quite used to this kind of attention. Of course, it was not usually from old men like these doctors.

"Doctor Ling, I am Xu Wen from Beijing University Sixth Hospital" Xu Wen immediately charged toward Ling Ran. Unlike other doctors, he did not bother to think of a polite way to start a conversation or to put on a refined and calm facade.

"Nice to meet you." Ling Ran nodded at Xu Wen.

"Doctor Ling, I would like to learn hepatectomy from you." Xu Wen did not bother with pleasantries, and he immediately raised his request.

"Oh, I'm not free right now." Ling Ran was even more straightforward as he gave an answer.

Xu Wen quickly said, "I don't need Yun Hua Hospital to arrange anything. I just want to learn from you"

"There's no need for that." Ling Ran shook his head. He then went to get changed and entered the ICU.

As Qi Liangpeng and the other doctors gazed at Xu Wen, they suddenly felt some kind of relief.

Ling Ran only exited the ICU fifteen minutes later.

"The patient's recovery is going very well." Ling Ran stood outside the door and said in a low voice.

Qi Liangpeng immediately thanked him.

Xu Wen rushed toward Ling Ran again and asked, "Doctor Ling, do you have any special requests? What do I need to do for you to teach me hepatectomy?"

"You want to learn what I did when I operated on Qi Yuquan, right?" Ling Ran stopped in his tracks and replied.

"Yes," Xu Wen immediately answered.

Ling Ran glanced at him and said, "You won't be able to."

"I am a very fast learner" Xu Wen immediately said.

Ling Ran chuckled. 'You don't even have access to simulations of patient's bodies'