Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 622

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"Doctor Ling, the patient is doing pretty well right now, isn't he? When do you plan to discharge him?" When Xu Wen saw that Ling Ran was unwilling to teach him hepatectomy, he immediately changed his strategy and started flattering Ling Ran's skills.

The doctors around Xu Wen immediately realized what he was doing. They quickly crowded over. They looked like obedient dogs who had their necks craned forward and were wagging their tails as they waited for Ling Ran to speak.

Nowadays, it was very normal for doctors who wanted to elevate their skills to flatter their way up the ladder.

All the doctors who came to Yun Hua Hospital were interested in the skills that Ling Ran exhibited. This included Guo Mingcheng. He only had the intention to invite Ling Ran to Beijing and provide Ling Ran with the opportunity to carry out liver transplantation so that he had the opportunity to learn from Ling Ran. Flattering skillful doctors to learn from them was a basic component of their ethics as a doctor.

Ling Ran was not affected at all. People crowded about him all the time.

Ling Ran simply assumed that all the doctors were concerned about the patient. He nodded politely and said, "I'll see how things are tomorrow. If he shows signs of improvement, I'll transfer him to a normal ward and ask him to try getting off the bed. If things go well, he'll be able to leave the hospital in about a week."

"That's excellent. I can't believe that a seventy-three-year-old patient with so many underlying diseases will get to leave the hospital in a week after receiving hepatectomy." Xu Wen flattered Ling Ran by stating the facts, and everyone voiced their agreement.

"You didn't even have much time to think about what to do about the patient's underlying diseases so that you can get rid of his cancerous cells as soon as possible. Such surgery is very arduous indeed."

"I heard that the patient only received one round of low-dose chemotherapy? This is really good for the patient's immune system."

Everyone immediately played along and praised Ling Ran.

This was the epitome of admiration.

Celebrities often flattered other celebrities so that they could rub off those celebrities' fame or star alongside them.

It was almost the same when it came to doctors who flattered other doctors. The doctors who were singing Ling Ran's praises wanted to learn how to send samples for pathological examination while carrying out hepatectomy in patients suffering from liver cancer too. After all, hepatectomy alone was not considered a very high-end surgery at this time of age. It was only considered challenging if it was done on patients with liver cancer.

Ling Ran did not care about what other people were thinking. He merely talked about the surgery based on his understanding.

Xu Wen pretended to be interested for a while, but that was not what he wanted to hear. Hence, he cut Ling Ran off. "Doctor Ling, there's a segment in the video of the surgery where there isn't any sound. What were you guys talking about at that time?"

As everyone was interested in this matter, they immediately stopped talking and looked at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran thought about it and said, "We were talking about how to use our intuition during surgeries."

"How to use our intuition? Just like the surgeons in the past?" When Xu Wen first became a doctor, surgeons did not use to carry out pathological examination and utilize medical imaging technology. Hence, they were very subjective when it came to their judgment regarding how far the cancer cells had spread."

At that time, the lifespan of patients who were operated by different doctors varied greatly. However, having large chunks of their organs sliced off did not mean that the patients would live for a long time. With the medical technology at that time, doctors had to go with what their heart said. As they faced patients' cancerous organs, where to slice off bigger chunks and where to slice off smaller chunks was a great challenge.

Xu Wen gazed passionately at Ling Ran. He had learned under more than one teacher, and nowadays, he preferred those who went with their intuition instead of relying on technology.

However, Ling Ran merely raised his head to glance at Xu Wen and said, "I don't know what you mean."

"Like what our seniors did" When Xu Wen was halfway through the sentence, he suddenly realized that Ling Ran was only a little over twenty years old and that Ling Ran had not experienced what he was talking about.

At this moment, Guo Mingcheng cleared his throat and helped Xu Wen articulate his question. "Doctor Ling, how did you manage to train yourself to have such a good intuition during surgeries?"

Ling Ran merely smiled. He did not explain things.

There were plenty of inexplicable things in life, and there was no point in explaining everything to everyone.

All the doctors looked at one another. There was a peculiar atmosphere in the air, and they had flashbacks of the time they first started working as a doctor. Whenever there was a problem, the senior doctors would merely smile. Even though their smiles could be interpreted as an encouragement, it could also mean 'I'm too lazy to explain things. You guys will understand it in the future.'

Ling Ran escaped the crowd. Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian walked closely behind him.

Zuo Cidian even jogged forward to press the elevator button.

After Ling Ran entered the elevator, Zuo Cidian even stood right in front of the entrance and stared at the doctors outside the elevator so that they would be too embarrassed to come in.

"Doctor Ling" Xu Wen was not a person who had the concept of shame. He squeezed past Zuo Cidian and said with a smile, "Doctor Ling, can you come over to Beijing University Sixth Hospital and operate on a few patients so that you can give us some guidance?"

He was obviously referring to freelance surgery.

Zuo Cidian's lips trembled a little.

Whenever a doctor carried out freelance surgery in Beijing, local hospitals like Yun Hua Hospital got to boast a lot about it. They would say things like, "Our hospital's xxx department is super excellent. The doctors are even better than those in Beijing hospitals, and our xxx department is one of the top three in China." This was how it usually went.

Of course, doctors from most hospitals would not have the chance to carry out freelance surgery in Beijing. They had no shame in boasting even if they merely attended a conference in Beijing.

Guo Mingcheng felt a lot of trepidation when he heard that, as he was worried that Ling Ran would agree to Xu Wen's offer.

However, Guo Mingcheng was too embarrassed to invite Ling Ran over to his hospital for freelance surgery. The hiring of a freelance surgeon signified that a hospital was not able to solve a problem and had to enlist an outside expert. Hence, the usual practice was for doctors from larger hospitals to carry out freelance surgery in smaller hospitals. For example, excellent doctors from provincial hospitals would go to town hospitals for freelance surgery while those from town hospitals would go to county hospitals for freelance surgery. Meanwhile, excellent doctors from Beijing traveled all around the country. It was quite a rare sight for doctors from Beijing hospitals to invited doctors from local hospitals over to Beijing.

Of course, Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not a high-ranking hospital in Beijing, and Xu Wen was famous for being shameless. Hence, Guo Mingcheng had no comments on the situation.

Guo Mingcheng, though, had to take the reputation of his teacher into consideration. He could not bring shame to Feng Zhixiang.

After a moment's hesitation, Guo Mingcheng had no choice but to talk about the offer he originally planned to make privately. He, too, rushed into the escalator and said, "Doctor Ling, if you're willing to come over to Beijing, our department is preparing to carry out liver transplant. You can join the team and give it a try."

He did not mind letting Ling Ran join the liver transplant team. It was not as embarrassing as inviting Ling Ran over to his hospital for a freelance surgery.

Before Ling Ran could react, Xu Wen was already glaring at Guo Mingcheng.

He fixed his gaze on Guo Mingcheng and said, "What's so great about liver transplant?"

"Well, it is," Guo Mingcheng said.


Ling Ran ignored everyone and headed to the operating theater. This was part of his daily schedule, anyway. Aside from making ward rounds and carry out surgeries, he felt happy whenever he was in the operating theater.

Back when he was still studying, Ling Ran liked being in the library at this time of the day. He could spend all afternoon reading an interesting book, and there would be way fewer girls trying to strike a conversation with him. As for the pile of messages, post-it notes, and origami cranes, he just had to bring them home at the same time. He would not reply them one by one either.

Even though the atmosphere in the emergency room was tense, because of it, there was some kind of serenity to it.

Ling Ran's mind was serene because of how tense the atmosphere in the operating theater was.

Besides, he would be in a calm state of mind. This allowed him to make better judgments and relieve the tension in the operating theater.

Ling Ran liked this feeling.

The doctors in the emergency room were also used to having Ling Ran helping them out every now and then.

Doctors working in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had to take turns being on duty. They would work in the treatment room, resuscitation room or consultation room with the members of their treatment group.

The members of Ling Ran's treatment group did not have to be on this kind of duty, and this was especially true when it came to Ling Ran himself. Hence, whenever he was in the emergency room, it meant that there was extra manpower. Of course, the doctors there would be happy about it.

The doctors from other hospitals, too, filtered into the emergency room. The doctors who were working in the emergency room froze when they saw so many middle-aged doctors in large white coats entering the operating theater.

"Oh yeah, Doctor Ling is part of the Emergency Department."

"I almost forgot about this."

"Doctor Ling can probably put his skills to good use in the Emergency Department too."

At that very moment, a patient who was holding his arm entered the treatment room.

Ling Ran charged forward. He shifted the patient's hand away from his arm and lifted the towel covering the wound. After he observed the wound for a while, he ordered loudly, "Give me a large debridement pack."

The twenty or so doctors who came from various hospitals stood and watched as Ling Ran debrided and sutured the patient's wound.

In the end, they saw satisfaction appeared in Ling Ran's eyes, and there was a smile on his face.

Ling Ran was the only person who could see the notification from the system.

[Mission Completed: Relieve Patient's Pain]

[Mission Aim: Relieve the pain of 300 patients]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]