Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 623

625 Slippery

Ling Ran turned around and walked to the nurses' station to get himself a cup of water. While he slowly raised the cup, he said to the system, "Open the treasure chest."

Within the dazzling light that appeared in front of Ling Ran was a book that shone with fluorescent light.

[Single Skill Book: Obtained Skill Branch [Colles' Fracture Reduction (Perfect Level)]

Ling Ran raised his head a little. He felt that the reward was not bad after he spent so much time to complete the mission.

Colles' fracture was the most commonly seen fracture form in the Orthopedics Department. It had an occurrence rate of 4.6% among all other types of fractures. Ling Ran basically encountered patients with Colles' fracture almost every day. Previously, because he was not good at it, he always transferred the patients to the Orthopedics Department

Forget about the medical terms like distal radioulnar joint and ulnar styloid fracture, the most common form of Colles' fracture was that when a person fell forward and when he or she straightened a hand to push against the ground, the forearm will be fractured. And that sort of fracture would most probably be Colles' fracture.

On the contrary, if the person had the back of his or her hand propped on the floor, then it would be Smith's fracture, which was also known as reverse Colles' fracture. However, the occurrence rate of Smith's fracture was lower, which was only one-tenth of the occurrence rate for Colles' fracture.

Ling Ran waved and used the single skill book. Then, he quietly drank a cup of water and asked, "Inform me if there is any patient with Colles' fracture today."

"Huh Okay." The young nurse at the nurses' station was a little absent-minded. She was stunned for a few seconds before she came to a realization.

The doctors behind her were baffled. They asked themselves, 'What the hell? Colles' fracture? Aren't we here for liver cancer surgery? Hepatectomy, right? It's such a high-class thing'

Zuo Cidian walked to Ling Ran's side. He gently coughed and said, "Doctor Ling, there are many doctors who came from other places, should we serve them a little?"

"Alright." Ling Ran always listened to others for this kind of matter.

Then, Zuo Cidian quickly gave a signal at the houseman beside him through his eyes before he went to serve everyone. He did not go anywhere else, he just served them in the meeting room.

In a short while, the houseman brought someone to send a huge amount of milk tea over.

Zuo Cidian had a dark expression. "Why did you bring milk tea?"

"You asked me to buy some snacks that don't need to be eaten using the hands" Houseman Yu Baoke's voice made it sound as if he was swaying in the air.

Zuo Cidian lowered his head and looked at the milk tea. This seemed to fulfill his requirement, but this thing was unpresentable! It was hard to imagine a group of middle-aged doctors in their forties or fifties inserting the drinking straw and drinking cups of milk tea They were all expert doctors in various hospitals. Usually, when they stuck tubes in something, the most low-class of it all would be inserting a ureter

"Nice taste." Guo Mingcheng took a sip of milk tea and praised it.

The other doctors also nodded. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

Zuo Cidian heard and turned around to take a look. Then, he saw everyone holding a cup of milk tea and drinking from it. They looked like a group of perverts who waited outside a high school.

Zuo Cidian shook his head hard. "Everyone, you're drinking milk tea, huh?"

"I'm hungry."

"I'm thirsty."

"Oh, this is milk tea?"

After working for a long while in the hospital, they would develop two good habits. One was remaining calm even when the mountain collapsed in front of them, and another one was surviving even after they left society. This was especially so for doctors who stayed in the operating theater throughout the year. Regardless of how the galaxy changed, they would just perform their hepatectomy

Although Zuo Cidian had just been in Yun Hua Hospital for a year, he also spent most of his time in the operating theater. When he thought about this, Zuo Cidian also could not help but take a cup of milk tea and started to drink from it.

"We'll arrange the time." Xu Wen glanced around. When he saw that there were so many people around, he suddenly spoke up and said, "I will get the first one. The least is three surgeries. Ten thousand each."

"You're talking about freelance surgery?" Zuo Cidian was slightly baffled.

"Yes," Xu Wen answered and said, "We don't have any medical case now, so even if we call Doctor Ling over to give us a lecture, he won't be able to provide us with one. It's better for us to go back and prepare the cases. Then, he can teach us while he performs surgery, and the efficiency will be slightly higher, right?"

The frequency of Xu Wen going out to "learn" was high, so he knew how to make full use of his advantages.

Just as he said, there were many people in the room. Forget about asking Ling Ran to teach them one-by-one, even if he wanted to teach in a small class, the operating theater could not accommodate this number of people. Xu Wen guessed that Ling Ran would not make a teaching plan for them too.

Hiring freelance surgeons over was the best tuition for surgeons. As an assistant lecturer and a treatment group leader in a big hospital in Beijing, he had the authority and money to hire freelance surgeons, so he got rid of half the competition in the room.

Besides, Xu Wen was very confident with his learning ability.

All he needed to do was find a few suitable cases before he invited Ling Ran over for a few freelance surgeries. Even if Ling Ran did not provide any reason for his methods, Xu Wen felt that he could also understand something. After all, the archers in ancient times did not know about functions and angles, but they could still shoot. It was impossible for them to know, but they still managed to kill those that they needed to kill.

Xu Wen was experienced in hepatectomy, so Ling Ran did not need to teach him how to perform surgery step by step. All he needed to do was to teach him some key steps.

As for searching for cases, if it were to be said that it was difficult for a place like Yun Hua to search for some cases, then it was easy for them to search for whatever liver cancer case in Beijing they wanted, since China was the country with the most liver cancer cases in the world!

What Xu Wen said had calmed down some people.

Not every doctor was qualified to invite others over for freelance surgeries. For example, although Guo Mingcheng was an assistant lecturer, he still had many seniors before him. Even Professor Feng Zhixiang did not give him the right to invite Ling Ran for freelance surgeries, so he could only remain silent.

Besides, the price of 10,000 RMB suggested by Xu Wen was something that other surgeons could not dream of offering.

Some of the domestically produced medical devices were like trash, but they could be sold at a high price, at the tens of thousands. Yet, in the country, the price of a world-leading freelance surgeon would only be worth tens of thousands, and the surgery time would usually be very long, like cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, and so on. Also, most of the freelance surgeons who were worth that price owned the title of an academician.

Those who did not have that title would usually be the surgeons who were the author for teaching materials. Their freelance surgery price would be lower than 50,000 RMB. If it were through recommendation by someone and the patient had the correct indicators, 30,000 RMB would be sufficient to invite them to become a freelance surgeon in local hospitals.

If he went further down, a freelance surgery worth 10,000 RMB was still not something that any chief physician could easily obtain.

For those freelance surgeons who did not have a famous reputation, the party that invited them would not simply suggest the price for them.

Because the price for a freelance was not just about income, it was related to dignity, reputation, and value

Doctors who worked for freelance surgery frequently had always compared the price difference between other doctors and themselves. For experts, they would lower their heads and pretend they did not see it. However, if the freelance surgeon was weaker than them, or if they felt that the freelance surgeon was weaker than them but their price was higher, there would probably be a storm that will rage.

For the doctors in the room, even if they were qualified to hire others for freelance surgery, there were not many people who were qualified to pay with a price of ten thousand.

They needed to worry about the price system in their hospitals so that it will not collapse easily.

"We also want to hire Doctor Ling for freelance surgeries." There was a doctor from the People's Hospital of Wuxin City, and his invitation was very straightforward. Of course, he did not need to make any extra move and mention the price.

In the medical market of the country, freelance surgery was an act that had been rather marketized. The doctors' working hours were limited, after all. If they were overburdened, they would naturally eliminate the selection at the end, and this caused the price of freelance surgeries to be increasingly higher. Otherwise, they could only reduce their workload or wait for the change in the market, like the others.

"We'll be the third, then," said the doctor from the Fourth People's Hospital of Yun Hua City.

Zuo Cidian moved his butt uneasily and quickly said, "I'm not qualified to talk about this"

"We'll be the fourth." The surgeon continued to drink his milk tea and look arrogant.

"The fifth."

"The sixth"

Everyone continued to form their own sequence, and no one cared about Zuo Cidian's struggles.

Very soon, Zuo Cidian gave up struggling. After all, this was a freelance surgery that will let them go to Beijing!