Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 624

626 The Lion Dance Troupe

Qi Yuquan opened his eyes at five in the morning. The moment he took in a deep breath, he was in so much pain that he hissed.

"Damn it." Qi Yuquan had not cursed for three or four years. This was especially true after his seventieth birthday. He listened to the Fengshui master's advice and stopped arguing and debating with other people. He also stopped getting angry at other people. He believed that his attitude toward life could affect his health, and he aimed to live until he was eighty-eight.

However, he was really in a lot of pain, and it felt horrible to be in the ICU.

"Young Peng." Qi Yuquan's lips trembled a few times.

"Dad." Qi Liangpeng charged into the ward from the small living room outside.

The wards in the VIP patient building of Yun Hua Hospital were considered comfortable. The patients got to sleep in a double bed, and the living room was not too small. The living room even looked like a proper living room. It had a couch, a coffee table, and a television cabinet.

Qi Liangpeng simply placed a temporary bed in the living room and slept there.

"Young Peng." Qi Yiquan called out again.

"Dad, I'm here." Qi Liangpeng leaned forward and said. He also pressed the call bell while he was at it. He then asked his cousin, who was standing beside him, to go and get the doctor.

"This is painful. This is too f*cking painful." Even though Qi Yiquan had a rough childhood, he had lived comfortably for many years. Right now, he was in so much pain that he wanted to cry.

"The doctor will be here soon. I'll ask him to inject some painkillers." The sight of his father suffering made Qi Liangpeng wanted to cry too. His father was a strong person. Qi Yuquan once rolled down three flights of stairs in his mansion but insisted not to go to the hospital. He cured himself by eating mutton every day, and his bruises ended up becoming red. At that time, he did not even complain about the pain.

Qi Yuquan hummed in acknowledgment and said, "I don't want to go to the ICU anymore."

Qi Liangpeng immediately agreed. "The surgery is over. You don't need to go to the ICU anymore."

Qi Yuquan shook his head and said in a muffled voice, "I don't want to be resuscitated anymore."

Qi Liangpeng sort of understood what his father meant. Qi Yuquan would rather not undergo any more life-saving treatments if it meant that he had to enter the ICU again.

However, Qi Liangpeng was unwilling to entertain this thought. He would never agree to it either.

Qi Yuquan did not have the energy to insist on it, and he fell back into a deep slumber.

The doctor soon arrived. After checking on Qi Yuquan for a while, he prescribed some painkillers and left.

Qi Yuquan was feeling much better by the time he woke up in the afternoon. His family members did not dare to waste time, and they immediately asked Xu Wen to come over.

As doctors were very busy people, the fact that Xu Wen headed to Yun Hua Hospital and stayed here for a couple of days was a very rare sight among doctors. However, Xu Wen was an extremely shameless doctor, and he believed that faith can move mountains. He did not mind spending a little time in another hospital and persuade an excellent doctor to become his teacher. This was because if he was successful, that excellent doctor would need to spend plenty of time providing guidance to him.

Hence, Xu Wen had been loitering in the emergency room of Yun Hua Hospital for a few days. Even though he did not get to carry out any other procedure, he was as happy as a child with a bag of candy.

Of course, his main job was to check on Qi Yuquan's recovery progress. So, he would never say no to the Qi family members. The moment he arrived at Qi Yuquan's ward, he started reading Qi Yuquan's scans and reports. He looked a lot more carefully about it compared to the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital.

"There's nothing much to be concerned about. Didn't Doctor Ling say the same when he came over? The patient is recovering pretty well. Now that he had undergone preventive chemotherapy, he should be pretty much fine. After he gets a little healthier, he can get discharged." Xu Wen was too lazy to come out with something new to say. He basically just paraphrased Ling Ran's words and translated them from Mandarin to Mandarin.

However, the members of the Qi family were listening very earnestly to him.

Hence, Xu Wen explained things in a slightly more detailed manner. He then changed the topic and said, "It was fortunate that you guys hired Doctor Ling to operate on the patient. Other doctors wouldn't have been able to pull this off."

Qi Liangpeng nodded with a smile and said, "The doctors from Eastern Science Hospital said the same. I heard that Doctor Ling is very good at hepatectomy."

Xu Wen chuckled and said, "Meng Shan, that doctor who specializes in sports medicine, was probably the one who told you guys this, right? I don't think he had expected Doctor Ling to be this good at hepatectomy."

Qi Liangpeng who had been a mine owner for many years immediately realized that Xu Wen was implying something. He flashed such an honest smile that made him look like a miner who lived a simple life. "I'm feeling confused now. How good exactly is Doctor Ling at hepatectomy?"

Even though Xu Wen was a man of few words, he wanted to flatter Ling Ran so that Ling Ran would take him as a student. He started reciting the script he rehearsed, "Your father's health condition is extremely terrible. If he were to undergo normal hepatectomy, he definitely wouldn't have survived the surgery. If a patient like this were to seek me out for treatment, I definitely would have said no."

Xu Wen's eyes brightened up as he spoke. "Doctor Ling specifically invented a new surgical method for your father. If nothing goes wrong after this, Mister Qi would definitely continue to live for a good few years."

Qi Yuquan who was lying on the hospital bed started laughing when he heard Qi Liangpeng and Xu Wen's conversation. "I'm seventy-three now, and soon I'll be eighty-four."

There was an old saying that if old people did not die at seventy-three years old, they would live to be eighty-four.

Qi Liangpeng, though, caught the meaning behind Xu Wen's words.

He glanced at his relatives and said slowly, "So, I gather from what you said that the people from Eastern Science Hospital shouldn't have referred us to Yun Hua Hospital?"

"But they unintentionally saved the patient's life."

"You mean…"

Xu Wen hummed in agreement.

If Qi Liangpeng were stupid enough not to understand what Xu Wen meant, he would have been killed by the miners who worked under him a long time ago.

Qi Yuquan who was lying in the hospital bed, too, understood what Xu Wen meant. Even though his breathing became louder, he said nothing.

There was an unspeakable silence in the ward.

The Qi family members glanced at each other, and they acted exactly like how they did whenever they were in the mines.

After a while, Xu Wen said, "I'm going to invite Doctor Ling to Beijing to operate on other patients, as in, I'll be hiring him as a freelance surgeon."

Qi Liangpeng nodded and said, "No problem. We can invite him to stay in Artisan Fountain.

"That would be the best." Xu Wen covered his mouth and smiled. This was exactly what he was trying to imply.

Artisan Fountain Guest House was where the Qi family members hosted their friends, and it is not open to the public. Even so, its location and service were extremely good, and it was embellished with many fine details that you would not be able to find in hotels. Xu Wen felt that it was an extremely suitable place for Ling Ran to stay in and that the guest house would definitely leave a deep impression in Ling Ran's mind.

Xu Wen wanted Ling Ran to remember both the Beijing University Sixth Hospital and how Beijing was like as a place well.

"Why don't we let the patient take a good rest? I'll be taking my leave first." Now that Xu Wen had achieved his aim, he did not feel like staying in the ward anymore.

After Xu Wen went downstairs, he immediately charged to the emergency room to look for Ling Ran so that he could successfully invite Ling Ran to carry out freelance surgery in Beijing

The doctors from other hospitals were gone. Xu Wen sneered a little. 'This lack of patience is exactly why you guys don't get to learn from top experts.'

"Where is Doctor Ling?" Xu Wen politely asked the nurse beside him.

"He's in the treatment room," the nurse said. 

"Thank you so much." Xu Wen walked at a leisurely pace toward the treatment room.

The moment Xu Wen stepped inside the treatment room, he stopped in his tracks.

The room was filled with young men in black shirts, black pants, and black leather shoes.

When they heard Xu Wen coming in, those young men turned to look at him too. Their gazes were as sharp as knives that could slice right through a person.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the treatment room, Ling Ran was holding the arm of a young man clad in a black shirt, black pants, and a pair of black leather shoes.

Ling Ran merely raised his head to glance at Xu Wen. He then grabbed the patient's thumb and thenar eminence with one hand and the patient's index, middle, and ring finger with his other hand. He slowly twisted the patient's joint back in place.

Doctors usually treated patients suffering from Colles' fracture by twisting their joints back in place with their bare hands. This maneuver somehow looked really cool and made the doctors seem like bonesetters.

Of course, surgeons would administer anesthetics beforehand.

The injured young man who was clad in a black shirt looked to be in good spirits. He sized Xu Wen up.

Xu Wen lowered his head diffidently as he did not want to meet eyes with the young man. As a surgeon, he treasured his hands very much. Even if he were to win in a fight, he might get his arm injured and this might cost him his career.

When the young man saw that Xu Wen had lowered his head, he felt extremely bored. He then turned to look at Ling Ran, flashed a smile and said, "Doctor Ling, if you have the time, you can come for one of our shows. They're pretty interesting…"

Ling Ran hummed in acknowledgment.

"No way!" Xu Wen used every ounce of courage in his body to say this. "Doctor Ling, you shouldn't meddle with such things."

The young man in a black shirt looked at Xu Wen with a baffled expression. "Why can't Doctor Ling watch a play?"

"Play? What play? How did you hurt yourself?" Xu Wen asked two questions at once.

The young man in a black shirt furrowed his eyebrows and answered, "I slipped and fell while performing a stunt."

"It was an unexpected accident."

"The stage was too slippery."

"After we head back, we must request for our university to renovate the practice area."

The young men who were clad in black shirts flashed bright smiles. They were extremely elated as they got to skip class for half a day courtesy of their injured classmate.

Xu Wen was bewildered.