Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 626

628 Respec

Meng Shan had everything going against him recently as if he had an invisible shackle around his neck.

He missed a meal appointment, and the clinical examination contract that had already been set in stone had ended. There were also some patients who canceled their appointment with him. Meng Shan found it amusing. 'Just because my hospital is not doing well, will I lose my skills too?'

When he asked around, people commented that he had "bad character", which made Meng Shan angry, anxious, helpless, and even uneasy.

'Is a reputation that important being a doctor?'

If there was a good platform, fame would not matter. In any domestic tertiary Grade A hospital, there will never be enough appointment slots for the specialists. Even when they let the specialists take charge for half a day, the whole day or even three days, countless patients will keep coming. Most of them did not come because of the reputation of doctors, but solely for the fame of specialists in tertiary Grade A hospitals.

If the doctor were an assistant lecturer of a tertiary Grade A hospital and had some skills, he could build his own reputation in less than two years. So… it was normal to reduce the number of outpatients when there were too many patients and he could not finish treating them. 

However, if you left a good platform, you must treasure the reputation you had accumulated before.

For doctors like Meng Shan, it was relatively easy for them to bring their own flow of patients because it would provide a good cycle of patients. But once the flow was interrupted, when there was a bad reputation about them, their career as a doctor would soon be over.

A doctor's skills were indeed important, but he also needed patients for him to use those skills. Unlike other industries, doctors always faced consumers directly. Why did famous doctors in ancient China pay great attention to user experience? Because there was no good platform for ancient Chinese doctors other than imperial doctors. It was not easy for everyone to build their reputation, some even needed several generations of silent cultivation. Naturally, they could not lose it because they wanted to satisfy their own heart's desires for a short period of time. 

By contrast, a private hospital like Eastern Science Hospital should either follow the pattern of private hospitals of the Putian network to go to towns and villages and carry out various free physical examinations to get some patients or build up its fame to meet the requirements of the environment. The environment in Guangdong also made it so that even if the hospital charged them exorbitantly, it would not bring them a bad reputation. 

"Bad character" was not a good appraisal. 

Because of those simple words, after Meng Shan went home at night, he tossed and turned about on his bed. He just could not sleep.

"How's your day today?" His mistress turned on the light. She could not sleep because of the noise Meng Shan made. 

"It's just some trivial matters," Meng Shan said. 

"It's just trouble in the hospital, right? You are in the hospital, won't there be medical disputes anyway?"

"That's not the same." Meng Shan shook his head. "In public general hospitals, it's junior doctors who are afraid of medical disputes. In private hospitals, it's the opposite. People like us are worried about medical disputes. Junior doctors can just walk away from the hospital if they wanted to. If they violate the contract, they might have to pay a few times more than the initial amount stated in the contract."

"Then, what's going to happen?"

Meng Shan did not answer. Instead, he sighed and said, "Have you read the old wuxia novels?"

"Go on, tell me." His mistress knew he just wanted to talk. 

"Say, a big fort or a sect is surrounded and attacked. Whoever goes out will be killed. They don't even know who they offended or why. Today, the people in a building are all annihilated. Tomorrow, some other place will be annihilated…" the more Meng Shan talked, the softer his voice was. 

His mistress was shocked. She then whispered, "Why does it sound like a horror film?"

"It would be nice if it is really a horror film." Meng Shan stood up, grabbed his phone, and said, "I need to go."

His mistress was instantly angry. "Are you going to find that b*tch again?"

"I am going to Beijing," Meng Shan was too lazy to quarrel. He answered directly, grabbed his clothes, and left.


A group of doctors in Beijing's Beijing University Sixth Hospital watched Ling Ran perform his surgery with great skepticism in their eyes. 

The surgery was divided into three parts.

In the first part, everyone was skeptical of Ling Ran. It was the part where Ling Ran cut the right ribs and cut off the ligaments around the liver. As Ling Ran separated the free tissue around the liver, even the most retarded doctors realized that their skepticism was problematic. After all, one of the core problems of the hospital was the separation of the surrounding tissues in surgeries. The reason why the separation of the surrounding tissues happened so smoothly was obviously not because of the patient's obedience.

So, then, the next thing happened naturally.

In the second part, people began to doubt the world. After all, normal vascular occlusion and the normal way of cutting threads would not be easy for any doctor. It was very difficult to get familiar with it and to do it with ease. In fact, most of these only happened in their dreams.

However, the dream finally came true, so… they started to doubt the world, obviously.

When Ling Ran began to remove the liver tumor, people who doubted the world began to doubt themselves.

This was the third part of the surgery.

Those doctors who stood by the operating table kept questioning themselves. 'Why didn't I know that liver tumor surgery could be done like this? Why do I know it? Why do I know it now? What on earth do I even know?'

When Ling Ran took off his gloves and announced that the surgery was finished, the visitation room above the operating theater got even noisier.

"When I was watching the video, I thought it was quite fake. I didn't expect that someone could do such a fake surgery."

"They did the examination on the liver tumor while performing the surgery, who would believe that?"

"Just by depending on his intuition? How many cases can he deal with cleary just by depending on his intuition?"

The doctors were very excited as they discussed this. 

Xu Wen felt so touched that his tears rolled down.

This was the recurrence of a perfect surgery, and it was perhaps even more perfect than when he first saw it, which was cause for even more excitement. 

"Unimaginable. It's simply unimaginable!" Wang Anzhi, the associate hospital director of Beijing University Sixth Hospital said as he stood in the middle of the visitation room, feeling amazed. He was also one of Xu Wen's tutors, and he was one of the greats who specialized in liver cancer. 

Liver cancer was known as the "king of cancer". The difficulty of liver cancer surgeries was self-evident. There were so many problems that could occur when they were to operate on an organ with such great blood supply. If a description must be provided toward the difficulty of the problem, the screening process from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of Beijing University Sixth Hospital was self-explanatory. 

As long as medical school graduates showed in their resume that the very first academic achievement they had was that they graduated from a medical university under Project 985, in other words, as long as they were the top 180,000 among about nine million candidates who took the college entrance examination each year, they would be eligible to stay at Beijing University Sixth Hospital. On average, only the top 6,000 graduates in each province had the possibility of entering Beijing University Sixth Hospital.

It was impossible for these students to be stupid. They needed up to seven or eight years of medical education, several years of training as resident doctors, and go through another screening before they could enter the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

Then, it would take them ten years to be specialists in treating liver cancer. The years of their service will not stop them from being known as a specialist, the survival rate of patients would be enough to prove it. 

Since Wang Anzhi was an associate hospital director, it meant that he was good at his skills. However, when he saw how Ling Ran handled such a difficult surgical procedure with ease, Wang Anzhi only had one word to describe it—unthinkable. 

If he could imagine it, he would have done the same.

"Let's go over to meet Doctor Ling." Wang Anzhi was not interested in watching the closing of the incision, nor was he like other junior doctors who had the need to discuss with each other. So, he turned around and walked out of the visitation room.

The visitation room in Beijing University Sixth Hospital was similar to those shown in television series. It was a room with a transparent window above the operating theater and a separate access control system and an intercom system.

In such a visitation room, the doctors could watch the surgery as freely as possible without affecting those who were performing the surgery. The disadvantage was that the doctor had to go down from the other side to enter the operating theater.

At the same time, Ling Ran was also concluding his experience. 

He spent twenty-five minutes and seventeen seconds on the Virtual Human for today's surgery. It was a lot less compared to how long he used to before.

After all, Ling Ran used to use a methodical plan in both surgery and when he practiced with a cadaver in the dissection room. The only violent act he had ever done was nothing more than using an electric saw.

However, when dealing with the Virtual Human, he did not need to worry about such a matter. 

Ling Ran thought that if he used the Virtual Human two more times, he should be able to reduce the time of each by another half.

However, no matter how he tried to save up the time, the total time of the Virtual Human was still reduced… 

Ling Ran pulled out a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and frowned as he rubbed it on his hands.


The system popped out. At the same time, two missions were released in front of Ling Ran. 

[Mission 1: Relieve Patients' Pain] 

[Mission Aim: Relieve the pain of 100 patients.]

[Mission Reward: Virtual Human worth 2 hours.]

[Mission 2: Relieve Patients' Pain]

[Mission Aim: Relieve the pain of 300 patients.]

[Mission reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

At the same time, the system provided an explanation. "Choose one mission out of the two."