Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 627

629 Arrangemen

Mission two was the same as the mission that Ling Ran completed previously.

If he could get a Skill Book from the Intermediate Treasure Chest, he could also get another Virtual Human that will last for four hours.

In terms of long term development, mission two had bigger potential.

After all, there were wide uses for Skill Books, especially in medical treatment. Regardless of whether they were weak or strong, Skill Books were still Skill Books, it was just that they had different coverage.

Even if he did not get a Skill Book, it was not a bad thing. A 4-hour Virtual Human was still a great deal, and a big Skill Serum was even better.

Therefore, Ling Ran only thought for a short while before he chose… 

Mission One.

The Mission Screen disappeared. He raised his head and looked at the upper left corner. The reminder on the number he needed to do before he completed his mission appeared.

0/100. This was his current situation, and it looked slightly unpleasant. 

Ling Ran frowned a little. If 0 was divided by 100, it should be 0. Compared to 1/100, the presence of 0/100 was stranger.

"Doctor Ling." Xu Wen and his teacher, Wang Anzhi, together with a group of doctors, came out from the visitation room.

Ling Ran gently nodded, and that was all. 

Everyone smiled, and the atmosphere was happy.

Zuo Cidian obediently showed a middle-aged man's smile before he took out a few alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

There were no cup or tea leaves there, so he was already considered to have served the guests with these alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

The style of Ling's treatment group in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had already been immersed deeply in Zuo's heart.

The doctors from Beijing University Sixth Hospital passed around the alcohol-based hand sanitizers while their thoughts raged in their minds. 

'Does this mean that we have to clean ourselves first before visiting Ling Ran?'

'Is this the simplified version of taking a bath and changing into new clothes?'

'Do we just wipe our hands or the entire body?'

"Doctor Ling, the surgery was well done." Wang Anzhi took the initiative to walk forward. He shook hands with Ling Ran while there was excitement on his face, it was partially there because of him intentionally putting it forth, but it had also subconsciously appeared on him. 

"Thank you." Ling Ran gave a standard answer.

Wang Anzhi nodded vigorously. "To be honest, when Young Xu said he wanted to invite you over, I felt slightly hesitant. Advanced age has always been a high-risk factor, and primary hepatic carcinoma is even harder to handle. You need great courage to turn this into a topic."

Xu Wen obediently listened to his master and nodded gently.

Wang Anzhi took a look at Ling Ran again before he asked, "How long have you been involved in this project, Doctor Ling?"

"I just started not long ago." Ling Ran also felt hesitant. It was debatable as to whether he was truly involved in this project. 

Wang Anzhi was already very excited. "Our Sixth Hospital can help you to promote this project…" 

If someone wanted a surgical method or surgery plan to be used by everyone, then promotion was really needed. Forget everyone, even when Department Director Fang Pingzhu from the Gynaecology Department in Yun Hua Hospital wanted to implement a comprehensive checkup for amniotic fluid embolism, she could only implement it in her department, as the other departments in the same hospital did not recognize it. From this alone, it could be seen just how hard it was to promote a skill. 

If Beijing University Sixth Hospital helped to promote Ling Ran's surgery plan for liver cancer… Honestly, it would not be really useful. 

Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not even ranked among the top in Beijing. So, there was no way for them to get the promotion out of Beijing and extend it to the whole country.

In terms of size or population, perhaps Yun Hua City could provide better coverage. 

That was exactly the difficulty faced by an average but still good hospital in Beijing. If you asked whether they had good skills? Beijing University Sixth Hospital was much better than Yun Hua Hospital in terms of overall skills, particularly in the construction of key departments. The hospitals in Beijing already had a great advantage in this regard. The patient type needed by Ling Ran—primary level liver cancer that did not have metastasis, wanted surgery badly, and could not be cured using normal plans—could not be easily found. 

Yun Hua Hospital had difficulty in looking for another suitable medical case. However, at Beijing University Sixth Hospital, they could easily get the patient. 

Even though Beijing University Sixth Hospital might be good, when compared to other good hospitals, it was not that outstanding anymore. Most importantly, it would be difficult for them to use the hospital's resources in Beijing. 

For example, if Yun Hua Hospital organized some meetings like an international meeting of XXX in Changxi Province, they could do it really quick. But, Beijing University Sixth Hospital could not do so. The procedures themselves would already make the applicants give up most of the time. 

Zuo Cidian, who stood behind Ling Ran, coughed gently before he passed another alcohol-based hand sanitizer to Wang Anzhi. He smiled and said, "I saw that you're not fond of using the previous one. I still have the cherry and orange flavors here."

He spread his arms. There were a few tubes of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Ling Ran took one while he was at it and said, "I've also just started to deal with liver cancer surgery recently. I haven't reached the stage where I can be promoted."

Without Virtual Human, what could he promote?

Wang Anzhi's eyes lit up. "You just started in the field?"

His gaze moved to Xu Wen, and he seemed to be asking him questions. 

Xu Wen nodded gently and said, "Doctor Ling used to perform hepatectomy often. He had lesser exposure to liver cancer surgery."

When he said that, Wang Anzhi immediately remembered. He nodded and said, "You performed surgery for Elder Mei."

"Yes." Xu Wen nodded and said, "Doctor Ling had performed more than three hundred cases of hepatectomy, right?"

Zuo Cidian laughed at the side. "Around 500."

Wang Anzhi immediately showed his respect and said, "Then, can we have some proof first? We'll take care of the patients. Doctor Ling, do you want to bring your own team, or do you want to get a few people from our side?"

The young doctor on the spot looked at Wang Anzhi. 

Zuo Cidian did not cough this time, but he admired Wang Anzhi's oratory skills. He had actually easily attached himself to Ling Ran with just his words. 

Unfortunately, Ling Ran was not interested in proving his abilities at all. He put his hands into his pockets and said coolly, "We won't be performing liver cancer surgery for two days. I would like to do something else, is it okay?"

"Something else? What kind of surgery you would like to perform?" Wang Anzhi had quite a lot of authority as the deputy hospital director.

"Debridement in the Emergency Department, Colles' fracture, or even massage." Ling Ran did not explain in detail. After all, if he could treat one hundred people at Beijing University Sixth Hospital, he would. Even if he could not do so, he would still do it when he was back at Yun Hua Hospital. 

Wang Anzhi had a strange expression. What kind of request was this?

Zuo Cidian said by the side, "When Doctor Ling is free, he likes to perform surgery at the Emergency Department. It is like taking a walk for a normal person. That could help him to think of some problems and organize his mood."

He was already considered to be wracking his brain. When he saw his wife coming down from his leader's car in the past, he did not even think this much.

Wang Anzhi looked at Ling Ran, then Zuo Cidian and Xu Wun, and he said, "What do you think?"

"If you want to rest for a few days in the Emergency Department, Doctor Ling, I can talk to the director of the Emergency Department." Xu Wen forced himself to ask for Ling Ran's opinion.

Ling Ran nodded. "It will be good if you ask for three days."

On average, in order to solve the sicknesses or injuries for one hundred patients, he needed to handle thirty-three cases every day. With the efficiency of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital, three days should be more than enough. 

Xu Wen then nodded and talked to the Emergency Department. 

Unlike the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital where Huo Congjun was in charge, the Emergency Department of Beijing University Sixth Hospital was a much weaker department, and they were rather easygoing as well. After Xu Wen explained the situation, they allowed Ling Ran to come over to the Emergency Department to 'work for three days'.

Since the Emergency Department could host interns and resident doctors, it was only natural that they could keep Ling Ran. 

When Ling Ran received a call from Xu Wen, he did not delay even a single second. He immediately moved from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery to the Emergency Department. 

A few doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery also subconsciously followed after Ling Ran.

A female doctor even took out her phone and recorded Ling Ran to send it to her chat group. 

Ten minutes later, Ling Ran received a patient whose finger was injured by a crab claw in Beijing University Sixth Hospital. It was now inflamed and swollen due to mishandling. 

Ling Ran immediately performed draping and debridement before he applied some disinfectant and medicine. Lastly, he happily passed the patient to Zuo Cidian for dressing. Two of them cooperated skillfully and smoothly.

When the patient's injury was wrapped, Ling Ran called the system out. Without saying anything, he saw that the numbers 1/100 were written at the upper left corner of his vision.

Ling Ran could not help show a satisfied smile.

He only needed to handle this sort of small injury properly, and the patient's pain would be solved.

Zuo Cidian saw that Ling Ran was satisfied, and he smiled with even more satisfaction.

The female doctor who was filming, the doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and the doctors from the Emergency Department looked at Ling Ran and Zuo Cidian, who were smiling, and they felt baffled. 

Have the doctors from Yun Hua never seen crabs before?