Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 63

63 Signature Smile

In the Hand Surgery Department or the Orthopaedics Department, being able to furl a fist slightly was an indicator as a hand's recovery.

A slight furl was not exactly equivalent to a normal person forming a fist. The fingers were only required to touch the palm. The fingers should be slightly bent but not completely bent. Depending on the severity of tendon injuries, being able to gently furl a fist within twenty-four hours to three weeks post-surgery was regarded as an ideal result.

Most importantly, it indicated that the patient's tendon was basically healed, and the risk of the tendon splitting was favorably low.

With this, all sorts of active rehabilitation practices could commence, and the scope of physiotherapy activities available were wider.

Be it from a medical point of view, the patient's perspective towards his or her own recovery, or economic considerations, the sooner the patient was able to execute a light grip, the better.

When Ling Ran came into the ward, Huo Congjun was already accompanied by Wang Haiyang, a chief physician of the Hand Surgery Department. They were having a pleasant talk together as they performed the check-up.

The patient and his family were also in similarly high spirits.

The negative emotions brought about by the car accident had faded away. The recovery of his body had turned into something worthy of happiness.

Ma Wenhua was more than forty years old. His body was still in a rather good shape. He had also received Yun Hua Hospital's emergency treatment, which was of high standards. There was basically no serious sequelae left from his injury. The helicopter's prompt arrival had played a significant role. The sooner the treatment for the patient, the easier it was for the patient to recover, especially with regards to their hand function.

One hundred thousand people died each year in China due to traffic accidents, and five hundred thousand people would be wounded. But if helicopter rescues were made free or cheaper The funds required to make this happen would probably send the Ministry of Finance into a mental breakdown.

Huo Congjun and others were more concerned about the patient's hand recovery. Yun Hospital's Emergency Department saved far too many people. Almost every day, someone was pulled back from death, but Ma Wenhua was the first patient they had ever treated using the M-Tang technique.

For any department in any hospital, the first instance of a new procedure mattered the most.

The first case of success proved that the doctors and the hospital could treat a particular type of injury using a particular method.

In terms of surgery, if a doctor could be the first in the country or be the first in the province to perform such a surgery successfully, their success would bring forth great value to themselves and the hospital.

Wang Haiyang gave the patient a Functional Performance Test and nodded at Department Director Huo, "The edema has basically subsided, and the hand is recovering very well."

The two people have always shared a healthy working relationship. When Wang Haiyang said that, it meant that the patient was genuinely recovering well.

Huo Congjun's spirits were instantly lifted, "Can he make it in time?"

What he meant was whether the patient's hand would also recover as quickly as the patient's other injuries, and that when the patient's other injuries had recovered well enough for the patient to be discharged, his hand injury would also have recovered to the point where he could be discharged.

Wang Haiyang said, "According to our Hand Surgery Department's standards, the patient can only be discharged when his or her flexion limit is less than five degrees of motion, when his or her hand strength returns to 75% of a normal person's hand strength, and if his or her ADL passes. ADL can be understood as the ability to perform daily tasks. As for this one, due to Mr. Ma not only suffering from a hand injury, the recovery of the other parts of his body also need to be considered. There may be a slight delay, but in general, it is still ideal."

"Thank you, doctor.

"We're already thankful that he can live a normal life."

The moods of the patient's family members rose further after they heard the good news.

Wang Haiyang smiled slightly. One reason he had selected the Hand Surgery Department was the potential for a strong sense of accomplishment every time the Hand Surgery Department pulled off yet another successful surgery. Whether it was a replanted arm or a tendon suture, when it was done well, the results were visible and tangible.

Although Ma Wenhua's operation had not been performed by Wang Haiyang, it was always a pleasure to see a patient recover and discard those bandages that make him resemble a mummy.

Huo Congjun had more reason to be happy. He left the ward and laughed. "Director Wang, let's check up on the patient Ling Ran operated on today as well."

"He just received his surgery today. The time is too short, you won't be able to see anything" Wang Haiyang might have said those words, but he still followed Huo Congjun to the next ward to see the patient who had just finished his surgery.

The family members of the patient who sat in the room thanked them again. This time, Wang Haiyang basically said nothing.

As he had just said, the surgery had just ended. It was impossible for them to truly see the results of the surgery.

Ling Ran had his hands in his pockets as he followed Department Director Huo, following him as nothing more than a doctor merely accompanying his superiors on their checkup.

He has just gotten a Basic Treasure Chest due to the 'sincere gratitude' from Ma Wenhua's family. Ma Wenhua himself had already sent him two Basic Treasure Chest, and the other one was just 'colleague's praise.'

Although it only gave him more Energy Serums, they still had their uses.

"Pay more attention to the previous patient too." Huo Congjun reminded Ling Ran as they left the ward and sent off Wang Haiyang.

"Okay." Ling Ran quietly collected the pale green serum.

"You will be in charge of Bed 1 and Bed 5 for the next two days. If they recover well, we will operate on another case," Huo Congjun read his schedule out loud.

He was to perform another surgery using the M-Tang technique after three days. Huo Congjun had deliberately lightened the schedule, but it also meant that he had much trust in Ling Ran.

"Okay." Ling Ran still replied concisely. He showed neither the eagerness that Department Director Huo expected nor the fears he did not want to see.

"We can have dinner together at night, and maybe Hospital Director Zhou will come. Let's have a good chat together. At seven in the evening. Come with me." It was not a question.

There was no reason to refuse when dinner was on the hospital director plus the associate hospital director.

Ling Ran thought about it and said, "What about the ward rounds at night?"

"Let the second assistant of today's surgery do it." Huo Congjun thought about Lu Wenbin's name and added. "I will tell Lu Wenbin. You can leave on time."


Night time.

The pharmaceutical sales representative, Xie Yihe, inspected the layout of the room as she said, "It's so easy for others to spread negative rumors about department dinners, so you can't make these dinner gatherings too grand anymore, and you can't choose fancy places because of it. You have to choose those small but beautiful restaurants. The food must be good, and you must take note of the details."

Xie Yihe was thirty-two years old and had just started as a business manager of Changhua Medical Company in Yunhua City. She was tough, and famous for being meticulous. She patiently reminded Huang Maoshi. "Young Huang, you were once the top model. You have such a great body. But please, for the love of god, learn to smile. You look so gentle when you smile, and it gives others a warm, fuzzy feeling."

"Sister Xie, I sell art, not my body." Huang Maoshi laughed. He was twenty-two years old this year and had already won several modeling competitions. He had happened to meet Xie Yihe by chance and was taken to Changxi Medical Company.

For him, there was not much difference between being a model and a pharmaceutical sales representative. As long as he relied on his face, perhaps showed off his figure a little, he could achieve much. It seemed like a pretty good deal to use his good looks to help him make a transition in his career life.

Xie Yihe glanced at Huang Maoshi and clicked her tongue. " I wouldn't dare sell you. But do smile more and talk less. Remember that."

"I'll remember that."

"Hospital Director Zhou is the one with real power at Yun Hua Hospital. There will only be benefits if you form a good relationship with her. You're a lady killer, don't embarrass me." Xie Yihe might have said all these things, but she was actually not worried at all.

Ever since she had pulled Huang Maoshi into the team, she could not help but laugh out loud when she saw the female leader in the hospital system.

Huang Maoshi was not a man with especially good looks. He also dressed like a pedestrian. However, after leaving the runway and returning to real life, Huang Maoshi grew to be the most handsome and charming boy Xie Yihe had ever seen.

That charm was especially apparent when he showed a warm smile and when he did not talk abruptly.

Xie Yihe used him as a trump card.

Huang Maoshi also lived up to her expectations. She sent him out several times just to eat and drink tea, and she had already earned three contracts under her belt. He could already be said to be the ace of all pharmaceutical sales representatives.

*Knock knock.*

*Knock knock knock*

Someone knocked on the door to the room. The waiter reminded them that the guest had arrived.

Xie Yihe quickly straightened her attire using the mirror, and then said to Huang Maoshi, "Remember, smile more, talk less."

Huang Maoshi nodded his head, though he seemed to be thinking otherwise.

The door opened. Hospital Director Zhou came in first, then Department Director Huo, and then a Prince Charming.

Xie Yihe considered herself to be a person who had seen many things.

Huang Maoshi was already the most good-looking man she had ever seen. He had a good looking face, good facial features, good body figure and especially a beautiful smile. However, compared to the man in front of her, Huang Maoshi simply paled in comparison

At that moment, Xie Yihe really wanted to say, "Handsome guy, do you want to be a pharmaceutical sales representative?'

After having her mind remain blank for a short moment, Xie Yihe snapped out of her daze.

Who was Xie Yihe?She was a professional woman donned from head to toe in Burberry and Cartier. So what if the man before her was handsome? So what if he was a Prince Charming?

Xie Yihe flashed a professional smile. "Department Director Huo, Hospital Director Zhou, welcome. We meet again. Hospital Director Zhou, you lost weight"

"You can't greet only us. This is Doctor Ling, the chief surgeon in regards to M-Tang technique related surgeries in Yun Hua Emergency Department." Hospital Director Zhou was about the same age as Department Director Huo. They wore local business attire that were imitations of Chanel, and they looked incredibly sharp-witted. At that moment, she showed a motherly smile and introduced Ling Ran.

"Doctor Ling." Xie Yihe took the initiative to extend her hand and shook Ling Ran's hand before she introduced Huang Maoshi. "This is our company's sales manager, Huang Maoshi"

Huang Maoshi stood opposite Hospital Director Zhou and revealed a confident smile.

"Let's sit down and talk." Hospital Director Zhou's gaze swept past Huang Maoshi's face.

Huang Maoshi's face expression froze a bit. He then hurriedly moved to the other side of the round table, then flashed Hospital Director Zhou a charming smile.

"Let's order some food for Doctor Ling first. Young people have a good appetite, so we will just have some simple dishes." Hospital Director Zhou was very friendly.

Huang Maoshi activated one of his most powerful skills: his signature smile resembling that of a sun.

Hospital Director Zhou smiled. "Ling Ran, do you like to drink red wine, white wine, or something else? We aren't going to have a drinking contest, just pick what you like."