Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 631

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At one in the morning, Ling Ran was still busy in the emergency room at Beijing University Sixth Hospital.

Xu Wen was with him. His body began to shudder like Xu Huang [1]. 

It was not that he could not stay up late either. As a doctor, staying up late was a normal thing. However, after two days of staying up like Ling Ran, Xu Wen had began to falter.

Zhang Anmin, who came all the way from Yun Hua, looked at Xu Wen. He felt proud and thought, 'In Ling Ran's treatment group, those who don't know how to combine work with rest will be extremely exhausted in the end.'

"I have to go to sleep." Xu Wen looked at Ling Ran, who was full of spirit and energy. He finally could not take it anymore. 

If he kept on going like this, he would not be able to participate in any surgeries tomorrow.

"Okay," Ling Ran said, "If there is only one surgery tomorrow morning, you can come in later."

"Okay…" Xu Wen answered in a diffident manner. How late could he come in if he had surgery at six o'clock in the morning?

Xu Wen could only stagger into the on-call room. He fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. 

Zhang Anmin looked at his watch and said obediently, "Doctor Ling, I'm going to sleep."

"Okay." Ling Ran was giving a massage to a patient with a serious expression. He did not need an assistant.

"I'll sleep in the hospital. If you need anything, please do call me." Zhang Anmin deliberately said to express that he was purely doing this because of work reasons, not because he wanted to save up the hotel cost for one night.

The travel expenses of Yun Hua Hospital were all fixed. If doctors wanted to stay in a good hotel, they would have to find one themselves. If they could find a pharmaceutical sales representative to pay for their expenses, they would have saved their expenses. For junior attending physicians like Zhang Anmin, he could do nothing more than have a meal meeting with the pharmaceutical sales representatives. He would not be able to live in a hotel, so he had to think of something himself.

As a man who already knew life well, Zhang Anmin's strategy was to sleep in the hospital.

The conditions of the on-call rooms in big hospitals like Beijing University Sixth Hospital were not bad. The higher and lower bunk beds were clean and were three points better than the dormitories in universities. If he stayed there, not only did he not need to spend money, but he could also even occasionally eat the fruits and drink the milk the others doctors brought over, and was it not great?

Right now, it was expensive to send welcoming fruits and milk to the hotel. When it came to sleep, the hotels were nothing more than a bed, which was not even as clean as those in the hospital. 

Ling Ran did not pay any heed to what Zhang Anmin said. His assistants came and went as they took turns to rest. Ling Ran was never concerned about it. Doctors of tertiary Grade A hospitals basically had to be self-disciplined. If they could not do this, it was useless to enter tertiary grade A hospitals. Even Doctor Zhou was basically just more talented. 

Zhang Anmin slipped away, and Ling Ran waited for Zuo Cidian while he yawned and massaged the patient. 

Although Beijing University Sixth Hospital was located in the capital, its resources could not be compared with the resources from Yun Hua Hospital.

Yun Hua was a large city with a population of millions of people. The top tier tertiary Grade A hospitals there were Yun Hua Hospital, the provincial hospital, and People's Liberation Army General Hospital. Among them, Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center was the best, and it provided a large coverage of people. By contrast, there were too many good hospitals in Beijing, and Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not famous enough. So, there were not many patients who needed debridement and suturing. But the patients who needed massages were handled by Ling Ran.

There were too many people who were not comfortable from their skulls to the bones of their feet during the holiday season after they worked from nine to nine and for six days a week. 

Ling Ran also chose his patients who were sent to him. He would take them in for massages. If the massages would "relieve their pain", he would take it. If there were none, he could count it as practicing his skills.

He went in as an intern or an exchange student at Beijing University Sixth Hospital. He was accompanied by doctors from Beijing University Sixth Hospital, so he did not request for a large number of patients.

On the other hand, he still had two hours, twenty-seven minutes, and seventeen seconds left for his Virtual Human. Ling Ran did not need to hurry for his next surgery.

At three o'clock in the morning, Zuo Cidian could not stand it any longer. He advised Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, you should take a rest too. You will need to save up energy to go through tomorrow morning."

The doctor from Beijing University Six Hospital who stayed with them cast them sidelong glances while he also looked at the clock on the wall. He held great scorn toward the concept of saving up energy among those from Yun Hua. 

"Two hours of rest sounds good too." Ling Ran did not care one way or another.

When he went to the on-call room, Ling Ran diligently set his alarm and went to sleep. For Ling Ran, who had been drinking Energy Serum for a while, this sleep was nothing more than a nap.

Napping, of course, had the function of accumulating energy.

Ling Ran got up on time at five o'clock. He washed up a little and went to the operating theater.

At this moment, the nurses of Beijing University Sixth Hospital who were in the operating theatre were preparing for the operation. When they saw Ling Ran, all the nurses were surprised. Each of them looked in the mirror before showing any expression or making any action. 

"Please continue whatever you are doing. Don't mind me," Ling Ran said these words just like how he did in Yun Hua Hospital as he stood in front of the operating table. Then, he raised his hands gently. 

He summoned the Virtual Human right in front of the people. 

The bluish Virtual Human appeared on the operating table, and it matched the scene perfectly. Although Ling Ran was the only one who could see it, the effect of the scene was also more interesting than dissecting a human body in his small room.

Dissecting a human body in a bright and clean operating theater felt like something amazing. Hiding in a small claustrophobic on-call room to dissect a human body made people feel like a pervert. 

'Scalpel,' Ling Ran thought in his heart. He reached out and got a scalpel.

Then, Ling Ran cut open the Virtual Human in front of him without separating the layers or performing blood control. He extended his right hand and directly pulled out the liver of the Virtual Human.

"Finding the lesion, determining the area, and finally, considering the surgical approach."

During the whole process, Ling Ran did not attempt to hide what he was doing. He said all kinds of professional medical terms.

The nurses in the operating theater, the anesthetist, and the doctors in the visitation room were not surprised by Ling Ran's performance.

It was very common for doctors to simulate their behavior of the whole surgery before any surgeries in hospitals, and it was not at all surprising.

Ling Ran's actions were just a little stranger and crude, but no one cared.

Associate Hospital Director Wang Anzhi who had been sitting in the visitation room earlier subconsciously ignored Ling Ran's action.

"It's six o'clock." An anesthetist paid attention to the time and reported the time when it was time for surgery. 

"Wait a minute." Ling Ran looked around for Xu Wen, who was not there yet.


With the sealed door opened, Xu Wen had his hands raised before his chest and entered the operating theater with a calm face. He looked like a super cool doctor who came in with background music into a holy land and was about to do a big job to save several lives.

"Let's start the surgery." Ling Ran did not wait for Xu Wen to get dressed completely and just started surgery on time.

He was so proficient in hepatectomy that his requirement for assistants was greatly reduced. When Xu Wen came into operating theater, he was too lazy to wait for him to completely get ready.

Ling Ran did not wait for the doctors who had just eaten breakfast or who were still hungry to get mentally ready in the visitation room. He straight up went for the incision. 

His level of proficiency was as if he had fully understood the patient's body.

And that was the truth as well.