Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 632

634 Envy

Happy laughter and cheerful voices emanated from Beijing University Sixth Hospital's breakfast hall.

Doctors dressed in white coats or scrubs were running around while holding the dinner plates with their precious hands. They went to get some uncongealed tofu pudding, get a glass of soy milk next, and then a glass of fermented bean drink...

Today's breakfast was free-of-charge. It could be said that it was the most generous breakfast gathering held by Beijing Sixth Hospital in recent years.

The doctors and nurses who came to the hospital to perform surgery in the early morning as well as the medical staff who came to the hospital earlier joined in and did not complain about the food such as uncongealed tofu pudding and soy milk.

Zhang Anmin drank two bowls of uncongealed tofu pudding in one breath and then ate a bowl of stewed pork. He also ate Jiaoquan [1] and poured himself a glass of fermented bean drink. His whole body was exuding happiness for being able to freeload. 

Zuo Cidian, who was equally as poor to the point that he was unable to change his underwear, also displayed the experience of a poor middle-aged person who had been in the workforce for half his lifetime. He did not waste any time eating the uncongealed tofu pudding. He first poured three bowls of soy milk in one go and then took a few sticks of churros to the table. As he was waiting for Ling Ran, he ate first and then he went back to get some stew. When he returned, he would pass the stew to Ling Ran. He then drank two glasses of soy milk in one go himself and went to take other food so that he would not go hungry, which would also not lead to his leader being anxious because he had to go and eat. 

Xu Wen, who grew up with multiple talents, was not reserved like those from Beijing hospitals. In front of many colleagues, he helped Ling Ran make the seasoning, took the chopsticks, wiped the table, handed the paper towels, and strove to introduce the specialty of each breakfast dish ordered.

There were stories behind the dishes in Beijing, such as glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour and noodles with soybean paste. Along with the stories, the level of enjoying the food would be up to six or seven points, which would be equivalent with Quanjude's roast duck. Even if Quanjude's roast duck came with a story, it would only score eight points. It could not compare with high-class hot pot, which was far beyond the status of Beijing.

One can imagine how miserable would the situation be if you had no story to tell while eating Beijing snacks.

Xu Wen used his oratory skills to increase the value of the breakfast with stories which he accumulated for twenty years.

The host and guests enjoyed the meal. 

At the end of the session, the cooks of Beijing University Sixth Hospital further gave a plate of quick fried liver with distilled grains sauce which were greatly welcomed.

The group of doctors were like children happily showing off the liver they managed to grab.

"The most delicious part is the left upper quadrant."

"Section four of the left inner lobe."

"My piece is like a quadrate lobe of liver, it's a bit thick."

"It's a bit like the lower segmental branch Doctor Ling cut today, isn't it? Oh, this pig better not have cancer."

"This is a pig that is not yet even one year old, even if it had a primary liver cancer, it might not have any symptoms. You should look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if you can have such good luck?"

Ling Ran listened to them chatting with mild interested and ate a few pieces of liver.

Xu Wen was full of smiles when he saw that Ling Ran was happy, "The chef of the canteen will have an easier time cooking the ingredients the cheaper they are. When I first entered the hospital, I often eat pig liver and rabbit meat. At that time, we used rabbits to practice."

"Pig liver is not too expensive." Zuo Cidian also took a piece and tried to discern the part for a while, but he could not tell at all, and he quickly stuffed it into his mouth. As he chewed, he said, "It's a pity that pig livers cannot be transplanted to people. Otherwise, it could have saved us so much trouble. "

Xu Wen said casually, "I heard about some related research, it is difficult to say whether it can produce results. Doctor Ling, do you want to take a break? What time would be suitable for you to start the following seminar?"

"Let's immediately get started," Ling Ran answered.

"Alright." Xu Wen should have guessed. If Ling Ran wanted to take a break, he would have rested the day before. There was no reason to wait until the surgery was completed before he rested.

Associate Hospital Director Wang Anzhi saw that Ling Ran was full and the table was also cleared. He walked over with a smile on his face, greeted him, and also talked about the seminar. For them, performing surgeries was one thing, but holding the seminar was the major event. 

It was only possible to promote a technique after they came to a conclusion during a seminar. 

Everyone moved to the meeting room. The layout of this time was simpler than that of Yunli Medical Company, but there were more doctors who participated. 

Meng Shan also followed everyone into the meeting room.

Old Hei still had to go to work, hence there was no way for him to burn the midnight oil and follow him.

The doctors snuck into the big meeting room. For such a level of promotional meetings, the organizers naturally hoped that more people would attend it and would generally not lay down any additional requirements for participants.

The large screen of the meeting room quickly started playing the surgery today. 

Wang Anzhi smiled and said to Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, today's seminar was specially held for you. Could you come in front and explain your surgical process?"

"Okay," Ling Ran replied and was not at all shy as he took a laser pen out. He waited for a few seconds before he said, "We're at the point of performing the incision. Um ... the main problem to tackle is the choice of the position, because I have seen the MRI scan beforehand, therefore, I planned to do an irregular hepatectomy, which is also the current mainstream choice. Compared to regular hepatectomy, it could reduce perioperative bleeding and reduce the surgery time... In order to fully expose the surgical field, I chose to make an opening at this current position, the distance of the opening also needs to be perfectly controlled..."

Ling Ran was already going on and on with a list of things on just one incision. 

As the video went further, Ling Ran had too many things to talk about, but since he was short on time, Ling Ran's words quickly became brief and concise. "Here we discovered intrahepatic metastasis. Intrahepatic transfer is not scary, we just have to deal with it. The focus is on the operation time, old people do not have high tolerance... Oh, now we have to deal with the portal vein first, the portal vein is the most common complex problem encountered in liver surgery, here we used a special plan..."

The liver cancer surgeries over the past few days was not completely unrewarding for Ling Ran.

For him, who had Master Level Hepatectomy, he could be said to have gained comprehension knowledge of the surgery. Intentionally increasing the difficulty of surgery was just in line with his skill level. Therefore, Ling Ran will soon also have his own conclusion.

Ling Ran's conclusion was that even if he did not use the Virtual Human, he could still improve liver cancer patients' survival rate to a certain level.

The doctors present were also listening very attentively. 

To be honest, for doctors who lived in Beijing, there were many opportunities for them to communicate with each other, but there were very few freelance surgeons from other provinces like this. Therefore, it was very easy for doctors in Beijing to access advanced experiences from abroad, but there were fewer opportunities for horizontal communication.

If they wanted horizontal communication, they needed to go and perform freelance surgery and have meetings.

This kind of feeling was a bit like being a disciple from a famous sect. They had to either work hard in the sect or visit a learned person outside. There would be opportunities to go around the whole country only after one had mastered a skill. 

But before that, it was not a bad thing to know more about the whole country, it may even lead to faster growth.

Most doctors listened very seriously, only Meng Shan, who was gradually getting bored, could not help but scratch his ears and cheeks anxiously.

'I can't wait any longer.' Meng Shan frowned. As he saw that the number of lap dogs were going to increase, he was afraid that the expectations on Ling Ran would soar if he continued waiting. 

Meng Shan patted the briefcase at his waist, which contained a bank card containing 10,000 RMB.

The amount was not too much, but also not too little. Meng Shan felt that the amount would be able to reflect his sincerity.

Meng Shan held that card worth 10,000 RMB and was filled with anticipation. 

Finally, at the end of the seminar, Meng Shan could not help but stood up.

"Thank you for your participation, you can go to the restaurant next door later to enjoy your meal..." Several pharmaceutical sales representatives suddenly appeared in the meeting room and distributed some pamphlets with some illustrations.

The pharmaceutical sales representative that was passing the pamphlet to Meng Shan had an even more outstanding presence…

"Are you Yunli Medical Company's sales representative?" Meng Shan looked at the other party.

"Not really." Tian Qi who was helping to distribute pamphlet showed a dazzling smiled and continued, "I just want to do something for Doctor Ling."

Meng Shan nodded subconsciously and then looked at how she was dressed.

Meng Shan, who often gave gifts to his mistresses, took a glance and saw a Hermes Birkin bag in Tian Qi's hands, which would cost at least 10,000 RMB. When he looked up from the bag, he could see the Rolex Daytona watch that she wore, which seemed to also cost at least 10,000 RMB.

Meng Shan patted his own briefcase with the 10,000 RMB card again and suddenly felt a little panicked.