Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 633

635 Last Contribution

Meng Shan frowned as he returned to the hotel. He forced himself to sleep but to no avail.

Meng Shan did not come into contact with Ling Ran during the few days after arriving in Beijing, let alone apologize and give him gifts. This was obviously not going according to Meng Shan's plan. However, as he lay in bed, Meng Shan reflected upon himself and did not find out where he did wrong. 

If Ling Ran had not been in the emergency room, he would be preparing for surgery, performing surgery, and checking the surgical outcome... not only would people be constantly around him, even if Meng Shan wanted to go up to him, he could not. 

When Ling Ran was in the Emergency Department, there must be assistants beside him, and that was even more so the case in the operating theater; Meng Shan would be given a warning if he got too close to him. Beijing University Sixth Hospital would not mind doctors from other hospitals visiting, but they would not let them ask questions to Ling Ran as it would be too time consuming, and it would be easy for doctors to make mistakes when they were distracted. 

Meng Shan felt restless but was unable to use any of his energy, or in his current state, he had used up the strength in his whole body but had no result. Meng Shan was already extremely tired, but he knew that if he persisted, something bad may happen. Hence, he could only go back to the hotel to rest.

Then, Meng Shan thought about Ling Ran, who seemed to be always be energetic.

Was polyphasic sleep really amazing? Impossible, it may only be useful if a person was born handsome. Just as Meng Shan was about to fall asleep, his mind started to imagine things.


Meng Shan practically snapped awake. 

When he was dreaming, he dreamed that Ling Ran performed treatment for a Colles' fracture. He heard a sound that sounded like a crack when Ling Ran performed manual reduction, the clicking sound that came from massaging the lumbar spine, and the cracking sounds from the twisting of the neck. As he was dreaming, Meng Shan felt his neck was twisted, and he heard a cracking sound. 

"What sorcery is this?" Meng Shan looked at the Patek Philippe Nautilus on his wrist and realized that it was seven o'clock in the morning. It meant that he had slept for almost one day and one night.

Meng Shan rubbed his forehead involuntarily. When he used to be an attending physician, he often worked overtime like this. Sometimes, it was for doing surgery, and he would work for thirty hours in one go before going back to sleep for a day and night, but he would already be in a state of extreme fatigue. 

Over the past few days, Meng Shan felt like the work intensity was not so great, but it was clear that his brain did not think so.

Barefooted, he went for a quick shower. Then, Meng Shan changed the clothes that he wore yesterday before he went straight to Beijing University Sixth Hospital.

He would not mention the frustration he felt during the heavy traffic, but when he reached the Inpatient Department of the Sixth Hospital, it was past nine o'clock, which was the normal clock-in time. Meng Shan was both frustrated and envious as he watched the waves of patients rushing in. 

Unlike the Emergency Department, which was only for local residents, the Inpatient Department of most hospitals in Beijing was for patients nationwide. Here, any doctor who had made a national achievement will be the top doctor in the country.

Next, with the help of 1.4 billion people's diseases, it was much easier for a famous doctor in Beijing to become a famous doctor in all its meaning than a senior doctor at a local hospital.

Many doctors who had become famous locally would rather give up all their local relationships and get a transfer to Beijing. The move was for Beijing's medical resources. Not only was there better equipment and a better surgical environment, but the assignment of a team and the number of patients was also better. Most importantly, there would always be patients around. 

If there were enough patients, any average assistant lecturer would take two to four years to become an expert in the field.

They could perform at least two hundred surgery cases every year. If they did this for two to four years, they could easily perform up to one thousand surgeries And it was not an exaggeration to describe a surgeon performing 1,000 of the same surgeries as scary on an international scale. 

Specialists in Europe and the United States could not compete with China at all in this aspect. 

However, the best advantage doctors in Europe and the United States had was being able to use state-of-the-art instruments and equipment which were worth millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars. Using those equipment for surgeries that would have cost only a few hundred RMB in China was something extremely common in the United States and Western European countries.

The advantages that advanced instruments can bring were unquestionable. This was like performing laparoscopic surgery for appendicitis versus an open appendectomy. If the latter wanted to compete with the former, the latter had to really be two or three levels higher in standard. 

Meng Shan's Eastern Science Hospital also had a similar model. However, the number of patients they could attract were too few, especially those who were willing to undergo surgery and have major surgery. So far, there were only dozens of sports medicine related operations scheduled in Eastern Science Hospital's Surgery Department, and those were the ones that supported the hospital. 

After staying in Eastern Science Hospital for a long time, when Meng Shan saw the flow of people in a public hospital like Beijing University Sixth Hospital, he had complicated feelings in his heart. When he thought about it, he was once a brave general in a public hospital. If there was another opportunity to come back… huh?

Meng Shan suddenly stood still.

In front of him was a row of familiar figures who stood in front of the elevator.

Meng Shan did not need to see the face at the front. He could recognize that he was Academician Zhu of Shanghai's Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. 

Meng Shan could be said to have seen this big shot in the local sports medicine field too many times, and Meng Shan had also approached him too many times. If Academician Zhu were not alive, Meng Shan believed that he would have a higher status in the country's field of sports medicine.

Of course, Academician Zhu was now old. Forget about performing surgeries himself, the number of guided surgeries he led had also reduced in number. But a person's reputation was very important. When Liu Weichen ruptured his Achilles tendon, his first choice in the country was Academician Zhu. It was also proven that he had made the right choice. Academician Zhu developed a new type of surgical method and selected Ling Ran to operate on him. This skill level would also be one of the best in the world.

In comparison, Meng Shan, who was ranked second in the field of sports medicine, had his opportunity taken from him, and this was something very normal, since their customer base was actually the same, patients who had a demand for sports medicine and could pay millions of dollars for treatment can always find their way to Academician Zhu.

Sometimes, when Meng Shan thought about this as he lay in his bed at night, he would think that at Academician Zhu's age, if he was really dead, or was unable to work because of some reason…

Today, as Meng Shan looked at Academician Zhu and his team as they walked into the elevator, he recalled the nightmare last night where Ling Ran twisted a person's neck with a crack. 

Meng Shan immediately shook his head and thought, 'Please don't let it turn into a real nightmare.'

Even though he might be thinking about it, Meng Shan still followed him and went upstairs. He made up his mind to understand the matter today.

While he was upstairs, Wang Anzhi personally came forward to entertain Academician Zhu Tongyi and his party.

Zhu Tongyi was also someone who often came to Beijing. He had only met Wang Anzhi briefly in the past, however, at this time, they shook each other's hands, and they walked elbow to elbow. They looked like they were so close that they had been good friends for many years.

"Doctor Ling has been under your care, Associate Hospital Director Wang. I just happened to have a meeting here so I came by to take a look and say hello, hahahaha..." Zhu Tongyi, despite being seventy-year-old, was still very loud.

Wang Anzhi then laughed in cooperation. "Doctor Ling is the one taking care of us. To be honest, before seeing Doctor Ling, I really didn't think that such a young surgeon could have such high achievements in life. Of course, at the time when we just met, I was robbed of my speech, he is too handsome, hahahaha."

"Well, for Doctor Ling, being born handsome may really be a medical condition." Zhu Tongyi laughed more heartily.

Xu Wen was also standing helplessly by the side. He could only glance at Ling Ran.

He was a very loyal person. He only attached himself to one master in one period of time. What was more, although Academician Zhu was capable, his strength was in his specialty, sports medicine, and it did not overlap with Xu Wen's pursuit.

However, Xu Wen was very envious of Ling Ran. He was not only born handsome and had good skills, he also had Zhu Tongyi's attentive care. After staying in the hospital for a long time, Xu Wen knew the culture in Beijing hospitals. If a doctor who was not from the region like Ling Ran came for freelance surgeries, forget coming for an exchange and for studies, he may be excluded and subjected to bullying.

When Ling Ran performed a freelance surgery in Changxi Province, he was supported by Yun Hua Hospital's brand, and furthermore, with his good skills, he naturally faced no obstacles. It was like when one staff member from the headquarters went to the branch to work, and the employees of the branch would not treat him too badly even if they wanted to treat him badly. 

However, when Ling Ran arrived in Beijing, Yun Hua Hospital's brand did not have any use. For the doctors in Beijing, the difference between Yun Hua Hospital, the provincial hospital, and the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City was not too huge.

Within Beijing University Sixth Hospital, Xu Wen and his master, Wang Anzhi, were able to attend to Ling Ran completely. However, as Beijing University Sixth Hospital started promoting his technique, the doctors of other hospitals which Ling Ran had come into contact with would not be as polite.

At this time, Zhu Tongyi came, and it was obvious that Ling Ran did not request for his help. 

Xu Wen was filled with envy for the level of concern Zhu Tongyi had for Ling Ran.

"Ling Ran, are you still going to perform any liver cancer surgery today?" Zhu Tongyi turned to ask.

Ling Ran replied, "I did two cases today. There is one more in the afternoon."

"It was done early in the morning, which is equivalent to last night." Wang Anzhi added a sentence with a smile.

Meng Shan, who just entered, was shocked that Ling Ran had completed two surgeries. What God-like speed was this?

Academician Zhu then nodded in understanding. "Did both of the surgeries go smoothly?"

"Both were smooth."

"In this case... Can I invite a few friends to come over and watch the surgery this afternoon. Is it convenient?" Academician Zhu still asked Ling Ran.

Ling Ran was always open to it and said, "The surgery is scheduled at three o'clock in the afternoon."

"No problem." Academician Zhu smiled and responded.

The other doctors present then gasped in astonishment. The friend that was introduced by an academician would surely not be weak.

Wang Anzhi continued to accompany Zhu Tongyi and entered the elevator. He asked casually, "I wonder which expert are you going to invite for this visit. I better make preparations in advance."

Academician Zhu calmly said, "We had a meeting yesterday. I met Academician Du of the Institute of Geology. He got to know through a body check up that he had primary liver cancer and did not want to have surgery. So I invited him to take a look."