Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 634

636 Boss: Handsome

Inviting the patient to watch the surgery? Such conduct was highly unconventional, even Wang Anzhi rarely saw it, and he had been a doctor for a long time.

The doctors in the country generally prefered discussing the specifics of the patients' medical conditions with the patients' family members, but not with the patients, because they were afraid that they would spook the patients. The surgical operation, especially the surgical operation that the patient was going to face, could not be shown to the patient.

Wang Anzhi frowned. "Academician Du has primary liver cancer, is the diagnosis confirmed? Is it suitable for him to observe the surgery?" 

Zhu Tongyi raised his chin, sighed a little, and said, "Old Du is almost the same age as me, maybe he's two years older than me, but he is more stubborn than I am. If I did not say that we can let him view the surgery and neglected to mention Ling Ran's name, he would have given up on the spot."

"That is so strange. He has never stayed in the medical system. If you let him see the bloody surgical scene, he might be frightened, not to mention that he needs to imagine the scene where he lays on the operating table. I will also feel uncomfortable if I think about it." Wang Anzhi was a little verbose about the matter. He really did not want to let the patient see the surgery. So what if the patient was okay? If he was not, then it would be very troublesome.

Honestly speaking, Wang Anzhi was slightly jealous of Ling Ran now. A doctor needed achievements to become famous. This was no different than being a soldier.

Regardless of how good a squad was trained, without a glorious war history, nobody would be convinced that they were good. On the contrary, no matter how lazy a squad looked like, if they led a famous war and obtained a glorious victory, then later, when they boasted about themselves, everybody would give them a thumbs up and show their admiration.

Compared to the army that fought at the battleground, the doctors' requirement towards achievements was even more particular.

Completing how many cases of a particular surgical method was their achievements, performing a surgery for someone famous was also an achievement too. But the latter was like a fight in a war that will propel them to fame, which will always allow them to receive more attention and compliments.

Wang Anzhi wanted to grab the chance to operate on Academician Du. If Academician Du's surgery was performed by Beijing University Sixth Hospital, he would do his best to satisfy his needs. 

However, Zhu Tongyi was obviously ready to let Ling Ran perform this surgery, so Wang Anzhi behaved less enthusiastically.

Zhu Tongyi also knew Wang Anzhi's thoughts, so he did not try to force him to be enthusiastic. He only smiled. "When you meet the man, we'll talk again."

"We'll talk again then." Wang Anzhi smiled gently. 

He did not want to appear again. Although the title of academician was a nice title, it was not a position. Beijing University Sixth Hospital had nothing to do with Geology Research Institute as well. Wang Anzhi simply found an excuse like having a meeting in the afternoon for him to run away. 

In the afternoon, Zhu Tongyi did indeed bring Academician Du over. 

As expected, Wang Anzhi replied on the phone, "Unfortunately, I still have a meeting in the afternoon, and I can't skip it…"

Wang Anzhi truly had a meeting to attend. But for a doctor at his level, it would be too easy to have a meeting scheduled on his end. High-ranking doctors had many social duties as compared to the high-ranking professors in universities. Wang Anzhi owned many titles and he could easily name twenty-seven or twenty-eight of them, and that was not including those useless titles he obtained easily. 

Zhu Tongyi chuckled and said a few non-committal remarks before he hung up. 

The pharmaceutical sales representative from Yunli Medical Company laughed and said, "Academician Zhu, you act like an old kid."

"Hmm, why do you say so?" Zhu Tongyi was still willing to chat with young and beautiful girls. It was simply because he was happier when he could chat with young and beautiful girls. He would also be more motivated to show off. 

Mai Chun looked normal when she had no makeup on, but after she seriously put on makeup, she looked quite pretty. After Yunli Medical Company reorganized the group, Mai Chun had a smooth working life, and she became more confident. At this moment, she teased him while she said boldly, "Academician Zhu, you're obviously teasing him, right? Today, there are so many academicians who are called over. If Associate Hospital Director Wang knows, he will surely come over to greet them. Why didn't you mention it on the phone?"

Mai Chun was acting cute in the last sentence. She gave Academician Zhu a chance to boast about himself.

Academician did indeed seize the change. He grinned and said, "He did not ask."

"Ah, as I said, Academician Zhu, you're like an old kid." Mai Chun covered her mouth and giggled. 

Academician Zhu laughed happily as though he became ten years younger. The wrinkles on his face were reduced by a large degree as well, and this made him not look like a 70-year-old man, rather… like a 60-year-old man.

"Maybe he wanted that for himself." Academician Zhu striked his chin as though he was stroking his nonexistent beard. He released the aura of a wise man, "How can we ignore a good man like Old Du who fell sick suddenly? Even though he wanted to give up, he still came to observe the surgery. Furthermore, this is his territory, someone would bring him the message."

As he was talking, Academician Zhu's phone rang. 

"You see." Academician Zhu proudly showed off in front of Mai Chun, "I told you that he has his own messenger."

"Academician Zhu, you're great!" Mai Chun immediately praised him with everything she had. 

The surrounding doctors felt embarrassed and looked down, but they looked down mainly because they were used to it already. 

In a short while, Wang Anzhi ran over hastily. When he saw Academician Zhu, he complained in a semi-serious fashion, "Academician Zhu, how dare you set me up? If you have any thoughts in your mind, just say it. I wouldn't dare not listen to you…"

"I'm just this kind of person, you know? The rather humorous sort. Everyone in the Chinese Academy of Engineering who is familiar with my character knows it," Academician Zhu said and winked mischievously at Mai Chun. 

Wang Anzhi sighed in resignation. He thought, 'What kind of humor is this?'

However, since Academician Zhu already brought out the name of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, so Wang Anzhi could not retort any further. Being the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was considered the highest honor of a doctor. Therefore, Wang Anzhi still needed to show his respect. 

"Who is Academician Du?" Wang Anzhi dared not argue with Academician Zhu anymore.

"I'll call him for you." As Academician Zhu spoke, he looked to the left, right, back, and waved to the right, "Old Du!"

A round-faced old man who had a solemn expression walked from the left. "Over here."

"Hey, once you got yourself liver cancer, I can't even sense you accurately," Zhu Tongyi said happily. 

"That's so mean." The round face old man snorted. 

"Alright, let me introduce you to each other. This is Associate Hospital Director Wang from Beijing University Sixth Hospital." Zhu Tongyi then turned around and said, "Old Du is a good guy, but he is stubborn."

Wang Anzhi immediately stretched out his hand and took a bow. "Wang Anzhi, the current associate hospital director." 

"Hello, I'm sorry I have to trouble all of you this time round." The round-faced Old Du was not in the mood to chat. 

Wang Anzhi chuckled. "If you were to say troublesome, it is truly a little troublesome. Academician Du, are you worried about the surgery effect, so you want to observe the surgery? In truth, our surgery skills have improved a lot, and…"

"Who is Ling Ran?" Obviously, Academician Du did not want to listen.

"I've called him, he is coming." When Zhu Tongyi finished speaking, there was an uproar in front.

Xu Wen was not surprised and said, "Seems that he is here."

Then, Ling Ran appeared in the reception room with many nurses surrounding him. 

"Oh… no wonder." Academician Du had good eyesight. He had already seen Ling Ran's face clearly from far.

"Academician Zhu, Associate Hospital Director Wang, Doctor Xu…" As Ling Ran nodded at them at the same time, he greeted them by calling out their names in one go, and he could be considered to have obeyed social norms.

"This is Academician Du." Zhu Tongyi introduced. 

Academician Du nodded and said wisely, "Doctor Ling, if I let you perform surgery for my liver cancer. How many years can I still live?"

Ling Ran looked at Academician Du who was tense and spoke aggressively. He felt puzzled and said, "If the primary liver cancer does not undergo metastasis, you'll stand a high chance to live for another four to five years." 

Unlike normal doctors who were always worried that they said too much to the patient and made the patient and their family members come back to argue with them, Ling Ran always made a professional judgment. He would not purposely add or reduce the parts where he was supposed to give special favors. 

Zhu Tongyi coughed by the side, but he could no longer stop Ling Ran.

Academician Du was stunned for a while. He had enquired a doctor before, but there was no one who dared to give out such an answer. 

Academician Du could not help but looked at Zhu Tongyi and smiled. "Indeed, he is an extraordinary doctor."

"Exactly." Zhu Tongyi nodded. 

"Let me ask you another question." Academician Du remained silent for two seconds and said,"Doctor Ling, I heard that you are developing a special liver cancer project? By performing surgery for me, will that help in your project and make it become more successful?"

Ling Ran did not understand and said, "I don't understand what you mean."

"Although my body might be broken, I hope it can at least contribute a bit." Academician Du smiled faintly. "If my surgery can help in your project or maybe contribute to the development of the medical world. Even if I die, my death will not be wasted. Even kings can't run away from birth, death, illness, and old age."

When he said that, Academician Zhu and Academician Du became silent, and Mai Chun instantly became teary eyed. 

Ling Ran felt the tense atmosphere around him, but he felt puzzled and said, "If you survive, that will help in the project as well." 

Maichun who had tears in her eyes was instantly stuck in a dilemma. 

It was hard for her tears to flow out continuously now.