Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 635

637 Humor

"Let's observe the surgery first then." Zhu Tongyi brought Academician Du into the still-chaotic visitation room.

The few doctors from Beijing University Sixth Hospital looked at Associate Hospital Director Wang. But before Director Wang could utter a single word, everyone pretended they had not seen anything.

There were six academicians present at the scene. There was never a moment of respite for them. Now that so many had come up here in a single day, Wang Anzhi was starting to feel a little diffident.

"Ling Ran, let the assistants make preparations, follow us to the visitation room. You have yet to see the visitation room, have you?" Academician Zhu tugged Ling Ran. Since these academicians had arrived and some of them were even locals from Beijing, it was only natural that Academician Zhu would not let Ling Ran slip away immediately after meeting up.

Ling Ran did not give much thought about it, he just followed Zhu Tongyi and said, "I have taken in the atmosphere in the visitation room when I was free the day before yesterday while it was early in the morning."

Zhu Tongyi rolled his eyes. 'This silly boy really never knows how to cooperate with them.'

As for Associate Hospital Director Wang, he smiled and came up to mediate the situation. "How did it feel?"

"Quite good. I quite like the live feed video system of yours," Ling Ran answered.

"That is true indeed. I was the one who strongly advocated setting up the system in the beginning, or else, how could you look clearly at the surgery from dozens of feet away, am I right?" Associate Hospital Director Wang was amused and laughed out loud.

Ling Ran looked at him in bafflement. Mai Chun silently recorded his words.

The group walked slowly to the visitation room, and formed their own circles to converse. It ended up taking up significant real-estate.

Meng Shan could only brace himself and tailed them. His feelings were very complicated at the moment. He wanted to meet Ling Ran in person and have a chat, but he also did not want to show butt in. 

Ling Ran had academicians protecting him. This was something that Meng Shan could not imagine even with his age and experience.

This was just a thought that flashed across his mind: if Meng Shan had support from Zhu Tongyi in the past, perhaps he would not have left the public general hospital. Perhaps he would not have been young and frivolous and just persisted with the idea of requesting for funds from the hospital to construct a department so that he could rise up the ranks in one go. If he had someone supporting him, there was no need for him to be in a hurry at all. 

At the very least, even when Meng Shan left his own hospital, he could still go to others. An old and experienced academician like Zhu Tongyi had some influence in Beijing and Shanghai, but outside those borders, forget about going to the hospitals containing any of his disciples—Meng Shan could already head to several hospitals tied-in with the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

While he walked behind the group of academicians, Meng Shan had the urge to end the issue with Qi Yuquan, but was also worried that Ling Ran would raise his requests since he was supported by the academicians.

A group of academicians who had seen the world or the boss of a mine whose whole family was furious… Meng Shan chose the academicians for the moment.


The doctors walking in front pushed open the door to the visitation room.

Upon arriving at the spot, Academician Du faltered and asked, "I am not a doctor, but can I watch the surgery?"

"Sure." Academician Zhu did not even give a thought about it. Then, he saw the expression on Academician Du's face and smiled. "Go in and have a look, the face of the patient is beneath the drape. The entire body is covered underneath the drape, and the only part revealed is the part that requires surgery. Theoretically, you can only see the part that requires surgery. Furthermore, we have informed the patients and their family members that we will be observing the operating theater. None of them objected to it, and they have even signed the papers."

Academician Du did not hear the last sentence. He only asked, "The entire body will be covered?"

"Yes. During the surgery, we hope that we will only focus on the condition itself. The general principle of draping or the position of the doctor, are to meet the doctor's daily habits. If we use the same method to expose the surgical area for patients with different illnesses, the doctors will see a similar surgical field every time they perform an operation. Over the course of time, you would be very sensitive to every abnormality, just like how you would be when you stare at a screen on a computer for a long period of time." Zhu Tongyi went in great detail, and he believed that Academician Du would understand it. 

Academician Du slowly nodded as he followed Zhu Tongyi into the visitation room.

Through the gigantic floor-to-ceiling glass separating them, they could indeed see the assistants and nurses working hard in the operating theater to get ready for the tasks to come.

The head of the patient was elevated. There was still a drape covering the head. The parts below the neck were all covered by a green drape. The only spot that required surgery was the lumbar region, and that was the only part of the body exposed—a small portion of skin in the shape of a square. 

Academician Du pretended to be calm as he looked down. His lips moved a little as he said, "I basically can't see the shape of the person anymore."

That description was indeed very accurate, and also very non-medical.

Zhu Tongyi slowly nodded and said, "Our medical knowledge and medical theories are still in development."

"Yes." Academician Du responded. But he did not make another sound after that. He just looked down below. No one knew what was going through his mind right now.

Zhu Tongyi did not say much as well. He left him there to calm down. At the same time, he turned around and let the few academicians in while he tugged Ling Ran over. He could make Ling Ran socialize with everyone by introducing the process of the surgery to them. 

Ling Ran was not keen on socializing, but he was not averse to talking about medical related stuff. He was also willing to explain the surgical procedure to Academician Du, who might possibly be his next patient and who was currently standing in front of the glass.

He spoke at a moderate pace, but his words were simple and concise. The few academicians listened with full attention.

Academician Du listened with full concentration as well. He also used his train of thought while he listened to thesis defenses to judge Ling Ran.

Academician Du was pleased and satisfied with the outcome of the defense.

If they were to make the operation into a project, Academician Du believed that it would be reassuring to put this project into the hands of a young man like Ling Ran.

Academician Zhu was pleased while he listened as well. He tentatively spared the other academicians a quick glance, especially the two from the medical system. His expression basically said, 'Look, but don't touch.'

Meng Shan was at the corner of the visitation room. He was practically unable to observe the scenario in the operating theater directly from his angle, but the panoramic video system that was hanging in the front was very convenient.

Truth be told, if one really wanted to look at the details of the operation, one still needed to look at the video on screen. But if someone wanted to judge the doctor's condition and the cooperation among the medical team in the operating theater, it would be good to just use the visitation room.


The door of the visitation room was being pushed opened by someone.

This time, it was Tian Qi who entered, and she wore white clothes that made her look professional.

She seemed poised and collected in spite of basically having trespassed the doctors'"personal worlds". Instead, she stood at the entrance, swept around the area with a scrutinizing look. When she saw Ling Ran, the smile on her face bloomed. 

"Doctor Ling, it is time for surgery. I'll take you there." Tian Qi waved her hand, and her voice was clear. The wrist watch she wore glowed brilliantly under the shining of the spotlight.

Meng Shan, who sat at the back of the room, could recognize as the Royal Oak Offshore series for Audemars Piguet at first glance, and it was covered in jewels. Meng Shan rubbed his eyes and looked at the girl's clothes as well. He deeply suspected that it must be some famous and expensive branded stuff as well, because it was not the type to wrinkle easily. 

Tian Qi would not be bothered by how others saw her. She only smiled at Ling Ran sweetly and said, "I am here to sync the video system to the operating theater. Doctor Ling, do you want to listen to me introduce the system?"

"Huh? You've become a pharmaceutical sales representative?" Ling Ran was shocked.

"I bought a pharmaceutical sales company." Tian Qi was very satisfied over stirring up Ling Ran's astonishment.

Ling Ran understood. "It is also quite interesting to manage a company."

"I only want to involve myself in the interesting parts," Tian Qi said, "The video system that we are currently engaged in is actually quite interesting. Should we install one set for Yun Hua Hospital? Department Director Huo wants to change the appearance of the operating theater, and it is about ready as well. We can set it up as well."

"It is already done so soon?"

"That's right, Department Director Huo told us to hurry up and finish with the machines when you are not around. The video system should also be counted as a part of the machines."

"Oh, but the decision lies in the hands of Department Director Huo."

"Director Huo definitely wants that. Our video system is renowned. Hmm… I better offer him a discount then. You guys often perform surgery demonstrations, and that should o help promote our video system. That way, it'll be easier for me to write the report." Tian Qi pondered with a hand on her chin. She continued walking briskly with Ling Ran, but her upper body had gone through etiquette training, and she did not sway even in the slightest, and from a distance, she looked very awe-inspiring. 

'How could Ling Ran be so handsome?'

The two of them walked along the corridor and turned into the Operating Area once again. There was no need for anyone to sound the drum to open the path for them, they were still the focus for everyone. 

When they arrived at the entrance of the operating theater, Tian Qi stood still. She once again raised her arms, clenched her fists, and encouraged Ling Ran, "Good luck!"

"Alright." Ling Ran nodded with a smile on his face as he turned around and went back in.

Tian Qi remained standing at the entrance for several seconds. She was recalling the scene where she walked with Ling Ran for around a dozen seconds just now, and she could not help but smile happily.