Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 636

638 Conversation



"Endotherm knife."

Ling Ran extended his hand and announced that the surgery had started.

And the surgery progressed very quickly.

In fact, the Department of Surgery in Beijing University Sixth Hospital was actually quite capable. After getting familiar with Ling Ran's surgical habits, the nurses, assistants and the anesthetist could all cooperate very well with him.

Compared to the Department of Surgery in Yun Hua Hospital, they were also similarly capable.

Naturally, the nurses in Beijing University Sixth Hospital's Department of Surgery also paid a lot of effort. They memorized the surgical methods at night, and they could not avoid practicing passing the surgical instruments as well as watch videos about Ling Ran's surgeries during day time. However, if they adopted this kind of educational system, the capability of the hospital could be seen clearly as well. In contrast, the cultivation system in many local hospitals was basically non-existence. Young medical staff could not learn anything even if they wanted, and much less in a large group. 

Xu Wen and Zhang Anmin worked respectively as the first and second assistants for Ling Ran.

On the surface, Xu Wen still looked calm and stable. He did not seem to be affected because of the difficulty of the surgery or the number of audience members.

Meanwhile, Zhang Anmin could not hide how nervous he was. 

If it had to be said, Zhang Anmin had been working in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery for a long time, and he had performed nearly one hundred hepatectomies with Ling Ran. Even if the number was not the highest in Ling Treatment Group, his skill level in hepatectomy was the best. He could not be compared with Xu Wen when it came to comprehensive skills, but when it came to working as an assistant for Ling Ran, regardless of whether he was the first or second assistant, he was well qualified and excellent.

However, unlike skills, confidence could not be accumulated with respect to time.

The time when Zhang Anmin felt confident the most was when he performed his daily surgeries and ward round, as well as the times he went to perform "freelance surgeries" in Bazhaixiang during weekends. Honestly, the time in Bazhaixiang was the most relaxing time for Zhang Anmin.

But once he came to Beijing, Zhang Anmin automatically felt fear.

He was an attending physician in his thirties. He no longer acted like an immature resident doctor or the immature old resident doctors with sparse hair like Zuo Cidian, who thought that there was only a distance of a few hundred miles between Yun Hua and Beijing, and that there was no difference in skill between them. 

Even if Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not very famous in Beijing, it was still a tertiary Grade A hospital with high standards. Over a few decades, it had produced a countless number of junior hospitals. Its Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was slightly weaker, but if he considered the support provided to it by the political center, its standards could still be described as unfathomable for an attending physician like Zhang Anmin.

After all, when a doctor had the title of an attending physician, although he could always freely and unreasonably scold resident doctors, housemen, and interns as he wanted, he could also be scolded by whoever else that were not among the aforementioned people. 

"Zhang Anmin, pay attention to aspiration." Ling Ran's voice rose into the air, and it made Zhan Anmin so nervous that his eyebrows even twitched.

"Oh, alright." Zhang Anmin's voice trembled slightly. 

Ling Ran knew that with just one glance that Zhang Anmin's movements were slightly out of shape, even though it did not matter a lot even if Zhang Anmin who worked as the second assistant had nonstandard actions and many doctors also did not pay attention to things like these. After all, as chief surgeons, their burden in the surgery was already huge enough, so they could not afford to take care of every detail even if they wanted to.

However, Ling Ran was obviously not this kind of chief surgeon.

Ling Ran's attention to his own operating theater surpassed that of normal people at the mahjong table.

Ling Ran would not allow his second assistant to have his actions skew from the standard actions to that degree, especially when the assistant could actually do better.

"Zhang Anmin." Ling Ran called him again.

"Yes?" Zhang Anmin tensed up his stomach muscles. 

"Is there any difference between Glissonean pedicle transection and the first hepatic portal control? And are there any advantages and disadvantages to these two methods?" Ling Ran casually raised his questions.

"Ahh…" Zhang Anmin was instantly stunned. After becoming an attending physician, he was rarely questioned during surgery, mainly because He Yuanzheng was not imposing enough, thereby causing him to be unable to suppress the attending physicians well enough. 

Yet, Ling Ran would sometimes ask questions to change the atmosphere, or he aimed to give a reminder to the junior doctors.

At this moment, Zhang Anmin became more attentive. 

If he were worried about his movements and performance just now, right now, all his thoughts fell on the questions raised by Ling Ran.

If he could not answer, it would be even more embarrassing.

"The first hepatic portal control is a slightly traditional plan, it mainly controls the blood vessels through the hepatic portal and liver tissues…" Zhang Anmin answered while he arranged his thoughts, and he sounded more confident as he continued speaking, "The first hepatic portal control surgery can reduce bleeding during an operation, but it might also affect normal liver tissues and lead to secondary injury on normal liver tissues. Glissonean pedicle transection does not need to control the overall blood flow in liver tissue, so it prevents normal liver tissues from being injured. Besides, it can also perform scientifically proven control on the blood supply in certain regions… It can prevent blood clots in the gastrointestinal tract…" 

"Okay, you can focus now." Ling Ran saw that Zhang Anmin's movements had returned to his normal standards, so he did not pay much attention to him anymore. There were too many things that needed to be noticed during the surgery, and there was no way anyone could truly take care of everything. The only thing that could be said was that the more details the doctor noticed, the lower the surgical risk would be, and the surgery could also progress smoother. 

Meanwhile, the assistants were like the chief surgeon's additional eyes and limbs. They did not need to be very good, but they had to maintain at a certain standard. Otherwise, they would be like the legs that suddenly became numb and caused trouble.

Zhang Amin adjusted his mood and unleashed his usual standard, which was what Ling Ran was familiar with. Then, the progress of the surgery started to become smooth.

Soon, Ling Ran started to interrupt the blood flow in the hepatic portal.

"Huh?" Zhang Anmin made a sound at this time. "Aren't we going to use Glissonean pedicle transection?" 

"Why should we use Glissonean pedicle transection?" Ling Ran asked.

"Because you asked me just now…"

"It was just a casual question," Ling Ran answered before he said, "Now, it is more suitable for us to use the first hepatic portal control."


"Doctor Xu, please explain," Ling Ran said.

Zhang Anmin then looked at Xu Wen. He was working as the second assistant, so he did not have many things to do.

Xu Wen was busy helping Ling Ran, but his personality drove him to say, said, "You must be used to it."

"Huh?" Zhang Anmin was totally confused.

But Ling Ran nodded in agreement. "Yes. Although Glissonean pedicle transection is advantageous, there aren't many advantages to it either. For me, I can't use it with as much ease as I do the first hepatic portal control."

"Is that just simple?" Zhang Anmin could not believe it.

"Yes," Ling Ran answered.

Zhang Anmin opened his mouth and glanced at the visitation room above him helplessly. He said, "Doctor Ling, I've seen you perform Glissonean pedicle transection a few times."

"There's no need for that for normal surgery," Ling Ran said as he snorted through his nose. That was also the reason behind why he was recently willing to perform liver cancer surgery. 

A normal hepatectomy was too normal for Master Level Hepatectomy. But Ling Ran was not very willing to use it on normal liver cancer patients. But the current high-aged patient with primary cancer made Ling Ran like them very much.

This was where he truly felt as if he was healing them. 

The academicians in the visitation room at the floor above looked at each other and could not hide their laughter.

They were people in their seventies. Usually, when they met young people, they behaved very seriously. At this time, when they listened to Ling Ran, who was training his junior doctor, they could not help but feel that it was interesting.

Naturally, prior to feeling that this was interesting, Ling Ran also needed to show world-class skill. People will only be interesting and humorous when they were skilled, otherwise, they would just be talkative.

Tian Qi watched happily and excitedly, so she pulled Mai Chun to her side and said in a low voice, "We should create an app that records different information about the doctors and make remarks of the disease type that the doctors are expert in. Most importantly, there must be reviews from the patients. They can provide feedback and comments, like whether the doctor is humorous, very skillful, good-looking…" 

Mai Chun timidly looked at Tian Qi. "There is already such an app…" 

Tian Qi said, "Buy it."