Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 640

642 Fixed Price?

"I personally dug out this piece of coal in Inner Mongolia. Those textbooks that you come across when you were small all claim that China is a big coal mine. In the past, our main coal-producing area was Shanxi, but now, Inner Mongolia has also become a big coal-producing province. Moreover, you can find a lot of shallow coal seams around the area, and there are a large number of gas fields, which has become a large energy providing province.

"This piece was not dug out. It was given to me by my teacher. It's an ore from Daye Iron Mine, which was discovered by British miner Johnston. It is considered the first iron ore mine that is suitable for machine mining in China. It's pretty amusing when I talk about it. China's iron deficiency anemia had instead become a catalyst to promote China's geology development. When Zhang Wei proposed Cotton-Ironism, he had never thought that one day, China's steel production would become China's first export and that China's textile production would be so much that even the whole world could not finish them.

"This is a metamorphic rock. It's not worth any money, and there is nothing inside, hehe. I presided over the excavation, and I thought it was a cobaltite, but it was nothing in the end. It was only later that one of my senior brothers supported me and finally sent a team that we were finally able to find a cobaltite and filled the gap."

Everyone followed Academician Du's steps and listened to him as he introduced his collection.

Except for a few valuable gems, most of his collection was quite ordinary, but they may hold a relatively higher significance to Academician Du.

Zuo Cidian gradually walked out of his trauma from radioactivity, as he listened, he felt very moved. Then he heard the word cobalt again. 

Zuo Cidian was now too sensitive to that word. At this time, if someone actually shouted the words cobalt, Zuo Cidian could immediately jump up in fright.

The word "cobaltite" was even more pronounced in Zuo Cidian's ears, and they made him dizzy. He wanted eagerly to just run out at that moment.

Zuo Cidian could not help but whisper into Ling Ran's ear, "Academician Du is really sick in the head. There might be other radioactive matter in his warehouse..."

Ling Ran cast a glance at Zuo Cidian and said, "We are doctors, and we have diagnosed Academician Du's condition."

Zuo Cidian was speechless. "That's not what I meant... Sigh, forget it, why am I even telling you this?"

When Ling Ran saw that he had no problems anymore, he would not continue probing into this matter, and he did not care.

Tian Qi was not even listening to what Zuo Cidian had said. She was now walking slowly with Ling Ran in a dimly lit environment that had spotlights. They were surrounded by empty spaces, and the area inside the warehouse was quiet but also had beautiful gems in it. She was too happy. Whatever people around her said just went into one ear and came out of the other.

In comparison, when Academician Du's chubby grandson heard Zuo Cidian's words, he was not satisfied, and he looked back twice.

At the third time, when the chubby grandson looked over again, he could not help but lower his voice and said this to Zuo Cidian alone, "Doctor Zuo, this is my grandfather's last wish. Could you give some respect to the elders?"

Zuo Cidian quirked his eyebrows. "What do you mean, his last wish? Your grandfather will go on the operating table tomorrow, not to the execution ground."

"You better watch your mouth." The chubby grandson's temper reached an exploding point.

If someone of the same age were in Zuo Cidian's place, he will say, "How was I rude?" 

And they will instantly descend into a quarrel. 

Zuo Cidian was not an idiot. In his mind, he instantly recalled the dialogue once, removed the middle part, and said in a straightforward manner, "Your grandfather's cancer can be cured, and he can live for three to seven years, he may even live up to ten years. If you are telling me that this is his last wish, aren't you actually taking advantage of the situation?"

The chubby grandson was stunned by what he was told. He was unwilling to say that his grandpa would not be able to live for so long, but if he admitted to the fact, he would be looking down on the threat of cancer. How many people around him had gotten cancer and had not managed to live? Besides, the threat of liver cancer was very prominent. His grandfather had also gone to a number of hospitals before. Going to Beijing University Sixth Hospital to see a doctor could be said to be his last resort. If it were not for Academician Zhu's assurance, the Du family would not have considered it at all.

"You see, each doctor is different, and each patient differs from another." Zuo Cidian came closer to the chubby grandson and said, "Academician Du has primary liver cancer. The cancer itself is not so serious, but what is serious is that his body's condition is still relatively poor. Others are afraid to operate on him because they are afraid of accidents. But our Doctor Ling is an expert in this area. After performing the surgery for the academician tomorrow, the situation will be clear. The possibilities for him to recover are quite high. Why are you worrying your hats off?"

The chubby grandson was dumbfounded and whispered, "My grandfather said that he wanted to take a final look at his collection… and also invited all of you to come..."

Zuo Cidian was not forgiving. "That is because of your grandfather's stubbornness. I say, it is impossible for people not to die, but with your grandfather's age, he can choose to only consider this matter in another four to eight years. If every patient is like Academician Du and drags the chief surgeon to look at his collection, we won't have to do anything else for the day. We have to perform fifteen cases a month, and there are no rest days..."

The chubby grandson's lips trembled as he mumbled, "I'm sorry..."

"Right, that's what I'm trying to tell you. We're all intellectuals here. If you have something to say, you can say it nicely, you didn't need to be so fierce and agitated just now."

This was the chubby grandson's expression: ///>_

Academician Du was very excitedly strolling through his collection before he stretched and said, "You don't say, I haven't done this in a while... Well, what do you say, Doctor Ling?"

"I don't understand it." Ling Ran did not particularly hate stones. After all, they were made of relatively stable material.

"True. You youngsters may not feel anything for these stones that are not polished." Academician Du nodded with a knowing look.

Zuo Cidian smiled and watched his act. He thought, 'Did you only just figure it out?'

"I'll bring you guys to go hunting for treasure and antiques at the jewelry market later." Academician Du clapped his hands and attracted everyone's attention. "This is one of the best gem exchange centers in China. In fact, it's not just gemstones, but all these minerals, as long as they are collected and that there are people who are interested in them, will be sold here."

Ling Ran looked at Academician Du and asked, "If we don't go, does it mean we can go back to the hospital?"

"Oh, Doctor Ling, you don't have to be shy with me. You can choose whatever you want in a while, and I will help you guys examine it. Just by simply scavenging through those stones, you guys would have gotten a month's worth of your salary." Academician Du enthusiastically pulled Ling Ran along.

Zuo Cidian looked up at the humongous warehouse and asked the chubby grandson, "So, your grandfather's fortune all depended on scavenging for treasures and antiques at the jewelry market?"

The chubby grandson shook his head gently, and his voice became softer as he whispered, "Scavenging from the market can never compare to being able to live a little longer."

Zuo Cidian can not help but stare blankly.

In Mutton Alley, there were only small shops as large as sheep pens.

The boss' work in the store was like a sheep waiting for food. They normally circled round and round the room until they saw guests coming, and as if they saw some dried grass, they would surge forward like a colony of bees and start ba-ing. 

Ling Ran was not even bothered to listen to what they said. 

Tian Qi did not have time to listen.

However, the sheep's eyes in the pens opened their eyes wide as they observed the two.

The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful. There was also a Richard Mille on the woman's wrist... It was no wonder then why she needed to bring along a bodyguard, otherwise, just snatching the watch itself would be enough for ordinary people to live without worry. 

"Boss, could you help pick something good for Doctor Ling? What new items do you have recently?" Academician Du did not care what type of stone it was, as long as they could get raw stones, he could display his skills and pick some of them. 

He was an expert in domestic geology, and he had been playing in the field of minerals and ores for almost forever. Regardless of whether it was Hetian jade, Tian Huang or jadestone, he had seen plenty of ores before. He went to the field to have meetings on a regular basis and would be taken for a visit, experiencing a rare scene that normal people would not even see once in their lifetime. When he came to small jewelry stores, he enjoyed the happiness of scavenging for jades even more. 

"Can you bring over some of the cheap raw stones and let us pick a few. How much is this…?" Academician Du casually picked up an ugly stone and asked for the price. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle's.

He wanted to pick a good stone today and give it to his chief surgeon.

Academician Du comforted himself: This is not a red envelope. It is only a gesture of respect for the chief surgeon who will be operating on me tomorrow. Also, it is the money I will be paying for my life.