Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 643

645 Cordial Surgery

"Old Du, please take care of your health."

"Academician Du, get some rest and prepare for your surgery."

"Don't worry about your family, we will help you watch over them."

Academician Du was admitted into the hospital. His colleagues, family members, relatives, and friends visited him in a wave.

Speaking of which, most people who came to visit the patient were sensible and knew what was going on. When they saw that there were many who had come to visit him, most of them left after staying only for a while. Others helped him in the ward with things like fetching boiled water, ushering people, as well as communicating with the doctors and nurses. But there were still too many people, causing the ward to always be too packed.

Once Ling Ran was full from eating the roasted duck, he went back to the hospital and called Xu Wen for ward rounds so that he could digest his food. When he arrived at the single room, he saw that the entrance itself was full of people.

"Excuse me, please make way. The doctors are here." The visitors were very polite. They notified each other of the situation and let Ling Ran as well as Xu Wen in. As they made way into the room, the people said, "Doctor, please pay more attention to him. Academician Du is the pillar of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences"

"Academician Du was so healthy before this. How did he get so sick all of a sudden? Did you misdiagnose him or something?"

"Doctor, can Academician Du's tumor be treated without surgery? It's hard to go through surgery when he's so old."

Xu Wen could not help but look back at Ling Ran. He often heard similar words, but Ling Ran was still young...

Ling Ran walked into the room in silence. He was not bothered by the people's words at all. For him, that level of babbling was a really small matter.

In the past, some people rushed up to him while wailing and shouting as they waved flags and other things, and those were the simple situations he encountered. He sometimes ran into girls who showered him with one thousand paper cranes, and in order to maintain the stability of the situation, he had to help others calm down their emotions.

"Isn't it past visiting hours already?" Xu Wen turned to the nurse in charge who was trying to maintain order.

"I told them to leave, but they didn't want to," said the nurse, who was very flustered from all of this.

Xu Wen hummed and said, "Try again."

"Okay." The young nurse raised her voice and said, "The patient will be having surgery tomorrow. It's time for him to get some rest. You should all go back"

"If visiting hours are extended, tomorrow's surgery time will be postponed. If it's too late, the surgery can't be done. It is necessary for the examinations to be completely finished before the surgery," Xu Wen then said as a reminder.

It was only then that the people started to move.

"Alright then, I'll go back first."

"Academician Du, rest well. We will see you soon."

Academician Du also smiled gently as he exchanged pleasantries with the crowd. He looked like a kind old teacher.

"Doctor Ling?" After Xu Wen saw that all the visitors have left, and only three family members were left, he finally relaxed his expression.

"I'll give you a physical examination." Ling Ran did not say anything else. He just stood up and helped Academician Du position his bed horizontally.

If he wanted to renew his Virtual Human, he needed to touch the subject.

When Ling Ran touched Academician Du, he could update his Virtual Human.

Of course, before tomorrow's surgery, he would activate the Virtual Human again. The duration in which he activated it would also be longer, but in terms of his current experience, it might be better to operate on it two times quickly first before he performed a relatively long surgery.

A blue-skinned human body appeared in front of Ling Ran.

Lin Ran did not even give any thought, he reached for a virtual scalpel and opened up the Virtual Human. He took out the liver, then malaxated the normal tissues with his hand to expose the cancerous tissues covered within them.

Under the blue-skinned Virtual Human, Academician Du blinked and was unable to understand what Ling Ran was doing with such a big action.

The other people in the room wanted to ask, but they did not dare to do so.

Xu Wen could see that Ling Ran seemed to be simulating the surgery, but Xu Wen thought it was impossible for it to be a liver cancer surgery. So, he only watched him silently while he regarded this as part of Ling Ran's maverick.

There were many doctors with their own style of doing things. Surgeons who needed consultation from doctors in the Psychiatry Department doctors were not rare anymore. Xu Wen thought Ling Ran, who was in front of him, was much more normal than the others, even though he was a little special in his own way.

Xu Wen believed that things would only be strange when a doctor did things like other people but did not have any strange ticks and had both high intelligence and emotional intelligence. As a professional disciple who learned under hundreds of teachers, Xu Wen would like to say that such a master must be very hard to flatter.

Ling Ran himself did not consider what other people thought of him at this time at all.

As far as his experience was concerned, when there was a large number of ideas from a large number of people, there would definitely be many strange ideas among them. It was too difficult to take care of everyone, so it would be better to do his own thing.

It was like during sports day in his elementary school. When he helped to pick up the little athlete who fell beside him, he would hear sobs around him, and water bottles would be thrown over to him. When he returned the water bottle to the owner, the sobbing sounds around him would be even louder.

Very soon, Ling Ran understood that sometimes when he did things, there were always people who would not understand and disagree with him. However, when he had to lift others up, he should still lift them up. When he should return the water bottle, he would still return it. It was not possible to judge whether or not to do things according to the volume of the sobs and whether the deed was correct.

At this time, switching on the Virtual Human and carrying out a basic analysis based on the performance of the Virtual Human was the correct thing to do. This was the judgment made by Ling Ran based on his knowledge, experience, and logical thinking. He would not change his practice because of other people's expressions and actions.

He gently malaxated Academician Du's virtual liver with his hand.

Ling Ran focused on observing the depth of the infiltration of cancerous tissues, especially the invasion in the intrahepatic bile duct and hepatic portal vein.

Liver cancer was called the king of cancers mainly due to an extremely rich blood supply in the liver. The liver pretty much used every single one of its cells in the area related to blood. Correspondingly, there were a lot of blood vessels in the liver as well.

During a surgery, even the slightest blood vessel rupture could cause a lot of blood loss and delay the progress of the surgery, which would affect the effectiveness of surgery.

Similar to heart surgery, liver cancer surgery was also a surgery that raced against time.

It would be really dangerous if blood supply was cut off from the liver system for one hour. Two hours was the limit. In fact, it was already quite dangerous if the liver's blood supply stopped for one hour. No doctor would push the limit in this aspect.

During the surgery, the technique of interrupting the liver's blood supply for fifteen minutes, then recovering it, and then interrupting it again was also popular. Its purpose was to reduce the impact of extensive blood loss in the liver.

It was very easy to imagine how dangerous it would be to have a major blood vessel cause trouble in a surgery that was in a race against time. Even if the chief surgeon managed to repair it immediately, it would still be very dangerous. It would affect the result of the whole surgery, not to mention the patient's lifespan and his or her quality of life.

In general, the risk of blood vessel ruptures was so great that surgeons who had been practicing for ten years could not easily handle it. When there was a liver cancer surgery, the risks from the blood vessels in the liver and the bile duct were even greater.

Cancerous tissues moved around easily, the risk of them spreading would increase with the occurrence of liver hemangioma and cancer cells in the intrahepatic bile duct. If the cancerous tissues could not function normally, the probability of removing or damaging blood vessels would be greatly increased Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

The difficulty of performing liver cancer surgery lay in the large number of blood vessels in the liver. They were all connected together and filled with nutrition. Even in the early stages of cancer, it was easy for the cancer cells to spread to the blood vessels. Once it did, it would become extremely difficult to treat, just like Academician Du's situation.

Being an academician, there may have been hospitals and doctors all over the country that were willing to accept him, but none of them would dare give an affirmative answer to Academician Du.

Not only did he have old age, multiple underlying diseases, and a difficult tumor location, but his portal system was also infiltrated when the cancer was still in its early stages. The complexity of the surgery was as difficult as that of surgery on a late-stage patient

It was only because Academician Zhu shared a good relationship with Academician Du that he recommended Ling Ran to Academician Du with more certainty in his words.

Ling Ran held Academician Du's virtual liver and thought for a couple of minutes before he waved his hand to cancel the Virtual Human.

He could see the location of the tumor clearly through CT, MRI, and PET scans. However, it was not so easy to deal with.

"There is no problem, right, Doctor Ling?" Academician Du looked at Ling Ran and could not help but feel diffident.

"There's no problem. Please rest well." Ling Ran nodded lightly and got up. He ended his ward round.

There were whispers among the Du family in the room.

Xu Wen looked down at his phone, then caught up with Ling Ran. He whispered, "Some doctors want to come to Academician Du's surgery tomorrow after they heard about it. Professor Feng Zhixiang will also come. Associate Hospital Director Wang asked if you want to make a demonstration surgery or shut the operating theater and refuse any visitation?"

Different doctors had different performances in different situations. Associate Hospital Director Wang was not familiar with Ling Ran, so he did it as a sign of respect to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran walked along the corridor and said, "There is no need to refuse visitation. I can do a demonstration surgery."

"Okay." Xu Wen could not help but feel his heart rate increasing. 'This surgery is getting more intense.'