Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 644

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The walls in the operating theater of Beijing University Sixth Hospital were covered in green paint, and the blue draping covered the operating table. 

The anesthetist adjusted the amount of the drugs administered nervously. Today was different from other days where he could handle, amend, or observe the situation carelessly. Many leaders from this hospital would be here in the surgery today. If he ran into a picky one who decided to find fault in his work, the anesthetist would probably have his reputation forever ruined. 

The nurses also checked through many times carefully to prevent anything that might affect the surgery. 

Xu Wen, who hosted the surgery, acted as the first assistant. Sometimes, when he raised his head, he could see Associate Hospital Director Wang leaning against the glass mirror while he peered through the glass of the visitation room excitedly. He also saw the leaders of Beijing University Sixth Hospital. 

The appearance of Professor Feng Zhixiang at the corner of the visitation room also meant even more people who attracted attention were gathered around that place. 

When Professor Feng Zhixiang was performing surgery at Yun Hua Hospital, he did suffer a setback, but his status was not affected at all. Firstly, it was because the patient was saved. Secondly, there were always moments where the professor failed in the surgery. In the medical field, it would be impossible to request the doctor to perform surgery without any mistakes.

It was not something strange if the patient fell into critical condition on the operating table, as that was indeed a place where life and death matters happened. Thus, the ability to solve these crises was the true strength of high-ranking doctors. Based on this point, when the hemorrhaging patient was saved, it was credited to Professor Feng Zhixiang, he just used Ling Ran as a tool to help him. 

With Professor Feng Zhixiang's reputation in the field of general surgery, he was truly qualified to use people like Ling Ran as his tool. 

Therefore, when he appeared at the surgery where Ling Ran was the chief surgeon to observe his surgery, he had also indirectly lifted Ling Ran's status. 

Status in the medical field was accumulated bit by bit in this way. 

When Xu Wen thought about this, he shook his head secretly. 'The number of high-ranking doctors in front of me means that Ling Ran's won't be increasing bit by bit anymore. Forget everything else, when the doctors in the hospitals in Beijing talk about Ling Ran in the future, they cannot regard him as someone unimportant anymore. So, if Xu Wen wanted to invite Ling Ran over as a freelance surgeon, his status in the local hospital could no longer become an obstacle. 

Xu Wen moved his sight to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran stood on an empty space this time, and he was waving his hands. Those who did not know would think that he was practicing some kind of musical instrument. 

But the doctors over there knew that Ling Ran was running a simulation of the surgery in his mind. 

Many doctors also had a similar habit, and Ling Ran just recently got this habit as well. 

When Xu Wen looked at Ling Ran's movement, he did not find it strange. Instead, he was impressed. 

Ling Ran still tried to improve his method even if he already had fantastic skills. Xu Wen felt that just his attitude alone was already worth learning. 

At the same time, in Ling Ran's mind, while he was pondering over the details of his skill, he remembered what Academician Du had said and done yesterday… 

It had to be said that Academician Du was indeed a special patient to Ling Ran. 

Before this, Ling Ran performed the more urgent emergency surgeries, Achilles tendon repairs, or hepatolithiasis that had low risks and would not harm the patient's life. Although he had performed a few cases of liver cancer surgery, Academician Du had the strongest will to live as compared to other patients.

His will was as strong as a young man's, and perhaps it was due to the passion, hope, ambition, and desire in Academician Du… 

Ling Ran was not good at socializing, but he could see the indignation in Academician Du. 

That was just like how a student who was completing his homework happily and had his homework taken away by his parents as they did not want to let him complete it. Ling Ran could still remember the desire to complete his homework and the indignation of not being able to complete it. 

"Doctor Ling, everything is ready." Xu Wen looked at the time and ensured that the condition and the preparation of all aspects of the surgery were well down before he informed Ling Ran. 

"Okay," Ling Ran replied. He put his hands in front of his chest before he stood in front of the operating table. However, he did not start the surgery immediately. He remained silent for a few seconds. Then, he spoke slowly, "The main risk for today's surgery is that the hepatic portal vein is infected by cancerous cells. So, the vessels should be handled properly. Also, the patient has a fatty liver, cirrhosis, and hypertension. He also has a medical history of a stomach ulcer and enteritis. The hardening of his coronary artery is quite serious, together with the old age as a factor, we might need to complete the surgery as soon as possible and reduce blood transfusion…"

Xu Wen and Zhang Anmin immediately nodded while the other nurses and anesthetists even nodded even more frequently. 

They knew that what Ling Ran had said was meant for them. 

As all of them were equals, Ling Ran's current surgery was similar to the characteristics of a freelance surgery. Even though they already had a preoperative consultation before the surgery, he still needed to remind them many times before and after the surgery. 

Wang Anzhi introduced the situation to everyone on the upper floor with a serious look. "Doctor Ling hopes to reduce the chance for blood transfusion, but we still prepare sufficient blood bags as the patient's vessels are too fragile, and anything can happen during the surgery.

"The patient's liver function is too weak, and he'll need to try to reduce the amount of liver removed. This part will take up more time. So, they must stay focused.

"The patient is an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is very busy. Through this rare surgery case, we hope not only to save the patient's life, but also make the patient be able to return to his work as well. We hope Academician Du can return to his post."

The doctors in the visitation room nodded slowly. Not every doctor who observed the surgery knew about the medical history of the patient. So, when the information was clarified, the upcoming surgery would be known in greater detail to them. 

Feng Zhixiang watched the floor below him carefully. When Ling Ran started the surgery, he was even more focused while he observed the surgery.

He had actually seen Ling Ran perform surgeries many times, but each time was a brand new experience for him. 

What surprised Feng Zhixiang the most was that Ling Ran would show different skills when he faced different patients. 

"Quite good, huh?" Zhu Tongyi stood beside Feng Zhixiang and said proudly. 

Feng Zhixiang smiled and thought. 'You're an orthopedist, do you really know how powerful is Ling Ran's skill?'

Zhu Tongyi was very familiar with the contempt toward him from those in the field of general surgery, so he smiled back and thought, 'You shit diggers, you can only peep a little at our Ling Ran's skill.' 

The 220-pound resident doctor who was brought over by Zhu Tongyi to serve him stood at the corner. He felt excited when he saw the silent eye contact between his boss and Professor Feng Zhixiang. He subconsciously opened the bottle in his hands and drank it in big gulps. And suddenly, he became a 222-pound resident doctor.

The general surgeon brought by Feng Zhixiang turned around and looked at the 222-pound resident doctor when he heard the gurgling sound. 

The 222-pound resident doctor pursed his lips. He stared downward and acted as though he did not care. Slowly, he realized that he did care about it. 

This was his first time in Beijing. He might not be surrounded by strangers, but when he looked around, the only people that he knew other than his team was Ling Ran. The 222-pound resident doctor suddenly felt a strange feeling of camaraderie when he looked at Ling Ran who was seriously performing the surgery just like how he did at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. 

"Endotherm knife." Ling Ran had started to handle the fine vessels at the operating table. 

He acted very fast. In just a few minutes' time, he completed a series of bleeding control procedures. Then, he took the needle holder and started to operate on the liver.

The liver was famous for its fragility. A liver suffering from cirrhosis was even more fragile. If the force exerted was too much, there will be mistakes. 

On the other hand, in order to let the patient recover faster, the surgery incision also became smaller over the years. 

So, Ling Ran flipped the liver gently through the two-fist long incision. 

When the white gloves slipped into the red colored wound, it gave off an abnormally dangerous feeling together with the blue draping and silver-colored tools.