Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 645

647 A Bite Of Walnu

In the waiting hall in front of the surgical corridor were groups of people who gathered together and talked in low voices while they waited quietly. The atmosphere was slightly depressing. Only when both doors of the surgical corridor were opened and the patient was pushed out did the atmosphere change a little.

The Du family also occupied two rows of long benches, and the atmosphere around them was slightly gloomy.

Academician Du's eldest grandson was sitting at the front row with both his arms folded over his chest. He looked at the door of the surgical corridor while recalling the memories of him and his grandfather in his mind.

His aunt and mother, as well as his cousin, also shared rather similar expressions. 

"Actually, should we just have chosen conservative treatment?" The daughter wiped off her tears and asked her sister-in-law by her side.

Their relationship with their in-laws was not bad. The sister-in-law was two years older than her, and she had always been more decisive. At this time, she was also full of tears in her eyes, "Dad's liver condition is not good, and he also suffers from many diseases. We consulted other doctors about conservative treatment for a long while, and dad's liver condition would not be… better even if we chose conservative treatment."

"Conservative treatment. At least his life is saved, what if... during the surgery…" the daughter said, and she started sobbing softly. 

She was the daughter, but she was also already sixty years old. When she started to cry, her husband and son were instantly stunned. Then, her daughter-in-law sat in front of her, grabbed her hand, and comforted her. 

"Aunt, the doctor is recommended by Academician Zhu. I've met him. He is really young, but he should be quite good." Academician Du's eldest grandson put his chubby arms down and whispered sincerely.

"How do you know he is good?" The aunt now had her thoughts stuck in one corner. 

"Think about it this way. He is so young, and he should be much better than the middle-aged doctors to be able to get the support by the academician. And there's also Beijing University Sixth Hospital. If he is not better than normal doctors, why didn't Beijing University Sixth Hospital use their own doctor?" the chubby grandson said the reason that everyone knew while he thought secretly in his mind, 'If I looked as handsome as he was but did not have expert medical skills, I would have run away instead of becoming a doctor.'

"Yeah," the aunt answered, then she sighed again. She had almost reached the age of retirement, so she naturally thought more. Age was a limiting factor for young doctors, just like when everyone registered in the hospital, they all wanted to register for consultations by experts or old doctors. The young doctors naturally needed to put more effort in order to receive similar treatment, but this was not an absolute fact.

If a young doctor showed talent that was greater than the talents of peers his age and worked so hard that he surpassed his peers at his age, even displayed abilities that surpassed his peers, he would naturally receive high recommendations. However, would the ability of a young doctor then surpass an elder doctor? This was not necessary. 

"I'm just worried…" She sighed. The more she thought about it, the more worried she was. She was worried that she had made the wrong decision… 

"What's the use of being afraid?" The eldest son of the Du family who was also the father of the plump grandson suddenly stood up. 

The family could not help but have their gazes gather on him. 

"Now, we have done whatever we can do. It's useless even if we feel regret now. Furthermore, we have no idea on what's happening inside. This is just like the drilling process, once you have chosen the position to drill and start the drilling machine, what is the use of feeling fear?" The eldest son of the Du family, Du Zecai was dressed in a jacket, and his dark expression was incredibly scary. 

The members of the family were not afraid of him, but they remained silent. 

Du Zecai was almost sixty as well. He snorted and said in an incredibly imposing manner, "Stop feeling so tense. Since you are here now, so just listen to me."

As he spoke, he turned around and walked down the stairs. 

After a while, Du Zecai laboriously dragged a luggage over as he walked up the stairs. 

Du Zecai did not talk much. He first moved a small bench over and sat at the empty space between the two long benches. Then, he put down the luggage, opened the zip, and took out an expensive pillar-like item that had been wrapped up with red cloth. 

He removed the red cloth, and an amethyst geode appeared in front of everyone. 

Then, Du Zecai took out another wooden table from the luggage. With great effort, he put the amethyst geode on top of the wooden table and said to everyone, "Come and worship it. The amethyst geode is quite efficacious."

"Dad…" The plump grandson felt amused. "Now, you brought an amethyst geode for us to worship in the hospital, do you think it makes sense?"

The amethyst geode was opened vertically, and it was basically a purple crystal cave. Its inner walls were formed in the spherical shape of purple crystals, and it was usually used for Feng Shui purposes. Naturally, Du Zecai was using this as a Feng Shui accessory.

Du Zecai did not bother about his son's objections. "It does not depend on the hospital whether it makes sense or not. If they can promise to treat the patient well, I will listen to them. This is like us when we try to drill things. If we promise them that we can drill a perfect hole without ruining anything inside, who will be so stupid as to carry an amethyst geode to walk on the mountain path? It's precisely because we can't make that promise that people will worship geodes."

As he spoke, Du Zecai took out another electronic candle, lit it and put it in front of the amethyst geode.

Du Zecai pushed the small bench away and stood in front of the amethyst geode. With the electronic candle in between, he muttered, "Please let my father go through this dangerous period. My father had a tough life since he was young. When he came out from the village, he had to learn everything himself to become successful. During tough times, he had to work hard to earn money while seeking medication for mother. He could only use his free time to learn, that's why he spent many years before he could utilize what he learned. His work helped many people and even places to solve many problems. In the future, I hope that my father will have more time to complete his final wish and finish the last project. If it is possible, he hopes that he has a few more years to enjoy his life and spoon feed his grandson…"

The plump grandson stood behind his father. He was surprised and embarrassed. He was almost in his thirties. Although the plump grandson was still young, he was no longer suitable to be spoon-fed by his grandfather. Even if he wanted to have great-grandchildren for his grandfather, that was not possible to be achieved in the near time… 

Du Zecai spoke slowly for two minutes before he kowtowed three times. He then gave up his space and said, "Pray to it."

The family members felt helpless when they looked at the shiny amethyst geode. Their expressions were strange. 

In fact, it was not just the Du family, hundreds of people in the main hall looked at the beautiful amethyst geode that reflected the light. 

The medical staff passed by even used a surprised look to stare at it. Some even secretly took out their phones. 

They had seen old ladies who held Buddha figures and mumbled. They had even seen people who knelt on the floor to pray, but an amethyst geode?

Du Zecai did not care about how others looked at him. He said calmly, "This amethyst geode has its efficaciousness tested. When we were drilling in the past, we had used four amethyst geodes, only this one has been efficacious every time. The cave in Guinan was discovered using it."

"Brother, you…" Academician Du's daughter had no idea on how to communicate with her own brother. There were too many flaws in his words, but she had no idea where to start pointing them out.

"Fine, I'll just pray to it." Academician Zhu's cousin had been sitting at the other end of the long bench. She walked over here, prostrated herself on the ground, and worshipped. 

The light from the electronic candle was very steady, since it was filled with batteries. 

Academician Du's daughter was stunned. In her impression, her auntie was a gentle and elegant elementary school teacher. After she retired, she sang and tended to her garden every day, and she looked highly cultured. 

She never expected that her auntie would agree with her brother's weird behavior.

"My brother is the main pillar in our family and the backbone in his unit. In the past ten years, he has been taking care of our family, was busy working for the country, and he did not care even if he needed to go through the worst conditions. Please give him a few more years." The auntie's voice was not too loud or soft. Then, she prayed to it quietly. 

The sister-in-law sighed and went to worship the amethyst geode as well. 

The other family members felt that the situation was ridiculous as they stared at the crystal. Still, they could not help but stand up. 

Du Zecai took out a cigarette. He did not light it up, but he just put it below his nose and smelled it gently. He stared deeply at the direction of the operating theater.