Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 647

649 Round Of Applause

The operating theater and visitation rooms in Beijing University Sixth Hospital were both see-through rooms, but there were different access points.

The young nurse from the Department of Surgery took out a small transparent bowl containing vascular pieces from the operating theater, came out from the side door, and carefully brought it to the visitation room.

At the entrance of the visitation room, Professor Feng Zhixiang, Zhu Tongyi, and Associate Hospital Director Wang stood at three sides respectfully. They had waited for so long that they had grown impatient.

"Give it to me."



The three men practically spoke at the same time, leaving the young nurse awkwardly holding the small vessels.

"Give it to me," Associate Hospital Director Wang said again.

He was the associate hospital director, so the young nurse obediently handed the small glass bowl to him.

"Let's look at it together," Associate Hospital Director Wang said and brought the small glass bowl to the middle of the visitation room. The young doctors at the side handed them a pair of clean forceps and other things.

Associate Hospital Director Wang positioned the small bowl on the table, took the pair of forceps, and poked at the vessel piece.

"How is it?" Behind him was a curious assistant lecturer from the General Surgery Department.

"Give it a try." Associate Hospital Director Wang did not answer directly. He wanted to use the pair of forceps to pick up the vessel piece, so he extended his hand forward, but retracted it.

After turning around, Associate Hospital Director Wang even gave up his position.

Feng Zhixiang had been waiting impatiently behind him. He took the forceps and said "let me" before he took the best center position.

He was a true General Surgery Department expert, not only in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, but also in the General Surgery Department.

Although Feng Zhixiang did not get the opportunity to enter the Chinese Academy of Engineering because the General Surgery Department's academic intensity was not deep enough. In the medical world, those that were reputable were still reputable at the end of the day. When he stood in this room as a medical expert, Feng Zhixiang did not feel diffident even when he faced Zhu Tongyi. So what if he was the academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering? He was still from the Orthopedics Department.

Zhu Tongyi was already old. He could not be snatching for work anymore. Once he gave in a little, others did not dare jump in. Several doctors who were holding forceps also did not extend their arms into the glass bowl.

Feng Zhixiang extended the forceps, but as he gently touched the vessel piece, he stopped.

For someone who had performed forty to fifty years of surgery, his familiarity with the human body could be described as such: a foodie at twenty-two years old who went to the same hot pot restaurant three times a day. Every meal, he would order pork aorta and eat it for forty to fifty years, and hence, he would be very familiar with pork aorta. Feng Zhixiang's familiarity with the human body would be ten times the familiarity of such a foodie to pork aorta.

One could imagine that when Feng Zhixiang used a pair of forceps to poke the vascular piece, he felt just like how a foodie would see the pork aorta served by the store and poked it with chopsticks.

Whether today's pork aorta was crispy or not, or whether it was fresh or not, or how long should the pork aorta be cooked If someone who had eaten forty years of pork aorta still did not know such details after poking it with chopsticks, he cannot be called a foodie. He would most likely be cooked into a pork aorta by another foodie.

Feng Zhixiang went into the zone right when he had his hands on the forceps, but unlike Associate Hospital Director Wang who stopped at a timely manner, Feng Zhixiang raised his wrist, tested the grip around the forceps, lowered his back, and gently picked up the piece of vessel piece with the forceps.

The vessel piece that was removed from Academician Du's liver trembled in the air like a used and broken mulch plastic film flickering on a vegetable farm.

Feng Zhixiang slowly turned his wrist and dropped the vessel piece into the glass bowl and placed the forceps aside.

The doctors in the visitation room looked at Feng Zhixiang with curiosity.

However, due to Feng Zhixiang's status, no one asked this time.

Feng Zhixiang just smiled, but gave up his position and invited everyone to try it out themselves.

Associate Hospital Director Wang coughed and said, "Academician Zhu?"

Those who came from far away were guests. Besides, he was also an academician.

"Then I will try first." Zhu Tongyi did not decline his "duty" and stood up before he picked up the forceps. He went straight to poke at the vessel piece.

When he reached the edge of the bowl, Zhu Tongyi could see the smirk from the corner of Feng Zhixiang's mouth.

It was a mocking smile, a condescending smile that a general surgery surgeon would naturally give to an orthopedist.

Zhu Tongyi was shocked, people in the field of general surgery were never good. Beijing University Sixth Hospital's Associate Hospital Director Wang also came from the field of general surgery.

So, Zhu Tongyi pulled his wrist back, the tip of the forceps agilely took a turn at the side of the bowl. Then, while Zhu Tongyi held the forceps, he gently poked at the vessel piece.

Zhu Tongyi instantly narrowed his eyes.

When it came to age, Zhu Tongyi was even seven to eight years older than Feng Zhixiang. If they were all compared as foodies, the number of times Foodie Zhu Tongyi ate pork aorta was 7,665 times more than Feng Zhixiang.

Although it was true that an orthopedist would not be as surprised by this as compared to those from the General Surgery Department, but their understanding of blood vessels was similar. Similarly, using foodies as a metaphor, Feng Zhixiang may be more familiar with the beef tripe, but not with a pork aorta.

Zhu Tongyi smiled a little, lifted the forceps, squeezed it twice in the air, and suddenly swung it down to gently pinched that vessel piece. After making a show of looking at it in the air, he put it back.

Then, Zhu Tongyi gave up his position.

"What kind of charades are you guys playing?" The assistant lecturer from Beijing University Sixth Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery had long been unable to hold back his desire to look at the vessel piece, he unhappily picked up the forceps and poked while complaining.

When the forceps touched it, the blood vessel piece shattered!

The assistant lecturer's expression was as such: O_O

Zhu Tongyi and Feng Zhixiang chuckled at the same time, "Hehehehehe"

Associate Hospital Director Wang was not tactless enough to laugh at his own doctors from his hospital, but the corner of his mouth also curled upwards.

"What on earth are these blood vessels..." The assistant lecturer had somewhat come to an understanding of the situation, and he felt rather embarrassed.

"Walnut cake-like blood vessels." Feng Zhixiang snickered and said, "I just named it, what do you think?"

"If a walnut cake was cut to the point that it is semi-transparent, it would probably feel like this." Zhu Tongyi agreed.

The doctors in the visitation room finally understood as they each took a pair of forceps and came around to observe the vessel piece.

The vessel pieces that were the size of half a thumb were crushed into pieces in minutes.

When they no longer had any vessel pieces to pick up, the atmosphere in the visitation room became inexplicably solemn.

"Are Academician Du's blood vessels so brittle? How can we perform the surgery?"

"Not all of them are as brittle."

"They're almost the same. Besides, if this part is already at this level, even if it's soft, it could not be any softer than this."

The junior doctors did not feel too stressed about the situation, and they could not help but start discussing in whispers.

However, the high-ranking doctors present still did not speak.

Facing brittle blood vessels was a basic skill for surgeons.

Feng Zhixiang had deliberately clamped down and picked up the vessel piece, and Zhu Tongyi also did the same because they were comparing their basic skills. Associate Hospital Director Wang did not dare to pick it up. Compared to the associate lecturer who broke the vessel piece, he was at least one level higher than him in terms of skill level.

However, regardless of whether it was Feng Zhixiang or Zhu Tongyi, they all understood that while they can pick up the blood vessel piece, that did not mean that they can properly handle it.

When they watched Ling Ran's operation, the walnut cake-like blood vessel seemed to be no different from a normal blood vessel in his hands.

And this can be said to be the biggest difference between surgeons.

Basic skills such as this were basically not much of a concern by many junior doctors. However, when they reached the age of an assistant lecturer or lecturer, it would be impossible for them to practice even if they wanted to.

Take, for example, Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department, the reason why it was at the top of the discipline for many years could not be separated from their practice room. Young doctors would use the tail of a mouse to practice vascular sutures. It can be said that the level a person would be during his middle ages would not increase too much from how the person was trained during his younger days.

A doctor who can suture a large blood vessel, a doctor who can perform a fine suture on a small blood vessel, and a doctor who can suture a mouse tail were the three types of doctors.

As for suturing a walnut cake-like blood vessels? This basic skill was unthinkable to everyone.

"He's going to remove it," a young doctor whispered.

Feng Zhixiang and the others looked up naturally and looked at the screen.

They saw Ling Ran casually lift the round ligament, flip the liver, as usual, perform vascular ligation, as usual, perform blood vessel disconnection, as usual... and everything else as usual.

But in the visitation room, none of the doctors were as calm as usual.