Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 648

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"Send it to the Pathology Department." Ling Ran cut a piece of liver, put it into a transparent glass cup, closed the lid, and put it into a small incubator before he allowed the nurse who had been deliberately waiting there to send it away.

The doctors in the operating theater held their arms vertically to their chests and waited after they sent off the young nurse, who quickly walked away.

If it were a normal surgery, this would be a moment for them to laugh and chat.

In fact, it was normal for the surgery to be filled with laughter and chatter. Even scolding and arguments were normal too. However, the entire surgery today will be recorded, and the experts would lay eyes on this footage. Even if they were pretending, they tried not to chat and acted like they were very committed to their work.

It was the same now. The doctors and nurses who were initially free to move around held their arms vertically to their chests obediently because they did not want to be the subject of criticism in the video. Because of it, they were like a group of people playing the Red Light, Green Light game.

The doctors at the visitation room sat or stood like wooden statues for a long time.

Today's surgery was too much of an exaggeration, so much so that the high-ranking doctors were incredibly shocked. This condition was like a group of amateur Fifth Dan Go players and two and a half professional First Dan Go players watching the competition between experts, and suddenly realize that the experts' skills were too difficult for them to understand.

This sort of condition was always kind of awkward.

It was still fine for Zhu Tongyi. He had always been a doctor from the Department of Engineering, and having extraordinary skill was never something that will make them accomplished. On the other hand, Professor Feng Zhixiang could not help but remember the scene when he became a freelance surgeon at Yun Hua Hospital.

Honestly speaking, although many said that he "suffered a setback" or "did wrong on a small scale", Feng Zhixiang knew that he could have done nothing about the patient who suffered from massive bleeding that day. Actually, it was normal even if he could not do anything. It was normal for surgeons to have their patients die during the surgery. Even though it might be a bad experience when the patient died on the operating theater, there would definitely be patients who died on the operating theater. This was the current medical field. Despite the countless reminders and precautions taken, clinical medicine still could not guarantee the patient's safety.

However, the patient with massive bleeding was still rescued by Ling Ran. Feng Zhixiang already knew that Ling Ran was very skillful. When Feng Zhixiang thought about Ling Ran's role at the Emergency Department, he thought that Ling Ran was just a talented doctor and was very good at emergency surgeries, which was his specialty.

However, today's surgery proved that he was wrong. Ling Ran could do more than this.

Ling Ran was indeed a talented doctor. He was not only good at his assigned job in the Emergency Department, but he had also mastered the skills used in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery! It was even possible that he was more skillful than Professor Feng Zhixiang

There would always be talented people in every generation, and them suppressing other doctors in terms of clinical skills was already not something new for the doctors nowadays. It was also not something that they could not understand.

For Feng Zhixiang's status, he no longer used his clinical skills to show off his abilities. However, when he considered Ling Ran's age and how Ling Ran suppressed others, Feng Zhixiang felt that Ling Ran not only suppressed him, it might even be up to debate if there were any doctors in Beijing whose clinical skills were up to Ling Ran's standards.

Most importantly, Ling Ran's skill was not limited only the clinical operations.

The surgery today, where the surgeon sent bits of the liver for pathological examination during the surgery, was a developed clinical skill that had a lot of room for creativity, and that was exactly why Feng Zhixiang came over to visit.

What he did not expect was that before the main course even arrived, the appetizer brought by Ling Ran already surprised everyone.

*Ring, Ring, Ring.*

The phone at the operating theater rang.

The circulating nurse was nervous while she guarded the phone. She immediately picked up the phone. "Operating theater 1."

The wooden-statue-like people all turned to the direction of the telephone.

"The borders are clear." The circulating nurse held back her excitement, put down the phone, and reported seriously.

In the operating theater, gentle sighs were heard, as well as laughter.

Everyone stood at ease. The clear borders meant that the tumor was fully cleaned. Although there might be some detailed work left, but that was no longer comparable to the difficulty of removing a tumor.

The group of doctors in the visitation room remained silent.

If it had to be said, then this would be what they came here to look. If they considered the time, it had only taken a total of around ten minutes. If they were to repeat what happened today when they returned, no one would put their focus on the inspection.

"Ling Ran's preparation must still be quite sufficient to be able to operate on an old patient with high risks in the surgery." Associate Hospital Director Wang felt that the visitation room should not continue to remain so silent, as the atmosphere would be too tense.

"It's not just sufficient. Doctor Ling's skill has reached a new height. I think Doctor Ling should be ranked at the top when it comes to handling old patients with high risks in surgery."The assistant lecturer who broke the vessel piece wanted to prove that he was not a mere idiot, and he tried his best to boast about Ling Ran.

Associate Hospital Director Wang glanced at him, smiled, and said, "Sending the liver for pathological examination during the surgery is something that is full of creativity."

"We did not care too much about this previously. Actually, refined and precise medical treatment is the future development plan for medicine. In the past, those who worked on stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer slowly developed this medical area. We can also promote this as well" The assistant lecturer who damaged the vessel piece tried his best to change the topic of conversation.

Associate Hospital Director Wang seemed to understand his intention and nodded gently. He said, "It will be difficult in terms of skills when we try to copy Ling Ran's surgery. The difficulty of performing surgery for old high-risk patients with multiple underlying diseases is even greater, and it is not the current trend. However, since the problem of aging population is so serious now and there are many patients who are diagnosed with chronic diseases, reality will drive us to open up our minds"

His words left the overcompensating assistant lecturer too embarrassed to reply, even though he had answered all his questions just now. How many research directions can be developed out of the words mentioned just now? For example, old age, high risk, and multiple underlying diseases? It would be very difficult for the normal doctors to handle all of them in one go.

This kind of difficulty level was just like the mathematics question in secondary school. It would be impossible to not be able to answer a test question that tested on only one single point of a student's knowledge in it! A question that only challenged two points of a student's knowledge was batter, and those who could not answer were still stupid. How about a test question that challenged three aspects of the student's knowledge? Those who could answer can regard everyone else as idiots! A question that combined four to five aspects of the student's knowledge would usually be a "the entire class is stupid" question, also known as "We are so happy because we are all stupid" question. If someone were able to answer, that would be a question that was called "We have a traitor in our class".

As a regular assistant lecturer at Beijing University Sixth Hospital, the vessel-damaging assistant lecturer did not have a high desire in pursuing more advanced skills. He only dared to dream of becoming a department director. It was not as if he was born into his position as an assistant lecturer. After he went through the competition in his high school examination, the torture during his medical college years, the suffering during his time as a resident doctor, and the mental torture delivered to those below the rank of an attending physician, the vessel-damaging assistant lecturer knew that he was not a talented person.

In the medical system, especially in the tertiary Grade A hospitals in Beijing, being a genius would be a great advantage, because everyone else would be their stepping stones. The vessel-damaging assistant lecturer knew that he was one of those European genii,and he did not expect himself to become the favourite child of his father in heaven too.

There was obviously desire in Associate Hospital Director Wang's words. The vessel-damaging assistant lecturer dared not answer. He was worried that if he misspoke, the task would be placed on him, and that would lead to many troubles.

Associate Hospital Director Wang looked around and realized that the doctors in his hospital were avoiding his sight, and he became angry.

Associate Hospital Director Wang coughed and said, "Actually, I want to make the pathology room nearer to the operating theater. In this case, the speed in pathological inspection can increase, and we can think of ways to set up better equipment that will allow quick checks. The number of medical laboratory staff can also be increased, undergo training, and thus, provide a better support for clinical medicine"

As he said that, the people from Beijing University Sixth Hospital suddenly stirred to life.

If the laboratory was near the operating theater, it meant that major construction was needed. Setting up equipment that will allow fast checks would cost a lot, and having more authorized medical laboratory staff would make the people happier as well

"The patient's age can be lowered down as well."

"The number and the level of severity of underlying diseases must also be controlled. If not, it will be like the patient just now. Blood would spill out directly."

A few doctors kept nodding and agreed with Associate Hospital Director Wang.

The doctors from other hospitals did not get it. They looked at the operating theater below them. This was an internal matter of Beijing University Sixth Hospital, and they could just buy as many equipment as they want Ahhh, they were so jealous

Some people could not help to think, 'This is a good excuse. We can not only get new equipment but more authorized personnel The patient can benefit from this as well. We don't have to be like Ling Ran too. However, it's still worth learning Ling Ran's skill. We need to have a goal so that we can have room for imagination'

"How many surgeries does Doctor Ling have left?" some doctors asked.

"A few more." Associate Hospital Director Wang was a bit nervous too. He looked at the doctors from other hospitals who might poach Doctor Ling and thought, 'It's so difficult to do things now. If we do things secretly, we can't do anything. If we do things too openly, some people will come and steal our people.'

Luckily, they did not delve too deep into this topic, because Ling Ran's voice was heard from the operating theater below the visitation room, "We'll end the surgery today here. The surgery is completed."

Everyone on the stage immediately gave a round of applause.

Associate Hospital Director Wang even moved forward and turned on the intercom.

Clapping sounds could also be heard from the laboratory under the stage.