Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 650

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The aunt's husband had her surgery halted immediately. The patient had not even received any anesthetic injection. He just put on his shoes and sat at the recovery room while waiting for the subsequent decision of the hospital.

A new meeting room was swiftly set up in Beijing University Sixth Hospital specifically for the expert Feng Zhixiang's consultation.

What was the difference between an expert doctor and a generally good doctor?

It was possible that when a generally good doctor was still looking to perform a freelance surgery, the expert would say that he wanted to perform a freelance surgery, and the local hospitals must think of a way to create a freelance surgery for him. The standard of Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not low, but if a meeting room and a patient could make Professor Feng Zhixiang happy, they would hand them to Feng Zhixiang with both hands.

"The meeting room is a little underwhelming, please bear with it." Associate Hospital Director Wang led everyone to the meeting room that was set up in half an hour, and he sounded quite proud. 'Although the standard of our Beijing University Sixth Hospital is not very good, although our Beijing University Sixth Hospital does not have good equipment and instruments, although the academic capability of Beijing University Sixth Hospital is not good, our organization skills are rather good, and we carried out whatever the instruction was given, we also obey the politics of the medical world!'

Feng Zhixiang cast a glance at the room and smiled faintly. "It's quite good. Sorry that I bothered you, Associate Hospital Director Wang."

"It's no trouble at all. We just finished the surgery, anyway. Let's have some tea. I remember that you like Biluochun, right, Professor Feng?" Of course, Associate Hospital Director Wang did not remember it. He just called a pharmaceutical sales representative and asked just now.

When it came to hosting people, no matter how good the hospitals were, the pharmaceutical sales companies will always be better.

Professor Feng Zhixiang smiled as if he did not care. He had been buttered up far too much, so this level of boot-licking did not have any power to him.

Academician Zhu Tongyi studied at Associate Hospital Director Wang. 

"Academician Zhu, you like oolong tea, right?" Associate Hospital Director Wang swiftly came to a realization. 

Of course, he had been slightly neglectant of Zhu Tongyi just now. After all, Zhu Tongyi was a doctor in Shanghai, which was thousands of miles away. Even if the Beijing-Shanghai line was fast, there would still be a difference between them.

Moreover, Academician Zhu Tongyi was from the Orthopedics Department. Honestly, Zhu Tongyi was indeed impressive for being able to become an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering with his profession in the orthopedics field. He did not only develop many surgical methods, including the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique, he also developed a variety of materials for orthopedics. For example, a type of domestic hip joint used in hip replacement surgery skill was developed by Zhu Tongyi.

However, no matter how great his engineering was, it was still nothing in the province of Beijing.

Unlike Feng Zhixiang, his status as an expert in the field of general surgery had indeed produced a large number of students, which were found in Beijing and many junior hospitals. Therefore, he was so powerful that he could kill you at anytime, because he had students all over the country.

However, Hospital Director Wang also did not want to offend Zhu Tongyi for no reason. He first talked about tea leaves before he smiled at Zhu Tongyi, "Academician Zhu, do you want any tea and snacks? There is a Suzhou-style dimsum shop in front of our shop. Their food is quite nice."

Zhu Tongyi did not answer. Mai Chun, who entered the meeting room, raised her hand and said, "Let me prepare the dimsum, we have a chef from France."

Mai Chun felt slightly resigned. A normal pharmaceutical sales representative would not interrupt the conversation at this time. It not only offended people easily, but also wasted their resources for no reason.

Medical companies liked to treat doctors, but they did not do it for the sake of spending their money. The first step was earning back the money they spent. Why would they bother giving away things that doctors did not ask for?

However, with Tian Qi supporting her, Mai Chun had nothing to fear.

Naturally, what Tian Qi wanted, Mai Chun just had to do it. 

After obtaining the agreement, Mai Chun took two steps backwards and asked Tian Qi in a low voice, "Do we have a chef from France?"

"We don't?" Tian Qi threw the question back at Mai Chun.

Mai Chun stood in the room of the meeting room and looked at Tian Qi in disbelief. She asked, "Why do you think we have one?"

"Because I always meet chefs who say they just came back from France, or they are French who work in China…" Tian Qi asked Mai Chun in a puzzled manner, "Hasn't our company hired people like this? Haven't you met them before?"

Mai Chun nodded in a solemn manner. "I normally eat noodles with soy bean paste, so I can't meet chefs who come back from France in those restaurants."

"How about your gathering with colleagues? Don't you hire French chefs?"

"No." Mai Chun shook her head. 

"Why?" Tian Qi looked at her.

Mai Chun's lips trembled. "Why would we? Um… what should we do now? Where can I get a French chef for them? Besides, we don't have to hire a French chef deliberately, we can just say that we want to treat them for afternoon tea." 

"Don't be anxious." This time, it was Tian Qi's turn to comfort her. Tian Qi thought for a while and said, "My family should have a restaurant in Beijing, I'll ask them."

This answer had a good effect. Mai Chun immediately settled down.

When it was about time, the doctors from Beijing University Sixth Hospital took out the patients' medical records.

A chief surgeon from General Surgery Department was called over to introduce the situation, while Ling Ran asked for a computer. He opened the medical imaging scans, and started to look through them. 

Patients in the hospital had this kind of advantages. Every piece of information was ready and easily retrievable from the system. So, no trouble would appear during consultation.

This was especially true for consultations that involved the participation of the associate hospital director. The Medical Imaging Department, and Technology Department would send people over. They would provide anything the doctors asked for, and it made people secretly happy.

Aside from the doctors from Beijing University Sixth Hospital, Ling Ran, Zhu Tongyi, Feng Zhixiang in the room, the doctors from other hospitals were also there, and they had not been shooed away.

There was no need to chase them away. One reason was because Professor Feng Zhixiang did not ask for them to be gone, so Beijing University Sixth Hospital was not worried. Another reason was because when the Department of Surgery performed a surgery, they would want to boast about it. Many international conferences spent money to invite people for visitation. Therefore, if there were doctors from other hospitals who were willing to wait and watch, they would not stop them. 

And for the doctors from other hospitals, a freelance surgery by Professor Feng Zhixiang was a must watch. 

In terms of the domestic medical environment, a freelance surgery by an expert professor usually meant that this was the highest standard for the other doctors. 

This was unlike performing surgeries in his own hospital, no matter how bad the surgery was, there would be someone to cover up for them. When the expert professor stepped out from his hospital and treated patients outside the hospital, he would need to bear the responsibility and risk. Under the current situation, experts who went for freelance surgery would normally perform the surgical method that they were most familiar with, and the procedure of the surgery was also as standardized as possible.

Since that was the case, the average quality of the freelance surgeon was definitely better than the surgeries performed by the doctors employed in the hospital where the freelance surgeon was invited to. 

Many hospitals employed freelance surgeons to train their doctors. If they used the normal procedure and hired a famous doctor from Beijing to teach in their hospital, the amount of money and the effort they put would not be as worthy as hiring a freelance surgeon over. 

Even if the freelance surgeon wanted to ensure their surgery quality, the freelance surgeon would need to instruct and guide some of the tasks in the junior hospital in order to make sure that their foundation was perfect.

Meng Shan stared at the meeting table with shining eyes. He smelled a sense of danger when he saw the high value Zhu Tongyi and Feng Zhixiang placed on Ling Ran when he performed the surgery just now. 

But if he went away like this, Meng Shan would feel indignant, so he kept thinking of looking for other opportunities.

At this moment, Feng Zhixiang was already sitting at the other end of the meeting table and started to explain his surgery plan.

From Feng Zhixiang's perspectives, the radical surgery for gallbladder cancer mixed with a slight hepatectomy was already a rather mature surgery plan. Now, they just had to make a decision according to the patient's condition and distribute the job. 

"Ling Ran will be in charge of hepatectomy, is that okay?" Feng Zhixiang was discussing with Ling Ran, and that was also his main purpose. 

Ling Ran nodded and agreed. "Okay."

"You've cut gallbladders before, right?" Feng Zhixiang did not feel at ease, so he asked again. 

Ling Ran nodded slightly. "I did not do too many, just a total of 127 cases."

When Ling Ran was at Yun Hua Hospital, Ling Ran had been crazy about cholecystectomy before. His cholecystectomy skill was built from that time. 

Gurgling sounds were heard. The 222-pound resident doctor who stood behind Zhu Tongyi was drinking mineral water. He stared at the ceiling and thought about his own experience with surgery. Then, he could not help but feel miserable. Were 127 cases still not many?

Feng Zhixiang looked friendly and said with a comforting tone, "127 cases is truly not a lot. But everyone builds their skills step by step…"

Even more gurgling sounds were heard. The 222-pound resident doctor drank another bottle of water. 

Feng Zhixiang looked at him strangely and continued to say, "Ling Ran, will you be my assistant for cholecystectomy?"

"Sure. Okay," Ling Ran agreed. 

Feng Zhixiang smiled faintly and looked at Zhu Tongyi. 

"Old Du is awake now. He insists on talking to Ling Ran, so I let them get his voice recorded." Zhu Tongyi raised his phone. 

Rustling sounds were heard from the phone. Academician Du's weak voice was heard, "Doctor Ling, thank you. I thought about it carefully. In the future, when you get your appraisal for the title of an academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering and I'm still alive, I'll give you my vote."

The recording was short. When it was finished, Zhu Tongyi put his phone away, looked at Feng Zhixiang, and said, "Old people like us in the Chinese Academy of Engineering really welcome young academicians joining us."

Feng Zhixiang wanted to say. 'Do you think you can live until then?'

But Feng Zhixiang held back his words because of the complicated cast of people in the room. 

"Your tea and snacks have arrived. " Mai Chun took the opportunity to say. After obtaining permission, she saw what appeared to be an old butler entering the room. 

He smiled faintly as he said, "We heard that everyone is very busy, so we made some simple desserts for everyone to eat."

"Sorry to trouble you," Professor Feng Zhixiang said politely. 

"It's nothing," the old butler said while clapping his hands. Then, a group of people with toques walked in and served the food and drinks. 

The long meal and utensils delivery team could surround the entire meeting room. 

"Because of the short preparation time, we only managed to prepare twenty-six kinds of dessert. Please forgive us," the old butler said politely. 

The group of doctors who were analyzing the medical cases were stunned. 

Feng Zhixiang and Zhu Tongyi's gazes fell on Mai Chun. 

"What's your company's name?" Feng Zhixiang asked.

"Yunli Medical Company," Mai Chun immediately answered and passed a name card over. She also passed Zhu Tongyi and Associate Hospital Director Wang a name card. 

"Not bad. Seems like a big company." Feng Zhixiang nodded.

Zhu Tongyi and Associate Hospital Director Wang also took a look at the name card before they kept it. 

The excitement in Mai Chun was so great that she almost exploded. 

Below the meeting room, Meng Shan got himself a bread with Foie gras. He swallowed it in one bite and quickly made a decision. 'I'd best get flogged by the Qi family, the situation at Ling Ran's side is too complicated to deal with.'